Astrological Data for

Philip Garcia

August 26, 1972
11:25 PM [BST=GMT+01:00]
Chester, United Kingdom [53N12 2W54]

Planet Positions:
Sun       3 Vir 45'03" in  3rd house
Moon      2 Ari 13'27" in 10th house
Mercury  15 Leo 30'56" in  3rd house
Venus    17 Can 56'53" in  2nd house
Mars      7 Vir 33'31" in  3rd house
Jupiter  28 Sag 29'31" in  7th house
Saturn   19 Gem 23'43" in  1st house
Uranus   15 Lib 59'55" in  5th house
Neptune   2 Sag 31'51" in  6th house
Pluto     0 Lib 50'14" in  4th house
N. Node  25 Cap 28'13" in  8th house
ASC      13 Gem 28'51"
MC        6 Aqu 13'46"

Dear Philip Garcia,

I am delighted to present to you your natal report and chart wheel.
There are many elements at play in this your personal horoscope, as you Philip Garcia, are a unique individual. Presented to you here you have your own special analysis exclusive to you, and you alone.
It is based on a combination of all the planets including the Sun, Moon and your rising or ascending sign, and other celestial influences that shape your character to produce you.
Astrology is the key to understanding your full personal potential and there may be traits and characteristics in this planetary portfolio you may not recognise about yourself, whilst those close to you will.
You could be unaware of your total potential and natural talents and underestimate yourself as a result. A study of this, your astrological chart, based on the data given, should enable you to awaken hidden abilities and aptitudes within you, helping you to realise your finest qualities more fully. Please note, the time of birth is crucial to accuracy therefore if it is not correct to within four minutes this will be reflected in the interpretation.
There may be contradictions as you read through the various placements and aspects but as this is a computer consultation, machines do not have the capacity to sythesize and balance all the variances, as a personal one to one analysis with a good astrologer would. However, it is still much more insightful and holistic than just your sun sign, to give you the bigger cosmic picture of the real you.
Here then is your own individual reading based on my own astrological thoughts, findings and experience. I hope you enjoy reading it, contemplating on it and learning about the 100 per cent you.
Remember astrology does predict but allows you to exercise your own free will, for once you know what you're capable off only you can make it happen.
Have a wonderful life.

Your Chart Wheel

Chapter 1
Your Heart and Soul - The Real You

The Sun is in Virgo.
The Sun was in Virgo at the time of your birth. However, reading your birth chart will show you the many other astrological factors that also influence your personality and the way you behave. Put them together and they give you a complete picture of the many astrological influences that make up your unique personality.
Methodical, practical, painstaking and particular, that's you. You can't bear the thought of being slipshod, sloppy or slapdash, and before going out will spend ages in front of the mirror straightening your seams, removing any spots on your tie and polishing your shoes till you could use them as mirrors. What's more, you'll still arrive on time! (You can't bear lateness, either!) You carry this perfectionist streak over into every other area of your life too, but especially when it comes to making arrangements.
As far as organisation is concerned, you're a wow! Creating order out of chaos fills you with a wonderful feeling of satisfaction, whether it's your personal or working life you're sorting out. Just make sure that you don't get so engrossed in all the petty little details that you end up being unable to see the wood for the trees.
Jobs that call for an eye for detail and a careful approach are right up your street, though you'd rather take a back seat than be the boss. You're far too modest for that, and prefer to work quietly on the sidelines than in a blaze of publicity. Even if you're promoted or put in a position of power, you won't brag or boast about it. Because you're so neat and tidy in everything you do (you try to keep your abode spick and span, with not a thing out of place), one thing you can't abide is dirt! You can't help worrying whether it's harbouring any germs and if so, are they catching? Keeping healthy is of paramount importance to you, because it's part of your need for efficiency.
You're very careful about what you eat, try to take lots of exercise and have a good stock of vitamin pills ready for emergencies. However, you can take things to extremes, and become a complete hypochondriac, with every ache or pain spelling disaster and leading you straight to your longsuffering doctor for yet another appointment!
Friends and family who are in trouble often turn to you for help, whether that's giving people lifts, visiting them when they're ill or listening to their tales of woe. That's because you love being of service, and may even choose a career in which you can help others, such as medicine, social work or teaching.
You usually live up to your own extremely high standards, but you can be very hard on yourself when you fail and will berate yourself with all sorts of accusations and feelings of guilt. Sometimes you can really put yourself through the mill when you don't live up to your own expectations. What's more, you expect other people to abide by your rules and regulations, and when they don't come up to the mark you can be very cutting, critical and carping indeed. After all, you have a very sharp tongue and certainly know how to use it! Try to give others the benefit of the doubt, and realise that not everyone is the perfectionist that you are.

The Sun is in the third house.
With your cheerful, sociable and communicative character, it's no wonder that you find it easy to get on with your kith and kin. If you have brothers or sisters, they'll matter lotto you. You can also get on well with your neighbours, and make an army of acquaintances, who'll soon discover what a good friend you can be, whether you're having a good old chinwag over the garden wall or popping in for a cuppa when you know they're feeling down in the mouth.
Some would say that you have the gift of the gab, because you never seem to stop talking! You can chat about almost any thing, thanks to your creative, curious and inquiring mind. Put ting your thoughts down on paper is also easy for you, and you enjoy studying all sorts of subjects and love to increase your knowledge of the world and its ways. Jump at every opportunity to go travelling it could open avenues that you've never even dreamed of.

Sun Conjunct Mars.
Individuality means a lot to you, and you need to be recognised as a person in your own right instead of just being thought of as one of the crowd. Woe betide anyone who doesn't realise that, as you can get very angry, irate and irascible indeed! You're not at all keen on being told what to do, and are rarely shy about showing your independent feelings to folk in authority, such as bosses and bigwigs! As a result, you can be labelled quite a disruptive influence. You have to be true to yourself, but do you really want to give yourself a bad name? It's your effervescent energy, enthusiasm and enterprise coupled with your competitive, assertive and aggressive behaviour that's the cause of all the fireworks, as everything's just got to find an outlet! You're a very hard worker, but you should always combine mental work with some sort of physical activity, even if it's going for a walk round the block every now and then. Otherwise, it's all too easy for you to feel cooped up and confined, which soon leads to ratty, restless and rumbustious feelings! Take care, because it's at times like these when you're really accident prone, tripping yourself up, cutting yourself on sharp edges or bashing your head. You're already full of adrenaline, so there's no need to generate even more! More haste, less speed!

Sun Square Neptune.
Vulnerability and an inability to recognise your true worth are the problems you have to face up to, coupled with an overactive imagination and subconscious that creates mountains out of molehills and needless worries. Throughout your life you've suffered from phobias, neuroses and irrational fears which have made you want to retreat into your shell and defend yourself from anyone who looks like being a threat, especially where your emotions are concerned. That way, you think, no one can hurt you, because they can't affect you. However, as you know only too well, that doesn't always work, and you can still feel demoralised, disparaged and disillusioned. The most important lesson for you to learn is to love yourself and stop giving into escapism or self-deception. Once you begin to respect yourself, other people can follow suit. You're full of creative and artistic imagination, but dare you express it? You're such an idealist that often you're frightened of trying to achieve something and falling short, so you decide it's better to give up before you've begun. That way, you believe, you aren't risking anything. Sometimes you go to the opposite extreme, and set yourself impossible goals that you could never hope to achieve. However, behaving like that only makes you feel frustrated, guilty, unhappy and over aware of your own failings. If you start to trust yourself more, and take things easily, you could be pleasantly surprised at the talents you discover in yourself. Take things gently remember, Rome wasn't built in a day!

Chapter 2
Your Persona and Image - How Others See You

The Rising sign is Gemini.
Versatility is your middle name, and you have a list of interests, hobbies, and studies that's as long as your arm! In fact, you're happy to have a go at almost anything that takes your fancy, just to see what it's like. Therefore, you know a little about almost every subject under the sun, and are a real expert when it comes to your job or favourite pastime! In fact, you have the best of both worlds because, although you're always open to new suggestions and love discovering new things, you don't flit from one idea to another like a restless butterfly. Instead, you have quite a strong sense of purpose and so can remain interested in something for quite a long time! By the time, you've finished it, another subject will have caught your eye, and you'll be off on a different track! After all, you know secretly just how restless and unsettled you can feel sometimes, and you may need to curb your fancy-free spirit a wee bit. Where relationships are concerned, you need all the freedom you can get! You shudder at the thought of being tied down to someone who always wants to know what you're thinking and what you've been up to. You're not going to tell them, so the sooner they get used to the idea, the better! Instead of feeling that the two of you are bound together hand and foot, you prefer to think that you're friends and soulmates who let each other live their own lives. Every now and then, you can't resist taking a risk or accepting a challenge it all adds spice to what's already a very exciting and invigorating life!

Chapter 3
Your Career and Goals - How the World Sees You

The Midheaven is in Aquarius.
If there's one thing you can't stand it's red tape, rules, regulations and routines! You avoid them at all costs, but whenever a confrontation is unavoidable, you slice your way through the trouble causing ructions and raising eyebrows all round. When it comes to jobs, it goes without saying that you need something that offers you as much scope and freedom as possible! Being self-employed is perfect for you, letting you come and go as you choose, as long as you choose an occupation that makes the most of your unusual, intellectual, inventive and technological talents. Anything connected with modern careers and new age thinking and technology, such as computers, television, videos, electronics, science, astronomy or astrology can suit you down to the ground, and social or charity work can bring out your humanitarian instincts in a very satisfying way.

Chapter 4
Your Feelings and Instincts - The Emotional You

The Moon is in Aries.
What a sensitive, intuitive and open hearted soul you are! You love feeling in tune with the emotions of your nearest and dearest because you've got such a loving and giving nature. The trouble starts when you put your own needs before those of others, making you very subjective and apt to act a wee bit selfishly. Looking after numero uno is all very well, but not when it's to the exclusion of everyone else! Your headstrong and ardent attitude to life means that you turn a deaf ear to any advice you're offered. You'd much rather do your own thing, whatever the consequences! As for other people telling you what to do well, you'd be the first to admit that they're wasting their breath! Emotional mishaps often befall you because you're so impulsive, impetuous and impatient and can do things on the spur of the moment that really upset your partner and create all sorts of contretemps. Maybe you could do with a wee bit more consideration for the folk around you, to stop you trampling on their feelings. Ever thought about slowing down and taking one thing at a time?

The Moon is in the tenth house.
You need to be noticed! It's not enough for you to know that you've done a good job you want other people to realise it too. Erecting your own statue in the town square may be going a wee bit too far, but you certainly need a pat on the back every now and then, and adore basking in public acclaim. You're very ambitious! In fact, your career may push you into the limelight whether you like it or not, making you famous for five minutes or for a whole lot longer. Either way, it'll leave little time for your private life.
It's all due to the influence of your parents, and especially your mother, who'll have urged you to get on in life and do well, making you feel that you've got to carry on the family name. Public relations, sales and politics are three professions that could be ideal for you, because you find it easy to get on with other people and win them over to your point of view. Seek the help of women when you're after pay rises or promotions.

Moon Square Jupiter.
Living for today, with no thought for tomorrow, seems to be your motto, especially when it comes to money. You're literally generous to a fault you love buying folk presents (not to mention a few wee treats for yourself!), but you never know when to hold back and keep a little loot stashed away for a rainy day. Credit cards and hire purchase schemes are a positive menace to you, because you simply can't get it into your head that signing on the dotted line or showing a piece of plastic has got anything to do with spending money. You aren't handing over fistfuls of fivers, so it doesn't count, according to you! Even when you're determined to pull in your horns and stop spending money like water, something always catches your eye and, before you know where you are, you've bought it! You're full of hidden potential, but the question is whether you can realise it. You veer between bouts of energy and apathy, and although you know you could go far thanks to your considerable creative talents, you're not sure you can be bothered to make the effort. What's more, your view of life is so tinged with emotion that it's hard for you to make an objective judgement about anything, and you usually jump to the first conclusion that pops into your head. As a result, you feel that life is passing you by. Only when you begin to be more strict and disciplined with yourself will you glimpse the chances and opportunities that are waiting for you. Take on more responsibility, throw away those credit cards and start making positive plans for your future now it's never too late. Oh, and steer clear of rich foods and drink they slow you down to as nail's pace and make you feel liverish and listless.

Moon Trine Neptune.
There's no doubt that you appreciate the finer things in life, helped by your genteel, graceful and elegant nature! You need your home to be as beautiful as possible, instilled with a peaceful atmosphere and crammed with objets d'art. In fact, the more harmonious your surroundings, the happier and more fulfilled you feel, due to your psychic and sensitive abilities. Listening to a melodious piece of music, reading a good book or going to the ballet are just some of the ways which help you to feel truly in tune with the world, and you can also be tremendously creative yourself. If you've never made the most of your talents before, now's the time to begin! Make the most of your vivid imagination, which can be almost mediumistic and clairvoyant at times, giving you what seem to be flashes of second sight or psychic ability. Just make sure you're not mixing up wishful thinking with the real McCoy! You especially enjoy the company of like-minded folk, because there's a natural affinity between you. People who are interested by everything that life has to offer make you feel stimulated and fascinated, and you're happy to spend hours in their company. You're also concerned about folk who are less lucky than yourself, and have a strong need to help them in anyway you can. That may mean giving money to every good cause you can think of, or lending your support in more personal ways by organising jumble sales for your local church or arranging an outing for underprivileged children. What a warm heart you've got!

Moon Opposition Pluto.
People in power are like a red rag to a bull for you. The minute anyone tries to tell you what to do, whether that's your employer or your inamorata, you're determined to defy them! Needless to say, unless you can control your feelings, your rebellious attitude can heap troubles on your head. You can even find it hard to deal with the public without being surly and offhand, especially if that's part of your job. Folk trying to get close to you can hit a brick wall, because you can be very suspicious of their motives. Anyway, you like to keep your private life very much to yourself. Romantic relationships can also spark you off, and you're very aggressive when it comes to amour. You can have rows with your other half about everything from how you manage your joint finances to who wears the trousers in your happy homestead. Just to make matters worse, you're often attracted to people who you know are wrong for you, but you simply can't help yourself. Until you can learn to be more relaxed and calm in your dealings with others, life seems to be just one long series of volatile ups and downs. Sex ranks very high on your list of life's pleasures, and sometimes overpowering physical attraction can hurtle you into relationships with folk you'd normally steer clear from. In fact, you can get involved with some very shady characters indeed who can have dire repercussions in other areas of your life if you're not careful. You can be blinded by lust, but try to be a bit more discriminating! Being demonstrative towards loved ones is very hard for you, but you can feel desperately hurt and rejected when they don't show their love for you. And if you think they're showing that love to anyone else, you can be overcome with jealousy. You ask a lot from your life, but until you can learn to accept compromises and trust the people around you, you'll never get what you want.

Chapter 5
Your Intellect and Perceptiveness - Communication

Mercury is in Leo.
It's your strong minded and authoritative point of view and organisational abilities that get you noticed, but they can win you just as many enemies as allies if you behave in too dogmatic, overbearing or bossy a manner. You may think you're being responsible and forthright, but others will decide that all you're really doing is throwing your weight around. You can't win, or can you? Be careful, too, that your natural sense of pride doesn't turn into conceit or downright rudeness. Capitalise on your creative skills and artistic ability in any way you can, even if that's just appreciating the talents of other people. You have a special rapport with children and animals, are broadminded and good at taking command. You also have an infectious sense of fun, and love a good laugh and any theatrical pleasures and dramatic outbursts.

Mercury is in the third house.
They say a little learning is a dangerous thing, but not for you, you love it! Books, films, TV programmes, travel and even other people's conversations are all ways for you to find out more about the world so you can expand your brainpower and make the most of your intellectual abilities. You're a great communicator and a walking encyclopaedia, with your head full of facts and figures. With your eloquent, articulate and witty ways, it's easy for you to chat to people to find out what makes them tick, or settle down for a good old gossip. Sometimes you can be a wee bit too curious for comfort, making folk think you're prying into their private lives and they're probably right!
Because your mind's buzzing away night and day, it's very hard for you to relax and take things slowly. Even when you're sitting slumped in front of the telly, you'll be tapping your toes, fidgeting or fiddling with your fingers you just can't keep still! All the same, you have to take things easy some times, or your nervous nature can spark off mental upsets. Short journeys brighten your life, because you love getting out and about, especially if it's under your own steam in the car, on a bike or even by shanks' pony. Brothers, sisters, cousins and other close family ties mean a lot to you, and you keep in touch by phone or letter no matter how far away folk are.

Mercury Sextile Saturn.
Self-discipline has always been your watchword, even when you were a wee nipper. You've always tried to make the most of your talents, using your practical, resourceful and organised mind to the best of your abilities, because you know that's the way for you to get on in life. No wonder folk respect you so much! Your thirst for knowledge means you never stop learning, whether that means signing up for every evening class that takes your fancy, becoming a student or just reading every book you can lay your hands on and watching documentaries on the telly. As a result you're a real mine of information, thanks to your marvellous memory and sharp, incisive brain. You were probably way ahead of your classmates at school, too, because you learned facts much faster than everyone else. Not surprisingly, the scope and versatility of your mind means that you could excel in almost any career you choose, though you could find education, science, architecture or politics especially enjoyable. Your mature, responsible attitude to life has often meant that you've been a bit of a loner. When you were small, you probably found it difficult to get on well with friends of your own age. You thought they were silly, and they thought you were too sensible and staid for words! Instead, you were happy chatting to folk a lot older than you. You still look for friends who share your grownup view of life, especially if they're also honest and trustworthy. As for love, you need a relationship full of respect, intellectual rapport and complete understanding. Physical thrills can soon lose their excitement for you, so you need a partnership with a much more solid foundation than that.

Mercury Sextile Uranus.
What a clever clogs you are! Your intellectual abilities are ace, and your innate curiosity means you're never satisfied with the knowledge that you have the more you learn about life, the more aware you are of all the gaps in your education! You've also got the gift of the gab, and your articulate conversation, eloquent arguments and dazzling way with words means you've usually got a captive audience whenever you open your mouth. Even when you were a child, your brainy ways could stun your parents and make your teachers write glowing reports at the end of every term. You could understand all sorts of difficult subjects, and probably polished off your homework in record time. You know you've got the ability to go far, but are you sure you've got the persistence? Sometimes you may think it's easier to take a back seat and just get on with what you want to do, rather than sticking your neck out and forging ahead with plans and projects. However, that won't get you very far at all, and you've got to be disciplined, determined and decisive when it comes to achieving any objectives. You love spreading your knowledge to other people, and education is particularly important to you. A career that concentrates on any aspect of learning could do well for you, though you're bound to raise a few eyebrows by introducing revolutionary ideas and unconventional schemes. You've got no time for traditional ways and routine sunless you know they work, and you've got a real gift for encouraging others to cash in on their potential, helped by some of your dramatic and persuasive talking!

Mercury Sextile Ascendant.
You've got the gift of being able to get on with almost everyone you meet, and there are very few people you have to give up on. That's because your analytical mind can see through someone's superficial behaviour to the real person underneath, helping you to discover what they want from you. Try to make the most of your insight whenever you can, but especially in your career. Jobs that bring you into contact with the public can be especially rewarding, because you love the feeling of satisfaction you get when you've been able to help them, or even guess what they want before they ask for it. Any suggestion boxes at work are likely to be crammed with ideas from you, because you're full of brainwaves and ingenious schemes. What's more, you can easily put your feelings into words, and whatever you say is always backed by sound fact and clear thinking. Just don't be surprised if bosses or colleagues start behaving oddly they're just jealous of your brainpower. Whatever the situation, you're never stuck for words. You're so well-informed, witty and clever that you've always got something interesting to say. You can really shine at discussions and debates because, unlike a lot of people, you really know what you're talking about! With you, it's not just a lot of hot air! Because you've got a natural liking for other people, make the most of your skills in communicating with them. Not only can you get folk on your side, but their company, love and friendship can really enrich your life.

Chapter 6
Your Relationships and Artistry - Powers of Attraction

Venus is in Cancer.
Talk about protective! There's a very maternal, devoted and caressing quality to your emotions, and you'll want to look after your kith and kin as well as the love of your life, and envelop them all in your tremendous love and affection. Unfortunately, what you think of as being cherishing and demonstrative can seem possessive and cloying to others, and you get very hurt and on the defensive when you're rejected. You may even stage a sulk or act in a very moody manner indeed until you feel loved again something that's vitally important to your sense of emotional security. You need many cuddles if you're to feel truly happy and safe! Home is where your heart is, and you'll make it as comfortable and cosy as possible both for you and your loved ones. You're a dab hand when it comes to cookery, and enjoy dishing up the grub for your nearest and dearest because it's another way of showing them you care. Needless worries can beset you about your other half, and you may need to keep a tight rein on your strong emotions if they're not to run away with you. Money wise, it's likely to be sunshine and showers, so try to make provision for those rainy days.

Venus is in the second house.
Money? You can't get enough of it, because you love what it can buy! Window-shopping can be an expensive hobby for you, be cause you've no sooner glimpsed something smashing than you're inside the shop and pulling out your purse. You just can't resist beautiful things! Wining and dining is something else you adore, though that doesn't come cheap either, as you've got very expensive tastes! La dolce vita is what you're after! Have fun, but don't be so extravagant that you run up debts you can't afford. Emotionally you're full of physical, earthy and maternal desires that can come flooding forth. However, don't expect too much from your partner, or turn into someone who's greedy or ungrateful.
Luckily for you, loot often seems to land in your lap. Friends and acquaintances can introduce you to some very influential folk, and you may even marry someone who's well off. Business affairs also bring in the boodle, especially if they're connected with the arts in any way. Brush up on your creativity there could be money to be made! Whenever you're in need of a loan, talk to your bank manager, or anyone else holding the purse strings, because you can usually win them round to your way of thinking. If you've ever got a little loot to spare, try saving it instead of spending it you could invest in a nice little nestegg for the future! On the other hand, you could do well buying objets d'art or beautiful ornaments that are going to increase in value through the years.

Venus Square Uranus.
Fickle, flirtatious and frenetic, that's you when it comes to matters of the heart. The more unusual, outré and unconventional someone is, the more you're attracted to them! In fact, their quirks, cranky ideas and contrary ways can really bowl you over and make you see stars whenever you look at them. The trouble comes when they start getting serious and try to make emotional demands on you. Before they know where they are, you've up and gone, leaving them all alone and wondering if it's something they said! Whenever you do allow yourself to get involved with someone, you're determined to hold on to your freedom at all costs. Why should you have to be home at a particular time, just because your other half wants to see you? So what if your dinner is burnt to a crisp because you've suddenly decided to paint the town red with a few chums! What's more, you want the relationship to be run according to your terms your partner can like it or lump it, as far as you're concerned! Oh dear! No wonder your love life isn't all it could be you often forget that amour is about the emotions. Instead, you concentrate on the restrictions, responsibilities and restraints that you think it entails, all of which are guaranteed to send you into a cold sweat! In fact, you may pick an impotent or asexual partner, or have a platonic relationship that's never been consummated. It can be very difficult indeed for you to settle down into a permanent, stable relationship, because you can't bear the thought of it, and your emotional encounters often come to naught. All the same, if you tried to come to a compromise with the one you love, you could both be very happy indeed! Whether you're fancy free or part of a happy twosome, make sure you get lots of rest and relaxation. If not, your jangled nerves and edgy emotions can play havoc with your health and your finances can fluctuate alarmingly.

Chapter 7
Your Energy and Libido - Your Ego

Mars is in Virgo.
With so much nervous energy and tension inside you, it's no wonder that you're plagued by bad headaches, stomach or skin troubles whenever the going gets tough and you feel under a lot of pressure. You love using your brain, especially when it involves tackling tricky problems, and not even the smallest detail will escape your attention. Sometimes, though, you'll take that too far and won't be able to see the wood for the trees. Try to relax a wee bit more by getting out into the open air, or taking up something restful like yoga. Although it's important for you to achieve your ambitions, you can find it very difficult to shoulder a lot of responsibility. You'd much rather be someone else's right hand help than be the boss yourself, so you can show how industrious and diligent you are. Sex can pose a problem for you, as you find it hard to respond in the way you'd like and your critical nature can make you seem very cold and distant indeed.

Mars is in the third house.
You live life at a spanking pace, spurred on by boundless energy and determination. Enthusiasm radiates from every pore, though sometimes you can get a wee bit too carried away, wanting to take the lead in every project going, or reach the top of your tree in double quick time. You may get what you want, but your aggression will annoy lots of folk in the meantime! Col leagues, friends, neighbours and close kith and kin can all be on the receiving end of clashes and contretemps, especially when you're feeling hard done by. Maybe you should work out why you fly off the handle so easily.
Your ideas mean everything to you, and you can get very up set and offended indeed when folk contradict you or pick holes in what you've got to say! How dare they not agree with you! You've got very strong opinions about things, and can come up with some very candid and outspoken comments. When it comes to selling things, and especially your own ideas and brilliant brainwaves, you can be a wow just as long as you don't make folk think you're on the attack! Keep your cool and you'll go far!

Chapter 8
Your Finances and Fortune - Expansion and Travel

Jupiter is in Sagittarius.
Life's too short for you! There's so much you want to do, so many places to see, so many books to read and people to meet that you'll never be able to cram them all into one lifetime. Always optimistic, you've been blessed with a breadth of vision that allows you to see past your usual everyday cares and woes and gives you a marvellously philosophic and philanthropic view of life. The law, languages, teaching publishing, or religion could all fascinate you, and living abroad could be especially enjoyable. Because you're so expansive, you often don't know your own limits, especially when it comes to parting with your loot you can be very wasteful and a bit of a spend thrift sometimes! All the same, Dame Fortune often seems to smile on you, endowing you with more than your fair share of luck things usually turn out OK in the end! With your itchy feet, sporty and athletic activities are a must, but don't let your recklessness lead you into taking unnecessary risks. How about horse riding, which will combine your love of the outdoor life with your affection for animals?

Jupiter is in the seventh house.
Don't go it alone! You've got a gift for getting on well with people, forming long lasting and loyal liaisons and steadfast partnerships. In fact, all one to one affairs go well for you, whether they're work or play, because you believe in everyone helping each other along life's highways and by ways, and having a good laugh together while you're at it. No wonder you've got so many pals! There's a very sociable side to you, making you good fun to be with and always high on everyone's invitation list. Always generous with your time and money, some times you get carried away and part with more than you can spare. Even if you do end up broke; someone will probably step in and give you a helping hand, knowing that you'd do the same for them!
Amorous affairs are ace, with permanent partnerships particularly propitious! It's highly likely that your heart's desire is someone who's a wee bit older than you, faithful, good hearted and well versed in the ways of the world. You love and respect them for their experience, especially if they come from a very different background to your own. It's the romance of being involved with folk from different countries or cultures that you adore, because they expand your understanding and knowledge of the world something that's very important for you.

Jupiter Square Pluto.
Learn from experience? You may scoff at the very thought, preferring to take each day as it comes, run risks, encounter a few thrills and spills and roll with the punches. You disregard the rules that everyone else lives by and try to find ways of laughing in the face of authority. When it comes to achieving your aims, you look for shortcuts that'll take you straight to the top, without passing Go. You want instant results and big rewards, but the trouble is that you're not prepared to put in the effort that usually goes with them! It's all because of your lack of respect for rules and tried and tested ways of doing things. You want to fly in the face of tradition, but that doesn't always work out to your advantage. As for jobs, you're fascinated by the lure of big business and big companies that promise large financial rewards. Wheeling and dealing is right up your street, because it gives you a chance to sail close to the wind and take a few risks. Watch out, because you can land up in big trouble if you're not careful, especially if you've been using psychology for your own ends! You often meet your romantic partners through your work, and you may not be very choosy about them, picking anyone from the dregs of society to someone who's top notch. Maybe all you really want to do is raise a few eyebrows, in which case you often succeed admirably! Activities such as gambling and shady political deals can also appeal to you, but you need to tread carefully with these too. There's a real danger of you taking advantage of other people in all sorts of exploitative ways don't do it! If you do, you'll find that sort of behaviour can badly backfire on you, with the tables being turned and you ending up as the victim.

Chapter 9
Your Successes and Failures - Limitation and Ambition

Saturn is in Gemini.
People just can't make you out one minute you're showing that you'll always be young at heart, and the next you're sounding like an old sage. You find it confusing too! Find a balance between these two extremes and you'll have the best of both worlds. Intellectually, you're a wow, especially when it comes to scientific subjects. You can think deeply and wisely, and usually come up with the right answer when making a decision. You're grand at concentrating on the task at hand, and can summon up bags of mental discipline to keep you working away. Keep an eye out for those times when you're emotionally cool or just plain bitter about life. You make a good teacher, but don't forget to add a dash of humour to your educational recipe, which can be a bit too stern sometimes.

Saturn is in the first house.
Rings of reservation, restriction, and restraint surround you, holding you back and putting a barrier between you and the rest of the world. In fact, your inhibitions and insecurities can give you the sort of inferiority complex that it takes years to get over. Think positively! Start by believing in yourself more and cultivating more self-confidence. After all, everyone else has faith in your abilities you're the one that's the doubting Thomas! They'll all tell you that you're very reliable, shrewd, trustworthy, patient, responsible, and capable of achieving creative perfection but will you listen?
That cautious, careful and conservative exterior may hide a heart of gold, but you can be embarrassed to show it! Instead, your shyness and aloof attitude creates a very different impression, making folk think you're stand offish and staid. All the same, you make a smashing friend, loyal, steadfast, and full of words of wisdom whenever they're needed. Your splendidly dry sense of humour wins you lots of fans, too. You need to succeed, because it boosts your own opinion of yourself, and you can be very ambitious, disciplined and persevering indeed, but you've got to come to terms with your self critical streak. Watch out that you don't needlessly weigh yourself down with all sorts of heavy responsibilities that you think it's your duty to shoulder, and try to conserve your energies. Take care, too, when bouts of deep depression strike, as they can drag you down into the depths.

Saturn Trine Uranus.
Whatever the future has in store for you, you're longing to face it! The thought of what tomorrow may bring fills you with excitement and anticipation. After all, you've worked very hard to get where you are today, instinctively knowing how to make the best of your many talents and how to sell yourself to the highest bidder. You also believe in taking calculated risks rather than being reckless and sticking your neck out it could pay off but on the other hand you could end up with egg on your face! Amongst the occupations that might appeal to your careful mind and inspired intelligence are anything to do with science, maths, astrology or industry, especially if they give you the chance to organise colleagues, clients or employees. You've got great judgement and intuition where other people are concerned, which makes you a great boss as well as a good friend you really understand folk, whatever their walk of life, and can bridge any gaps between you with almost no effort at all. Youngsters in particular look up to you, and admire the way you've organised your life. There's no doubt you can be a great example to them! What's more, they enjoy being with you because you give them the chance to be themselves, and let them talk about their aims and ambitions. In fact, a lot of people may look up to you, because you know that there are far more important things in life than merely material objects. Something else they like is the way you don't tread on anyone else's toes as you climb the ladder of success. You know that that sort of bad behaviour can badly backfire on you sooner or later!

Saturn Conjunct Ascendant.
When folk first meet you, they can find you rather withdrawn, reserved, shy and even stand-offish. They may not even be very impressed, but once they've got to know you, they're absolutely convinced of your worth. They discover that you're reliable to a degree, would never dream of letting anyone down, are hardworking, conscientious and refreshingly modest. Sounds good, so what's the catch? Well, the only person who doesn't know all these things is you! While everyone else is singing your praises, you're continuing to underestimate yourself, do yourself down and imagine that you're not up to scratch at all. It's only when you learn to like yourself and begin to believe in all your sterling qualities that you'll start to grow in confidence and stature. Even when you do make the breakthrough and start to love yourself, you'll still prefer to stay in the shadows than bask in the limelight. Never mind, living up to your reputation of being unassuming and modest. Reassurance and recognition are very important to you, because you need to know that you're on the right track. Sometimes your insecurities can mean that you miss out on opportunities, as other, more dynamic folk rush up and grab them! Watch out, because unscrupulous or dishonest people can take advantage of you and cash in on your reluctance to stand up for yourself. You need to protect yourself more!

Chapter 10
Your Ingenuity and Individuality - The Unconventional You

Uranus is in Libra.
You have a strong sense of justice and need to see fair play which helps you get on well with other people and helps your relationships go with a swing.

Uranus is in the fifth house.
When it comes to matters of the heart, you're full of charisma, magnetism, and oodles of excitement, and can dazzle paramours and partners with your entrancing ways. What they may not realise, though, is that fidelity and loyalty may not rate very high on your list of love's priorities, and you can some times switch amours the way other folk change their socks! It's all too easy for you to get infatuated with someone for a few days, till you go to sleep one night dreaming of them, and wakeup the next morning knowing that you never want to see them again time to move on to someone new! You may also be attracted to some rather unusual people, going for the sort of person that'd make your parents wonder where they went wrong in bringing you up! As for sex, you can't stand it when things are boring or unpredictable, so you enjoy spicing things up every now and then in all sorts of outré and oddball ways. You don't need to read sex manuals to get any ideas you've already got plenty of your own!
Make the most of your creative talents, because they're very original and out of the ordinary. Sell your skills and folk will really take notice of you! You love having pets that are rare or exotic in some way, and if you have any children of your own, there's bound to be something special and a wee bit unusual about them, making them stand out from the crowd in a very ex citing way just what you'd have wanted, in fact!

Uranus Trine Ascendant.
Charismatic, magnetic, friendly and engaging, you take each day in your stride and won't let yourself worry about what tomorrow may bring. You'll cope with it when it arrives, and in the meantime you want to make the most of today! There's no room for negativity in your scheme of things, because you understand the power of positive thinking so well. Your intuition, which may even border on clairvoyance, makes it easy for you to understand other people and get on well with them. As for romance, there's got to be an intellectual link between you and your amour, or you'll soon get fed up and bored! Creatively, you're brimming with talent and aptitude and are always looking for new ways of making the most of your gifts. The only thing that can stand in your way is lack of loot, when you find you haven't got the boodle to be able to get your projects off the ground in the way you'd like. Even so, you do jolly well when it comes to getting your ideas across!

Chapter 11
Your Spirituality and Fantasies - The Psychic You

Neptune is in Sagittarius.
You can be very philosophical and inspired at times, so make the most of your sagacious talents, which can stand you in very good stead.

Neptune is in the sixth house.
You can be very altruistic and high minded at times, and especially when it comes to looking after other people and tending to their spiritual needs. Working in hospitals, prisons or other forms of institutions may do well for you and bring out your innate caring qualities, or you may even feel drawn towards helping folk through homeopathic medicine or spiritual healing. However, you should be prepared for a few struggles and setbacks along the way, although they can teach you a lot about yourself if you're willing to look deeper than just what's on the surface. All the same, it's easy for you to forge a very strong, devoted and loving bond with colleagues, co-workers, bosses, and employees, making your work a positive pleasure in many respects.
As well as making your living from health and hygiene, you can also be very concerned about your own welfare and may be prone to psychosomatic or mysterious illnesses. If you're often plagued by tummy troubles or strange bugs, take more care about what you eat, because you may be upsetting your system in someway. Health foods, vegetarianism or macrobiotic foods could all be good for you and set you off on a healthy eating plan that will fill you with feelings of well being and fitness. Alternative medicine may be better for you than swallowing lots of pills and potions, and you should be very wary of drinking too much alcohol, which does you no good at all!

Neptune Sextile Pluto.
If there always seems to be more than a grain of truth about any hunches that you have, then you could have been blessed with a sixth sense! Act on your intuitions and follow your gut feelings, because they can really pay off, whether they help you to be in the right place at the right time, know what someone's going to say before they even open their mouths or place a bet on a horse you just knows going to come in first!

Neptune Sextile Midheaven.
You've got the knack of being able to look behind people's superficial actions to see what's really happening underneath and why they're behaving in the ways that they are. You can workout the motives of people in power, bosses, superiors and VIPs, giving you quite an advantage over them! Dealing with colleagues and clients can also come easily to you, thanks to your intuitive gifts. It's not just your career or public prestige that benefits, either, because you can make your home life very happy indeed. There's a lovely warm and welcoming atmosphere in your abode, and very strong and loving links bind you to your kith and kin even if you live at opposite ends of the globe!

Chapter 12
Your Secrets and Obsessions - The Psychological You

Pluto is in Libra.
You're good at big business matters, and try to keep your dealings above board and pleasant for everyone concerned.

Pluto is in the fourth house.
Family matters play a very large part in your life, often dominating your thoughts and influencing the way you behave. Perhaps you had an enigmatic childhood or up bringing that needs sorting out psychologically later on in life. You've got very strong family feelings, whether they're good or bad, and you certainly aren't indifferent or disinterested when it comes to your domestic dealings. In fact, it's highly likely that you try to rule the roost and wear the trousers in your home, and can even be a bit too domineering and sure of yourself sometimes. Try not to throw your weight around too much, or you'll create terrible family frictions, rows, resentments, and ructions that can ruin the atmosphere in your once happy homestead. You may also have to watch the way your moods swing, with you being happy and easy going one minute, and grouchy, grumpy and full of cold anger the next. When you do lose your temper, it's like a volcano erupting, with everyone around you running for cover! If you're part of a permanent partnership, you may have to tread carefully if you want your liaison to last. Don't get involved in power games, compulsive behaviour patterns, or psychological battles, because they could destroy your domestic harmony. Your childhood and the way you were brought up exerts a very strong influence on you, even if it's in a secret or hidden way, and past habits or patterns of behaviour can die very hard indeed. Just don't give into anything that's destructive or damaging, and try to transform your life for the better whenever you think you're straying into dangerous waters.

Chapter 13
Well That's You!

Yes, even if there are things you don't understand or believe to be you, remember throughout our lives many of us never really get to know ourselves or only use a small percentage of our true potential. So do yourself a favour by cultivating sides of your character that you've ignored or neglected.
Let those people you trust or love have a read and perhaps by discussing the content you'll all make discoveries and realisations about you, and awaken a side of yourself that was hidden or had been part of your unconscious mind.
You and I are neither one thing nor the other, but a blend of many energies and behaviour patterns all attempting to be one. Everything from internal psychological processes to external experiences and influences make us this individual we are, so it's likely some characteristics will become more dominant than others, which remain less developed or even dormant. But with foresight, vision and understanding you can begin to get a more thorough and fuller picture of your true self.