Astrological Data for
Philip Garcia

August 26, 1972
11:25 PM [BST=GMT+01:00]
Chester, United Kingdom [53N12 2W54]

Planet Positions:
Sun       3 Vir 45'03" in  3rd house
Moon      2 Ari 13'27" in 10th house
Mercury  15 Leo 30'56" in  3rd house
Venus    17 Can 56'53" in  2nd house
Mars      7 Vir 33'31" in  3rd house
Jupiter  28 Sag 29'31" in  7th house
Saturn   19 Gem 23'43" in  1st house
Uranus   15 Lib 59'55" in  5th house
Neptune   2 Sag 31'51" in  6th house
Pluto     0 Lib 50'14" in  4th house
N. Node  25 Cap 28'13" in  8th house
ASC      13 Gem 28'51"
MC        6 Aqu 13'46"

Dear Philip Garcia
Welcome to your Personal Psychic Friends and Future Report. This report covers each week throughout the year with an emphasis on your Friendships, close relationships, marriage and your future aspects.
Calculated with my Unique Astro-Numerology Method, combined with the powers of my Astro-Tarot Deck of Tarot Cards, this report will guide you through the year. The dates listed which break the report down to weekly messages should be used as a guideline only - but do represent the strongest forces in your Astro-Numerology calculation occurring around that time. I hope this report helps you in your quest to a better relationship, friendship or on going situation.

2 MARCH 2004
If a liaison is over then try not to cling on when you know you should really let go. Someone will soon fill the gap! On the other hand, maybe you need to reach a new understanding with a partner, so your relationship can continue to grow and mature.

12 MARCH 2004
Close relationships look good, but you need to be independent even if your other half does feel left out or unappreciated. A friend or neighbour may seem as nice as pie on the surface whilst plotting your downfall in secret. Beware!

22 MARCH 2004
Beware of a false or fair-weather friend, or an acquaintance with Machiavellian motives. A dishonest damsel may be running rings round you too. Ensure you're honest even if no one else is, and make your intuition your best pal now.

1 APRIL 2004
One-to-one affairs are ace! Partners know where they stand for you've brought peace and harmony to all your relationships. Wedding bells could chime soon, unless you're already part of a happy couple, of course! Enjoy yourself!

11 APRIL 2004
Partnerships are floating on a super sea of romance, and the more you can express your fond feelings the better. A party or anniversary could be on the cards. Watch out for someone who's out to butter you up, and view all folk as they really are now.

21 APRIL 2004
A pet plan or project for the future is about to come up trumps, especially if you had a bit of a battle getting it off the ground. You'll be the centre of attention, and about time too! Why not celebrate by going out on the town with a few friends?

1 MAY 2004
A pensioner, parent or older pal will get involved in your long-term plans, so listen to their advice before making up your own mind. The actions you take now will help to build the foundations for your future success, so act wisely and well.

11 MAY 2004
A woman or female friend is your guide, mentor and supporter, and words of wisdom will show you the right direction for the future. Apply for financial backing for long-term plans now. A link with a Libran or Taurean will be grand.

21 MAY 2004
You're supremely sociable, so arrange get-togethers, outings and parties with your favourite folk. You might even make some useful contacts that help you map out your route for the future. Two heads are better than one in long-term plans.

31 MAY 2004
A very powerful friend is about to help you, especially if you don't know which way to turn in a future plan. This pal will pull hefty strings on your behalf. A Scorpio could be hell-bent on capturing your attention, but is it for good or ill?

10 JUNE 2004
Carefully thinking through a long-term plan or project could mean you're on to a winner, as one flash of genius is all you need for success. A turn in events could alter your future in the twinkling of an eye, perhaps thanks to a Gemini or Virgoan.

20 JUNE 2004
Relationships are now't to write home about now thanks to someone's selfish and arrogant actions, but unless you can compromise, conciliate and acquiesce where necessary, things will go from bad to worse. Stop saying 'I' and start saying 'We'.

30 JUNE 2004
All one-to-one affairs are bloomin' wonderful now and blessed with balance and harmony, so make the most of them. An important new partnership is just around the corner, but you may have to take the initiative to get it moving.

10 JULY 2004
If you've been burning the candle at both ends or socialising till all hours then maybe you need to curb things for a while? A particular friendship may also be getting out of hand, so put the brakes on now before it's too late. Go carefully!

20 JULY 2004
A new broom is soon to sweep clean all your relationships, getting rid of any partnerships that are past their prime and forcing you to re-evaluate and reconsider all your one-to-one affairs. It won't be easy, but the rewards will be rich.

30 JULY 2004
It's a good idea to make long-term plans but don't get so bogged down in tiny details that you lose sight of the overall picture. Maybe a friend could act as a helpful sounding board? A Virgo may enter your life as a platonic pal.

9 AUGUST 2004
A good relationship brings its own rewards now. Loyalty, trust and consideration will ensure happiness in a loving liaison, but professional partnerships will fare just as well if you help one another and complement each other's skills.

19 AUGUST 2004
Joining a group, organisation or society whose soul purpose is to preserve and protect the planet could have magnificent results, and your sterling example may soon have friends following your lead. In fact, all humanitarian causes will do well now.

29 AUGUST 2004
Friendship's what you need now, so how about joining a club, group or society? You're about to meet a fabulous new friend, but you'll fare best as platonic, not passionate, pals. A plan for the future looks ace, but only if you follow it through.

One-to-one affairs glow with happiness and laughter, making it a terrific time to pair up with a partner. Business dealings are also ace, though you'll fare best if you're part of a team. A former enemy may come over to your side.

The state of your one-to-one affairs is being determined by your own attitudes and personality, for partners will reflect your own virtues or vices. If you're always negative then you can expect a dose of your own medicine in all your relationships.

The merit and dignity you possess will help you enjoy a firm, fruitful and fulfilling future. Long-term hopes, wishes and dreams must be put into action if you want them to succeed. You'll also meet someone who will help you map out your future.

8 OCTOBER 2004
Before forging ahead on future projects you need to ensure your plans aren't just pie in the sky, for there's a danger you're being unrealistic and impractical now. Maybe you should seek the advice of a well-meaning and objective friend?

18 OCTOBER 2004
Relationships are all about give and take, but if you're the one who does all the giving, then stand up for yourself or cut your losses. Happy couples will go from strength to strength, and if you're single then you won't stay that way for long!

28 OCTOBER 2004
Disillusionment or disappointment mar one-to-one affairs now, but instead of harbouring a grudge you must get those frustrated feelings out into the open. Clear the air before misunderstandings turn into something more damaging or dangerous.

Pleasure and partnerships of all persuasions go hand in hand now, and if you're half of a happy couple then you'll really be a devoted duo! If you've yet to tie the knot or find the one for you then wedding bells could ring out very very soon. . .

17 NOVEMBER 2004
Your powers of magnetic attraction have never been stronger, making you a devastating force at any social setting. You need to come up with some stimulating plans for your future, and working in a group or listening to a pal could help.

27 NOVEMBER 2004
Life is all about change and growth, so be prepared for major alterations in your one-to-one affairs. Whether you reach a new understanding with a partner or sever a tie totally, out of bad will come good. You're moving from the dark into the light.

A friend means so much now that you don't know if it's physical love or something more spiritual. The focus is on your future but don't seize opportunities unless they embrace your spiritual principles. A Piscean could be very influential.

17 DECEMBER 2004
You're very loyal and loving, but are easily upset when your partner doesn't meet your high expectations. Come on, take 'em as you find 'em and stop expecting your other half to act like a saint! Otherwise, you'll both be heading for unhappiness.

27 DECEMBER 2004
Your future plans rely entirely on how much money you can raise or how much help your friends are prepared to give. You'll make headway if you stay faithful to your cause, but don't expect instant results. Socially, you're on top form.

6 JANUARY 2005
Engagements, weddings or anniversaries are on the cards as all partnerships enter a purple patch of happiness, harmony and tenderness. It's a wonderful chance to repair rifts and rebuild relationships or embark on a chapter of rapture with someone new.

16 JANUARY 2005
You're about to meet, mix and mingle with a new circle of chums in a different social setting. Grab every chance to get talking to interesting folk and you could make some firm new friends. Charitable or humanitarian work may also appeal.

26 JANUARY 2005
The more permissive and liberated your relationship, the happier you'll be now, but if you're naturally jealous and possessive then you're asking for trouble. Avoid issuing ultimatums, demands or threats to partners, because if you do you'll lose the lot.

Loyalty, fidelity and old-fashioned values are accentuated, making permissive or impermanent partnerships fall by the wayside. Instead, if your relationship is founded on total adoration and complete commitment you'll be in clover!

15 FEBRUARY 2005
Be yourself and friends will flock to your side! In fact, the more cheerful and outgoing you are, the better your life will be, especially where social settings or future plans are concerned. Plan ahead now and your enthusiasm will win the day.

25 FEBRUARY 2005
A wealthy or worthwhile friend will give you tremendous backing, strong support or help you realise your many hopes and wishes. A hobby or pastime may provide some pin money or turn into a full-time occupation that's worth its weight in gold!

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