Astrological Data for
Philip Garcia

August 26, 1972
11:25 PM [BST=GMT+01:00]
Chester, United Kingdom [53N12 2W54]

Planet Positions:
Sun       3 Vir 45'03" in  3rd house
Moon      2 Ari 13'27" in 10th house
Mercury  15 Leo 30'56" in  3rd house
Venus    17 Can 56'53" in  2nd house
Mars      7 Vir 33'31" in  3rd house
Jupiter  28 Sag 29'31" in  7th house
Saturn   19 Gem 23'43" in  1st house
Uranus   15 Lib 59'55" in  5th house
Neptune   2 Sag 31'51" in  6th house
Pluto     0 Lib 50'14" in  4th house
N. Node  25 Cap 28'13" in  8th house
ASC      13 Gem 28'51"
MC        6 Aqu 13'46"

Dear Philip Garcia
Welcome to your Personal Psychic Money and Career Report. This report covers each week throughout the year with an emphasis on your money, values, luck and international potential aspects.
Calculated with my Unique Astro-Numerology Method, combined with the powers of my Astro-Tarot Deck of Tarot Cards, this report will guide you through the year. The dates listed which break the report down to weekly messages should be used as a guideline only - but do represent the strongest forces in your Astro-Numerology calculation occurring around that time. I hope this report helps you in your quest to a better relationship, friendship or on going situation.

2 MARCH 2004
Success! That's what you crave now, and you won't do anything by halves in your efforts to achieve your ambitions. Once you've done that you'll shout your triumph from the rooftops! You've got what it takes, but can you sustain this pace?

12 MARCH 2004
Golden opportunities are about to bless your career or prestige, and some inspired moves could earn you well-deserved promotion or clinch that lucrative deal. Just make sure you aren't in over your head and know exactly what you're doing.

22 MARCH 2004
Financial improvement is on the cards, but only if you use your perfect artistic appreciation. Investing in things of beauty will be a sound monetary move. The sustenance, succour and support of others will be very welcome indeed if you're in a sorry state.

1 APRIL 2004
Any project, transaction or enterprise you're pursuing will not only be a success but will also increase your worth substantially. Concentrate on savings schemes or investment plans, and start building up a solid nest-egg for the future.

11 APRIL 2004
You're sitting on top of the world, so celebrate by splashing out on some of life's luxuries. Enjoy your good mood whilst it lasts but don't invite trouble by spending more than you can afford. You may be very generous towards a loved one.

21 APRIL 2004
Instead of being cross about the current state of your career, why not seek help from folk who can arouse your ambitions and encourage you into action? Find a profession that lets you use your head and communicate with others, and you'll go far.

1 MAY 2004
Reaching the top is so important to you it could become an obsession, but try to discover what's really behind your need. If your current career's going nowhere then maybe you should choose something more suitable? Then everything will slot into place.

11 MAY 2004
Think twice before parting with the pounds and pence, for what seems a smashing bargain or irresistible temptation in the shop may lose its attractions once you've got it home. Someone could also try to sell you a pig in a poke, so watch out.

21 MAY 2004
With so much double-dealing and deceit surrounding career concerns and big business, rely on your intuition to sort out the sharks from the saints. A parent or older person could be using emotional blackmail to make you do their bidding.

31 MAY 2004
Is your career or vocation trying or limiting? Then it's time to change to a professional path that gives you free rein to express your ideas, intelligence and versatility, and to communicate with the world at large. You can do it if you try!

10 JUNE 2004
Your quiet ambitions could take some folk by surprise now, but you're determined to be successful and carve out a prestigious niche for yourself. Parental approval or past experience may have a profound effect on you, but don't let that stand in your way.

20 JUNE 2004
Money matters will rise or fall according to your attitude of mind, so be as positive and optimistic as possible. Learning from past pecuniary mistakes will also stand you in super stead for the future, so don't let all that experience go to waste.

30 JUNE 2004
Take the initiative, seize on your good fortune and you'll soon be heading straight for the top! Promotion, prestige and applause are yours for the taking now, but don't forget you'll have to work hard even if chances do seem to land in your lap.

10 JULY 2004
You long to be surrounded by all things bright and beautiful, but don't splash out if you can't afford it, or fork out cash for trash. Remember, all that glisters is not gold. You'll make much more money by putting your personality to the fore!

20 JULY 2004
Let your ego or ambition over-ride your better self and you'll never attain your goals in life. Power and success must he achieved in the right way; otherwise it could elude you forever or leave you at the mercy of a tyrannical man. Be warned!

30 JULY 2004
Sheer strength of will can help you to clinch important deals or bulldoze through opposition at work, but is that really the best way to reach your goals? Instead of making some potential enemies why not put your energy and power to positive use?

9 AUGUST 2004
It's great to be ambitious but don't be inconsiderate or rude too! Your fervent and fiery ego will help you to be forceful in your career, but beware of ruthless folk who think you're a threat. A male boss or bigwig will be help or a hindrance.

19 AUGUST 2004
Professional or prestigious pursuits are never far from your thoughts now, but if you're honest you'll admit you're not quite sure which direction you want to take. Don't make a move until you've worked out pros and cons and know what you want.

29 AUGUST 2004
You're aiming for the top, and you'll get there whether by fair means or foul. You refuse to be thwarted by anyone, but folk may play you at your own game or even be one step ahead. Remember that those who live by the sword also die by it!

Any career that brings out your personality is perfect, for you've an even-tempered, amiable and affable approach that will put people at their ease and pour oil on any troubled waters. Your charm and tact are your greatest assets now.

Use your head and you'll make plenty of pecuniary progress, but wait for others to take the lead and you'll be left on the shelf. In fact, the more bright and clever you are, the better you'll fare. It's a grand time to sign contracts or put pen to paper.

Use your current canny, clever and cunning approach to cash concerns, and investigate savings schemes and other pecuniary projects that will bring you a nice nest-egg. Someone may try to take you for a financial ride. Watch out!

8 OCTOBER 2004
If you're in a quandary over your career or have made some business blunders lately then this is when you must review and revise your aims and ambitions, then throw yourself back into the swing of things. After that, matters can only improve.

18 OCTOBER 2004
Where's your life heading? If you don't know, then any career with an artistic or glamorous slant is right up your street, and anything associated with creating an image is also ideal. Let your ego take a back seat whilst more selfless energies rule.

28 OCTOBER 2004
You're heading straight for the top, and all your aims and ambitions will be achieved. Finding a career or prestigious plan that suits your character will bring success your way, for the more you make of your stunning personality the further you'll go.

If your aims and ambitions are stuck in limbo then maybe it's because you're barking up the wrong tree? Thinking things through will reveal where you've gone awry and how to get back on course, so be brave and strike out in new directions!

17 NOVEMBER 2004
A prosperous and fruitful phase beckons, when you can increase your income, add to your savings and build up a nice nest-egg for the future. All you must do is grab opportunities as they arise, for you'll miss out all round if you take a back seat now.

27 NOVEMBER 2004
Glittering prizes await you down the path of fame and fortune, but first you must seize the initiative and grab every professional or prestigious opportunity going. Be prepared for a change in direction or even a new career. Anything goes now!

At last, you're given the chance to prove your sterling worth in professional and prestigious pursuits. It's easy to take control or dish out the orders at the moment, and they'll be accepted with alacrity, but don't forget to mix might with mercy.

17 DECEMBER 2004
Money matters must be tidied up immediately if you're to work out where you stand financially. Pay any bills or final demands that have piled up, balance your books, keep a record of what you spend or apply for a loan. Come on be cash-conscious!

27 DECEMBER 2004
Make the most of your current witty and clever charms and you'll certainly go far. You may be very ambitious now but at least you know what you want! Any career calling for a good communicator will bring rewards, so have a chat with the boss.

6 JANUARY 2005
Tread carefully in all monetary matters and beware of being too trusting, gullible or naive, for canny crooks or slick salesmen could take you for a ride or part you from your cash. Try to be more sceptical and don't take everything at face value.

16 JANUARY 2005
Prosperity is assured and wealth yours for the taking! Your fortune lies in any moneymaking activity associated with love, women or beauty. Instead of being envious of others' possessions, remember it's what money can't buy that matters.

26 JANUARY 2005
Golden opportunities beckon in all professional, prestigious and parental pursuits, and the harder you've worked in the past the better your rewards will be. The path to prosperity may even lead you in a new and exciting direction!

You're quietly ambitious but want to reach your goals with the minimum of trouble. However, you must realise that your path to the top will introduce you to adversaries and rivals, and only an iron hand in a velvet glove can cope with them. Be strong!

15 FEBRUARY 2005
Your aims and ambitions are stronger than ever before, for you really want to achieve something in this life. Well, now's the time to start, for sheer determination and hard work will put you where you want to be. Honour and prestige await you.

25 FEBRUARY 2005
The hour of reckoning has arrived in all affluent affairs, and if your outgoings have dwarfed your income then it's time to own up. Instead of wallowing in guilt, you've got to revise your pecuniary policy and plan for a firmer financial future.

All predictions are for entertainment purposes only.