Astrological Data for
Philip Garcia

August 26, 1972
11:25 PM [BST=GMT+01:00]
Chester, United Kingdom [53N12 2W54]

Planet Positions:
Sun       3 Vir 45'03" in  3rd house
Moon      2 Ari 13'27" in 10th house
Mercury  15 Leo 30'56" in  3rd house
Venus    17 Can 56'53" in  2nd house
Mars      7 Vir 33'31" in  3rd house
Jupiter  28 Sag 29'31" in  7th house
Saturn   19 Gem 23'43" in  1st house
Uranus   15 Lib 59'55" in  5th house
Neptune   2 Sag 31'51" in  6th house
Pluto     0 Lib 50'14" in  4th house
N. Node  25 Cap 28'13" in  8th house
ASC      13 Gem 28'51"
MC        6 Aqu 13'46"

Dear Philip Garcia
Welcome to your Personal Psychic Luck and Personal Potential Scan. This report covers each week throughout the year with an emphasis on your own potential and luck aspects.
Calculated with my Unique Astro-Numerology Method, combined with the powers of my Astro-Tarot Deck of Tarot Cards, this report will guide you through the year. The dates listed which break the report down to weekly messages should be used as a guideline only - but do represent the strongest forces in your Astro-Numerology calculation occurring around that time. I hope this report helps you in your quest to a better relationship, friendship or on going situation.

2 MARCH 2004
You're galloping towards success, thanks to your optimism and opportunistic attitude. The more chances you take the further you'll go, so don't take a back seat when you could be a front runner and all set to win the Gold Cup of life!

12 MARCH 2004
Part of you is wary of taking risks but you'll throw opportunity down the drain now unless you take a chance and discover a new side of life. Be adventurous and Lady Luck will smile on you! Cosmopolitan connections will be worth a small fortune.

22 MARCH 2004
It's time for a total transformation of your image, identity and way of life, 'cos what worked for you in the past is no longer productive or positive. Block the path of the winds of change at your peril for they're a strong force for good.

1 APRIL 2004
Whatever the worries besetting you now, deep down in your heart of hearts you know that you've got the answers. In fact, if you listen to that little voice inside you it'll not only tell you how to solve your own problems but also those of other people.

11 APRIL 2004
Bring out your dazzling personality to the full! The more creative, clever and witty you are, the more admirers you'll attract. If you're out of your depth when chatting to folk then make things up or pretend you're in the know. It can't fail!

21 APRIL 2004
You may be quite set in your ways at the moment, but something's telling you to be more adventurous and enterprising instead. Take a chance on an international link and it could turn into a gold-mine, or maybe you'll fall for someone from abroad?

1 MAY 2004
You should travel to find your fortune now, so don't rule out a move to another town, county or country. It could be the making of you! Don't believe all a politician or VIP tells you, and even a legal matter may stray from the truth.

11 MAY 2004
The gypsy in your soul is crying out for release, making you long to travel far and wide. Use your keen judgement to create or chase opportunities now and success will be yours. Just make sure you don't abandon projects halfway through!

21 MAY 2004
Grab the chance to go travelling, whether for business or pleasure, and you'll have a whale of a time. Sporty pursuits will see you bursting with vitality too. A philosophical approach to life is grand but don't bite off more than you can chew.

31 MAY 2004
Stop underestimating your own abilities and being frightened of failure, and instead find ways of boosting your confidence and being kinder to yourself. Once you start to believe in yourself, success and happiness will surely follow.

10 JUNE 2004
The gentle touch is what you need to show, for the more kind and caring you are now, the better the prospects for your personal ambitions. Act aggressively, be selfish or rush at things and you'll invite opposition and resentment. Take care!

20 JUNE 2004
Breaking free from your daily round is of paramount importance now, for you feel trapped by tedium and are on the look-out for excitement. You may also be drawn into a campaign or crusade, and the more extreme it is the better you'll like it!

30 JUNE 2004
Your destiny is connected with cosmopolitan concerns now, so get your mind into global gear. Joining forces with a foreigner, travelling or even emigrating is your passport to prosperity. Studying and gaining more qualifications is also ace.

10 JULY 2004
Be yourself, and you'll open marvellous doors of opportunity now. You might even meet folk from other countries, creeds or cultures who'll ignite your interest in international affairs. A long journey will change your outlook on life.

20 JULY 2004
High-minded, spiritual or intellectual matters see you excel at the moment, for your mind's able to grasp all sorts of serious and contemplative concepts, and come up with some original ideas of your own to boot. Athletic activities are ace as well.

30 JULY 2004
Your charm, grace and elegance will bowl folk over now, especially when combined with your courteous and diplomatic ways. In fact, your glittering personality will help to promote all personal plans. Baby blues and sugary pinks are the hues for you.

9 AUGUST 2004
Being near water will bring you peace of mind now. You're also inspired mentally, so direct your energies towards the fine arts or classical literature and make the most of your civilised refinement. Spiritual philosophies and beliefs mean a lot too.

19 AUGUST 2004
You must be alert, acute and astute if you want personal plans to succeed. Outwit your rivals by keeping mum and playing your cards close to your chest. Refining your image and banishing any unattractive traits will help you to forge full steam ahead.

29 AUGUST 2004
You're in a right old quandary at the moment, thanks to a question of conscience, troublesome travel plan or religious doubt. The more you stew about it the more muddled and bemused you'll be, so rely on your instincts to give you the answer.

Cosmopolitan connections will help fill the coffers now, whether you leave these shores to find fame and fortune or work with someone from another land. A legal matter may be settled in your favour, bringing a financial bonus. Well done!

Don't wait for an excuse to go travelling - your itchy feet are just longing for the off! Any international links forged now will be very fruitful indeed, and you'll be thrilled and fascinated by another country's cultures and customs.

If you're miles away from your roots and loved ones then write, phone or pop on a plane, otherwise you'll just feel insecure and unloved. An overseas opportunity could lead to emigration, especially if it means joining family who live far away.

8 OCTOBER 2004
Travel broadens the mind, but it's got yours in a right old muddle recently thanks to someone's slip-ups, secrecy or matters beyond your control. Well, forget about retribution and try a little patience instead, then everything will work itself out.

18 OCTOBER 2004
Travel plans could easily go awry now, or what seemed a dream destination may prove very disappointing indeed. Why not read travel books or brochures instead? A wee fling with a foreigner is possible even if you do stay at home.

28 OCTOBER 2004
Someone from another creed or culture holds the key to your destiny now, but it'll be a very sorry story indeed if you're prejudiced or bigoted for you'll soon meet your match. Open up your heart and mind and you'll find peace and fulfilment.

Magnificent! Your current high spirits, sincerity and sheer joie de vivre make you stand out from the crowd and attract plenty of admiring glances. It's a smashing time for getting projects off the ground or impressing people with your super personality.

17 NOVEMBER 2004
What a philosopher you are at the moment! Even so, you should sift through your thoughts first and separate the wheat from the chaff before letting your ideas loose on the waiting world. Planning a trip? Then think hard before committing yourself.

27 NOVEMBER 2004
Off on your travels? Then double-check timetables and insurance's, and don't trust everyone you meet on the way. Someone could convince you that their belief, religion or cause is the one for you, but beware of being brainwashed or browbeaten.

You're torn between trying your luck away from home and fulfilling the duties expected of you. Weigh up the situation carefully, discuss it with others if necessary and trust your own judgement. An educational course or study may also interest you.

17 DECEMBER 2004
All things metaphysical or occult appeal to you now, and the more you study them the more enlightened you'll be. You may soon be invited on a mystery trip or travel to a country shrouded in secrecy. Someone's motives go deeper than you think.

27 DECEMBER 2004
Enigmatic, mysterious and secretive sums you up now, and keeping someone guessing could pay off in some interesting ways. Your personal allure will leave folk bewitched, bothered and bewildered. Dramatic dark colours will bode well.

6 JANUARY 2005
Keep a tight rein on your temper now otherwise you'll have to contend with anything from rows to huge personality clashes. Maybe you should come to terms with what's really wrong instead of letting rip for no good reason at all? Keep your cool!

16 JANUARY 2005
Fancy a trip abroad? Whether it's a last-minute or a long-awaked jaunt, you'll have a terrific time and make some new pals along the way. Whatever you do, your philosophical approach to life will ensure happiness. A most satisfying time indeed.

26 JANUARY 2005
Your charisma and personal magnetism electrifies everyone you meet now as you cast a magical spell over them and prove what a star you are. This is your chance to push your interests forward. Electric blues will show you at your best.

Be assertive, dynamic and quick off the mark and you'll get what you want from life, so grab the opportunities that come along and jettison anything about your character or image that could hold you back. There's no stopping you now!

15 FEBRUARY 2005
Refinement and sophistication are what you want, and you might meet someone who embodies them both. International events are also intriguing, and you'll enjoy immersing yourself in the culture of other countries and civilisations.

25 FEBRUARY 2005
If you're thinking of spreading your wings and flying off to distant shores then lend an ear to the informed views and suggestions of a likeable lass. Whether you already know her or meet her on your trip, her opinions are well worth listening to.

All predictions are for entertainment purposes only.