Personal Horoscope Forecast
Philip Garcia

Transit aspects for 7 days period
from June 20, 2004

Mercury Square Moon.
June 20, 2004 (June 20, 2004 to June 22, 2004)
Mental concentration and logical thinking are a trifle thin on the ground under the distracting influence of this aspect, for your moods and emotions keep interfering with your thought processes. Your own scattered thoughts aren't much helped by the fact that the people around you seem determined to interrupt you at every opportunity, especially your family or any close relatives and neighbours. It's all very friendly to have folk dropping in for a wee chat and a cup of tea every so often, but if they're beginning to make an unsettling habit of it you may have to put your foot down.
Even when you're sure you have the time and attention to think things out thoroughly and arrive at a balanced view you must take care that your ideas aren't unduly influenced by purely emotional, sentimental factors. The powerful subconscious influence of your upbringing may be influencing your ideas and opinions far more than you realise, especially when you find yourself emotionally attached to a particular point of view. Any arguments or disputes that arise, particularly with family members, and especially the women in your life, may be caused by your unconscious need to defend an idea or assumption you absorbed uncritically at an early age. It's not easy to bring these basic beliefs into the light of day, but you have a chance now to realise just how much of your mental outlook is based on childhood teachings rather than on rational thought.
If dealing with important business affairs you must bear in mind that your judgement is not at its intelligent best now, since purely emotional considerations are far too likely to sway your opinion. Take extra care over all practical details and if possible postpone delicate or difficult negotiations or difficult meetings.

Mercury Opposite Jupiter.
June 20, 2004 (June 20, 2004 to June 20, 2004)
You're under the optimistic influence of a most expansive and enjoyable aspect now, helping you to see the positive potential of even the most difficult situation. Indeed, so certain are you that Lady Luck will step in to help you sort out any tiresome tangles you're quite capable of turning a blind eye to any problems and petty details, storing up trouble for yourself in the process. Time spent fine-tuning your most optimistic ideas and far-reaching plans, however tedious it may seem, will be time well spent.
You ooze big-hearted benevolence and bonhomie from every sociable pore, making this a marvellous time to make an excellent impression on new people you may meet and to expand your circle of friends and contacts in all directions. People respond with pleasure to your self-confidence and good humour, but take care not to be so full of yourself you neglect to give them a look-in. Give other people an equal opportunity to express their opinions. You may be completely convinced that you're ideas are unquestionably correct, wise and authoritative, but you'll annoy potential pals if you come across as too self-righteous and complacent.
Don't trust too much to luck in any legal, official or financial affairs for blind optimism is no substitute for careful consideration and studious deliberation. You're keen to give an impression of being wise, knowledgeable and well-informed, but don't let foolish pride prevent you from admitting to any gaps in your knowledge. So long as you temper your enthusiasm with a little practical caution this can be a very positive and progressive period.

Mercury Square Pluto.
June 20, 2004 (June 20, 2004 to June 22, 2004)
Thoughts taking root in your mind during this obsessive interval could so easily take over everything else until you become a wee bit fanatical and fierce. That's especially true of any doubts you develop over the real intentions and motives of the people around you, for once you've decided they're out to cheat or trick you, almost everything they say or do will seem to confirm your suspicions. Even if they appear totally innocent, you may manage to conclude they're merely stringing you along! Try not to condemn folk merely on suspicion - keep an open mind until solid evidence turns up, and even then make sure you're not jumping to a false and unworthy conclusion due to your blinkered fixation.
You also find it very difficult to settle down to any sociable small-talk with your pals as you tend to labour every point and persist in pushing your own point-of-view until you've out-witted and outmanouevred any opposition. You're mentally pretty sharp and penetrating on your chosen topics and limited field of vision, but most people may well find you a wee bit too overbearing, earnest and intense for a pleasant chat. Don't abandon your sense of humour just because you've got a bee in your bonnet!
Your tendency to take everything a touch too seriously now may lead you to push yourself physically and mentally to the limits, either because you feel you have to prove yourself in some way or because you're so fascinated by a particular challenge you ignore your own tiredness and mental fatigue. Such dedication may be admirable, but it's not likely to do you or anyone else much good, so don't get too carried away by your heroic stance. The chances are you'll be able to think much more clearly when well rested anyway.

Mercury Sextile Sun.
June 21, 2004 (June 20, 2004 to June 22, 2004)
This is a very busy and sociable time as you find folk are just as eager to contact you as you are to get involved with community affairs. Your place, whether at home or at work, could well resemble Piccadilly Circus by tea-time if you're not careful! Fortunately you're in fine fettle and easily able to cope with the fascinating influx of ideas, introductions and errands. Indeed, you'll relish the opportunity offered to keep up-to-date with the news and views of your friends and associates, and would much rather be rushed off your feet than bored and twiddling your thumbs in a sterile social vacuum.
If you can get out and about you're sure to bump into all kind of folk who'll be happy to lend an ear to your own ideas as well as putting in their two penn'orth. So if you're lacking in congenial and inspiring contacts make sure you do the rounds now. You won't have to go far, for it's in your own local neighbourhood you'll discover more than enough input to keep you going. You'll positively enjoy the exhilarating sense of personal freedom and independence that comes with a trip away from your usual, routine environment too.
You're acutely aware of your environment now you're feeling so alert and attentive, so why not give your locale the once over and see if there are improvements to be made? You're the perfect person now to gather a group of concerned folk together for talks about how to rectify the matter. You're keen to ally yourself to some kind of worthy cause, from local litter problems to international politics, so why not offer your services? With your sharp intelligence and persuasive power you'll be a real asset!

Mercury Sextile Mars.
June 23, 2004 (June 21, 2004 to June 24, 2004)
You're no shrinking violet now, for this dynamic pairing of Mercury and Mars fires up your imagination and pushes you to the forefront, ready to assert your own ideas in the face of any opposition. Your mind's in an extremely active state, brimming over with ideas and preparing a productive plan of action for almost every contingency. You're crystal clear about where your own best interests lie, and won't be easily diverted by slick salesmen or blustering bullies who want to exploit your ideas for their own benefit. You're probably way ahead of any potential rivals anyway, for your mind is working with alert alacrity and blistering speed. Once folk realise your formidable mental powers now, they'll probably back down rather than put up a futile fight, so you shouldn't find yourself drawn into any really bitter arguments.
You certainly won't flinch from any opportunity to cross verbal swords with a worthy opponent, but any such debate will be more of a pleasurable joust than a real fight. Even if you don't win your point, which in itself is unlikely, you'll earn the respect of all for standing up so vigorously for your own ideas.
In your working world you're not ready to simply follow the crowd, especially when you can see ways to improve the efficiency and competitive edge of your particular occupation. Take the initiative in proposing any changes rather than waiting to be asked, for you very quickly get impatient with the usual petty pace of bureaucratic processes. Once folk see how effective your ideas are, they'll quickly forget any resentment at having you force the pace a wee bit. Even if things seem to be moving a bit fast for your own taste, you needn't fear that you've bitten off more than you can chew, for your ideas should be sound and sensible now.

Mars Sextile Pluto.
June 25, 2004 (June 20, 2004 to June 26, 2004)
You face up to every challenge with a will of iron and a dogged determination that makes you a winner every time now. You're not interested in taking a tame or timid route when you can look for a decent challenge and tackle something demanding all of your strength and ingenuity, and this uncompromising attitude leads you along some very effective and powerfully progressive paths. If you're at all confused about what you want to accomplish in life, now's the time to ponder your purpose and develop a deeper understanding of what motivates you most powerfully. Once you've decided on a goal, you'll be able to set up such a massive momentum you'll easily overcome any obstacles, even if it tests your strength and stamina to the limit. Your hard work and fixed resolve ensure that any progress you make now is secure and enduring.
Your resources of cash and collateral are likely to play a large part in many of the plans you're pursuing now, whether you need to take out a sizeable loan or want to invest your savings in order to finance a particular venture. Your understanding of the many complex economic, legal and official factors involved is excellent, making this a favourable time to set the budgetary ball rolling. Whilst most folk would be put off by the monetary maze involved in most high-finance, you positively relish the challenge of picking your way through the pecuniary pitfalls. Once you feel folk are trying to conceal anything from you, whether to cheat you of cash or to undermine your position, you won't rest until you've investigated every last detail. This kind of uncompromising attention to detail and unwavering commitment to your goals will take you far now!

Mercury Conjunct Venus.
June 26, 2004 (June 25, 2004 to June 26, 2004)
All at once you're intensely aware of all aspects of beauty around you and want to bustle benevolently about sampling as many of the delights this world has to offer as possible. Even if you've no particular interest in the more cultured pleasures of painting, poetry, music or the theatre, you can at least understand their appeal for others and agreeably expand your own enjoyment. You feel the need to understand the rational reasons behind your pleasures now and in the process of thinking about all that makes life worth living you will deepen and strengthen your appreciation of everything from the arts to your fondness for a particular pal.
If you've been struggling to make a certain someone special understand how much you love them this is the perfect opportunity to whisper those magic words and put your ardent affections across with eloquent and articulate ease. Even casual acquaintances will be attracted by the animated and affectionate aura you exude now, and as a result you may well find you're the popular flavour of the month!
Financial and professional affairs should flourish under your expert management now for you understand very well the value of certain resources and won't hold back when it comes to insisting on a fair deal from anyone you're doing business with. With such an abundance of charm, wit and all-round attractive appeal at your command now you can easily influence any agreements or arrangements to benefit you and yours. It would be a shame to waste the bountiful benefits of this amiable aspect on relatively unimportant issues so don't be deflected from your path by the many deliciously distracting pleasures encountered en route!

Mercury Square Uranus.
June 26, 2004 (June 25, 2004 to June 26, 2004)
The tempo of your life is stepped up to a startling degree as Mercury runs into the electrifying influence of your natal Uranus. If everything's running along on the same old lines you're quite likely to throw a deliberate spanner into the works just to introduce a bit of excitement, for you're very easily bored just now. Most likely though you find your welllaid plans all going awry through no fault of your own as unexpected and unpredictable situations arise and force a radical rethink. You could certainly begin to feel it's a wee bit too much of a good thing as your nerves get more and more frayed and fretful from the need to keep mentally on your toes. Try to be flexible, and be prepared to alter your arrangements at a moment's notice rather than insisting on having your own way.
Beware of brilliant brainwaves appearing at first sight to be flawlessly reasoned for although you are capable now of breaking free of traditional or conventional mental straightjackets, you are in a far from practical state of mind and could easily jump to some weird and wonderful conclusions. Make a few notes of the more striking notions flashing through your racing brain, for there may well be a few nuggets of pure gold amidst the hasty and half-baked rubble, well worth considering in calmer times. Anyone pointing out the errors in your ideas could be in for a temper tantrum as you insist on the freedom to think for yourself and resist any attempt to make you alter your opinions. Avoid all important decisions or dealings with people in authority - you're just a touch too rebellious and bloody-minded to make a good impression!
Your thoughts are very scattered and sketchy now, making concentration very difficult, so try to arrange a schedule with plenty of social stimulation and variety. You may wear yourself to a nervous shadow trying to keep pace with everything that's going on, so make sure you get enough rest.

Mars Trine Moon.
June 26, 2004 (June 20, 2004 to June 26, 2004)
Your feelings run deep and very strong during this emotionally active time when mighty Mars penetrates the most personal and private part of your life. Family affairs may become much more urgently interesting and even physically demanding as you tackle some ambitious home improvements. You certainly have the energy needed to take on some pretty strenuous odd-jobs and will relish the opportunity to put your own individual stamp on the appearance or even the structure of your abode. You're in such an independent and supremely self-confident state the chances are you'll dispense with any professional aid or advice simply for the pleasure of doing it all yourself, and you're not likely to regret any such self-reliant gesture. Home improvements that would once have taken you an age to decide on and then implement can take place at record speed and very effective efficiency, giving you a great source of satisfaction.
On the equally important emotional front, you want to seek out the company of folk who arouse strong feelings, from your close kith-and-kin to a fond friend. Even the occasional amicable argument will fill you with delight, as you welcome the chance of a good-natured tussle or a bit of friendly competition. Any debates that do arise shouldn't degenerate into a bitter dispute now, for you're able to state your case without getting too acrimonious or intransigent about it. This is an excellent time to clear up any muddles or misunderstandings, even if it requires coming out with a few home truths. Folk will respect your straightforward and honest approach, even if they don't necessarily agree. When faced with a family feud or fracas, you're ideally suited now to insist on a swift and sympathetic settlement, even if it means putting your foot down and laying down the law. Everyone knows you have their own best interests at heart and shouldn't resist too much.

Mars Trine Neptune.
June 26, 2004 (June 20, 2004 to June 26, 2004)
You're such a selfless and sympathetic soul now, willing to put your own egotistical aims to one side if it means helping someone who's down on their luck or struggling against insuperable odds. You just can't stand by and watch weaker folk go to the wall whilst you still have your strength and whatever your specific creed or convictions, you're ready to act on a point of principle, even if it means a certain amount of personal sacrifice or inconvenience. You're easily able to overlook any challenges flung down in front of you if they don't strike you as being honest or ethical, since it's much more important to you to know you've done right by your own inner lights than to simply gain the approval of folk you don't really respect. Self-esteem comes from knowing you've lived up to your ideals as much as is humanly possible. Although this may not be your aim, you'll set an inspiring example by your honourable attitude.
This is also an excellent time to get involved in any secretive, behind-the-scenes or undercover activities since you are so superbly skillful in covering your tracks and laying a false trail to any competitors. You're not interested in gaining a purely personal victory or boosting your own ego, but instead want to put your impressive abilities at the service of some more exalted purpose. Perhaps a spot of fund-raising for a local hospital, or a little voluntary work for your local social services will fit the bill? You may not want to commit yourself to anything so concrete, preferring to respond to the demands made on your kindly compassion every day. Wherever you choose to focus your efforts, you can be sure they will be appreciated and effective.