Gemini Man Gemini Man

WELL! He can make you feel really dizzy. If you get involved with a Gemini man you can feel as if you're dancing the World Ice Skating Championships with Torvill and Dean.

Gemini men. you see, are fatally attractive. Whether a friend or a lover (and many Gemini men will be both they're not daft!), a Gemini man is irresistible. And what's more, he knows it. He will concoct a cocoon of charm around you until you're a quivering chrysalis, waiting to be transformed into the beautiful butterfly you know you are underneath. But once he's got you where he wants you, your Gemini man may decide he doesn't like butterflies any more. He's seen a much more mysterious moth and off he'll go, butterfly net waving in the breeze. You have just seen a Mercurial mirage. So, the way to avoid being left with one of his pins stuck through your heart is to play him at his own game. Keep him guessing. Are you a ravishing Red Admiral or a cool Cabbage White?

The best way to attract a Gemini man is to ignore him. If you're at a party, pretend he's invisible, and he'll scoot over to your side in two ticks. He will have noticed everything around him, but most of all he'll have noticed you, not noticing him. However, your problems are about to begin,

because he'll chat you up as you've never been chatted up before. The trouble is that he'll chat you up even if he doesn't fancy you. He's frightened that his fatal powers of attraction are fading, and will keep testing them out. (Keeping his hand in, so to speak!) But they rarely, if ever, fail.

It's an unfortunate fact of love that a lot of Gemini men have a Casanova complex. You may pick one who had so many notches on his bedhead that it fell apart, and now he has to use the doorjamb. (Have a look next time you get the chance, and see if you can find the scores on the doors.)

Even when a Gemini is married, he may still be something of a philanderer. He can ring up his wife to announce he's going on a trip to Turkey when actually he's off on a shopping spree (testing out the bedding department or gazing at a floppy disk). (Don't think he's meeting his mistress remember, Gemini men don't just have affairs with women but with computers tool) He can't shake off his need for variety, and if his partner can't supply it, he'll look for it elsewhere. Often, even if he is fantastically faithful, he'll still flirt like a well, like a Gemini' I know one Gemini man who's very happily married, but still walks around telling women that he loves them. And he means it. He loves them all, but in different ways and for different reasons.

Most of these Mercurially motivated men have preternaturally perceptive peepers. A lot of them will have luxurious long lashes too. and beautiful eyes combined with an attractive face can be a pretty powerful proposition. Proceed at your perill His Mercurial mentality and metabolism mean that he'll probably be quite slim, unless he has important planets in Taurus or Cancer, when he may be a trifle on the plump side.

If he's a businessman, he'll be a walking library of credit cards, because he adores gimmicks, and those pieces of plastic are perfect. His office will be oscillating to the latest push-button cordless telephones (so he can walk and talk at the same time), and be crammed with calculators with computer print-outs. But his favourite toy will be a word

processor or two. Preferably two. so he can have different dealings with each one at the same time. He's also likely to have a sexy secretary, but that's another story!

Most Gemini dads are made, not born. Gemini is the sign of communication, but the Mercurial man finds it complicated and confusing to communicate with a bawling baby. He will twitch away until the new addition to the family starts speaking. That, for a Gemini man, is when the fun begins.

For his wife. however, it could be when the headaches start. The Mercurial dad will play with his kids until the cows come home. while his wife is moaning about a migraine. His kids will love him for it, though, because he'll behave like their big brother, rather than their dad. After all. every Gemini man is really a child at heart no matter what year is written on his birth certificate!

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