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A visitor tells how she thinks that her Guardian Angel visited her in her hour of need

"Imagine my surprise as I sat in the train, to see an unusual man across the aisle, sitting in the corner seat. He just sat there, out of place, staring out of the window, with long shiny black hair, dark skin and dark eyes - a beautiful man, a man that glowed. Smooth, supple skin a full sensuous mouth and straight nose. Around his neck were gold chains and colourful beads, jangling bracelets up both his arms. His chest was bare, smooth and muscular. I couldn't see from the waist down what he was wearing.

"He must be freezing," I thought. Then, suddenly realising the stupidity of this statement I glanced around at everyone else, no one seemed to have noticed him at all. Strange, he didn't exactly blend in on the afternoon train between Wigan and Manchester! Most people were in drab, dark clothes; Spring may have been near but the weather was still too wintry for Northerners to put away their winter clothes, so he stood out like an oasis in the desert. I felt better just looking at him and a feeling of calm and lightness came over me; a feeling of safety, that all was well. Why wasn't everyone else looking at him? As I looked back towards him I was jolted out of my reverie. He was looking directly at me. He smiled and my insides melted. I stopped breathing and everything was silent around me - just him and me. When he spoke his voice was rich and gentle,

"Don't be afraid of me. I'm not here to hurt you. I've been with you for sometime now, but your present dilemma is causing you too much heartache." He paused, and although he hadn't moved I felt his soft warm hand touch my face. He went on, "I felt it was time we met and for you to understand you are not alone, you are loved and protected and that the path is clear for you. Follow your heart and your instinct; has it ever failed you? Don't be turned by others from what you know is right for you." "Remember I'm always with you, guarding you. Be true to yourself."

The train jerked to a halt and noise flooded back to me. This was my station and I grabbed my things and made for the door. My Guardian Angel? was gone!

Grace Green

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