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"In was in one late September that I was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer. I was in total shock that I was sick at all. At that point, I had only vague symptoms. I was 42 and had never been really sick.

I've always prayed and asked my angels for assistance, but had never had such a powerful visit until this time in my life. The night before I was due to go into surgery for a procedure called liver trisection, I had what I call a 'visit' from someone who must have been an angel. As I waited through the night for early morning to arrive, my body was filled with a presence...a total reassurance and warmth. All fear subsided and I knew I'd be fine.

One year later, cancer returned, but so did my spiritual helper. On this return visit, I was taking a shower before a second surgery. I 'saw' a hazy figure enter the shower which, once again, fully enveloped my body, leaving me with a very clear message that I would be OK. I felt this spirit leave my body and I could 'see' his form leave. I wanted it to come back so I could ask questions to understand and to know this spirit better.

Today I'm still alive and doing very well, in spite of warnings that this cancer would end my life. Whatever others may think of my encounter, I am quite certain I was visited and assisted by spiritual helpers. The experience was an incredible blessing."

Ann MacMahon

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