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In November, I reluctantly visited a spiritualist who amazed me with accurate information that even my closest family and friends were not aware of. She explained that everyone alive has a guardian angel that stays with them eternally from conception. She also explained how people who were close to you passed on, but stayed with you and watched over you. I have a close friend in the spirit world who looks after me and I talk to him in my head. Strangely he answers me, usually fairly quickly, in either actions uncontrollable to me, or by words.

The one particular thing I wanted to share was that I had been shopping with a friend in the week previous to the visit to the spiritualist. This was unusual for me as I rarely want to or get the opportunity to shop. The spiritualist told me word for word, what I had bought, where I had bought it, that at one stage I crossed the road outside the shop doors and ran to another shoe shop straight across from the previous one. She also said that a close friend had dragged me away from there, that I had been worried about something and that my Gran had been with me. I was in fact being dragged to get my belly button pierced and was incredibly nervous. She knew far to many things and wasn't vague at all - she just listened to the voices of those who were watching over me. They are there and they do look after you. Talk to them, they like the company and love to help you along the path of life. They are with you right now - don't be scared, they are your closest family and friends - your angels.

Joanne McAlonan

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