Future Predictions


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Dream Symbols

Abduction :
If it is you who is being kidnapped it indicates success over some sort of opponent but if you were observing the abduction of someone else, you could soon get some unexpected news.

Accident :
The meaning of this type of dream varies greatly and can represent a variety of circumstances. It could signify that you are simply worried about being in an accident or it could be a memory of an accident that you have already been in. More metaphorically, it could symbolise how you may be so preoccupied with something in life that you are not paying attention to other areas and you need to slow down while it could also indicate something in your life that you are dissociating yourself from or letting go of. An accident at sea is linked to love affairs, while on land is linked to business. If you dream of a car accident then a vehicle often is a symbol your own body and therefore could show that you are worried about your health.

Adultery :
If you are the one being adulterous then you must be careful of confiding in new acquaintances. If you were tempted but said no, then you will receive some setbacks, which, though disappointing, will be short-lived.

Aeroplane :
If you see an aeroplane in your dreams, its meaning is similar to that of air which represents ideas and intellect. However, if you are the pilot it can represent the fact that you are able to rise above a situation, soar to great and further achievements or just escape from day to day worries. If you were merely the passenger it indicates that you may hear news from overseas.

Alcohol :
This can be a positive or a negative symbol and depends on other elements within the dream. On the positive side, if you are drinking it moderately then it could indicate success, socialising, escapism or a release of inhibitions in a positive way such as in an artistic sense. On the minus side it could show that you have destructive tendencies, mainly towards yourself.

Animals :
To see animals in a dream can have a variety of meanings because to a large extent it depends on the type of animal, some of which are listed here. In general though, animals are symbolic of the inner self that is instinctive and uninhibited and the depiction of wild animals are a good sign that relate to business. Placid animals are good omens but if they attacked you or they were fighting each other it shows that some trouble could hit your business affairs.

Anxiety / Fear :
If you have tried to put your worries and fears out of your mind they may come to the fore in a dream about anxiety. However, it could also indicate that your worries will soon be over, that you will recognise them and find it within you to overcome your fears.

Birds :
Birds are another complex dream symbol, the meaning of which depends very much on what they are doing. Flying birds are good because they represent physical or mental freedom and coloured and/or flying birds are also auspicious omens. However, dead or injured birds could indicate that some worries are coming your way but if they are birds of prey these fears will not last long. Birds can also be a symbol of the higher self.

Bird :
If you dream about being blind or being blindfolded it rarely indicates actual physical blindness, it is more a symbol of a lack of awareness about something. This could either be something that you really don't know about or it could be something that you do know is happening but you are not facing or accepting it because you don't want to know. It could also be a sign of deceit from someone who you would least expect to mislead you. Also, a blindfold in your dream could indicate a guilty conscience.

Bride / Bridegroom :
You'll be lucky if you saw or were a bride in your dream, but the details must be considered for an accurate interpretation. In general though, a bride is a symbol of purity and innocence and if you kissed a bride, you will gain a small inheritance. If a bridegroom features in your dream, it indicates and delay in an important plan for which you need to change tactics to succeed. Dreaming about a bride or bridegroom could also represent another type of relationship that you may be in. i.e. in business.

Burial / Funeral :
If you are attending the burial service of somebody else it could be a symbol that you are letting go of a part of your life, may be an old situation or a relationship. It can also be seen as a dream of contrary where it indicates that you may hear of a birth. However, if you dream of being buried alive, you should try to avoid doing anything that might be considered unethical.

Church :
If you dream about a church, it could symbolise that your prayers are being answered. On the other hand, it could also show a need for spiritual nourishment. In general though, if you are outside the church looking at it, it is a lucky omen. If you dreamed about the inside, there may be a few troubles coming your way but they may turn out to be blessings.

Colours :
A lot of bright colours in your dreams stand for energy and further success. However, if one particular colour stands out, it could mean the following:
Blue - escape from your troubles Black - you can overcome your difficulties Brown - prosperity Bright Red - try not to lose your temper so much Deep Red - you could get some welcome news unexpectedly Green - Travel or overseas news Lavender - short-term disappointment Orange - change could be postponed Pink - unusual success Purple - happy times are ahead Yellow - you must step back in order to move forward White - success in everything

Death :
This is does not necessarily mean death in the literal sense but the end of a certain period of your life, the end of your worries or letting go of an old part of the self. So it can indicate that you are transforming yourself. On the other hand it could show that you are stuck on the routine of life and you need to revitalise your life.

Dog :
Dogs in a dream symbolize friendship and loyalty and in general are a good sign. However, if the dog is being unfriendly or attacks you, it could mean that a friend is going to deceive you in some way.

Falling :
Falling is a universal dream symbol indicating that the dreamer may have failed in some way or that they have a particular fear of something. They can also occur if you are feeling overwhelmed by a situation or that something is now out of your control.

Fight :
The basic meaning in a dream of fighting is change and can refer to any kind of conflicts that we have to deal with in our every day lives. The result of the change is forecast in the outcome of the fight.

Fire :
Generally a fire indicates passion, purification, anger or destruction. If you get burnt it can indicate that trouble is coming but if it doesn't hurt you it foretells good news. If you see a building on fire a close acquaintance may need help but if you are extinguishing it or escaping from one, it portends success and that you can overcome anything.

Flowers :
Flowers are generally a good omen foretelling happiness and are symbols of beauty.

Flying :
This is a very common symbol which generally means freedom. (see also birds and aeroplanes) This can either represent a need to escape or show that you are a fantasist.

Food and Drink :
This could literally mean that you are hungry or could symbolise that there is something missing in your life.

Friends :
If you witness any kind of friendship in a dream it predicts a good time socially with your companions.

A killing scene in a dream is not necessarily a bad thing as it could mean that you are destroying old parts of your life, although if you are responsible for the death, it foretells a stressful period in your life where you must try not to lose your temper. However, it could also indicate that you are extinguishing your zest for life.

Kiss :
A dream kiss can mean a number of things from romantic interest to betrayal. If is was a pleasant kiss it portends happiness but if it seemed insincere or illicit it shows betrayal or disenchantment.

Love :
Sincere love forecasts happiness but a dream of an illicit affair signifies failure because of your greed.

Mountain :
Mountains can be symbols of your aspirations and what you want to do in life or of spiritual progress but they can also indicate that you may have to overcome some obstacles.

Music :
Music is a sign of expression of emotional matters and to hear it or be composing it in your dream shows that someone could be playing with your emotions. Beautiful music also portends good fortune while a cacophony shows conflict.

Naked :
If you are naked in your dream it shows that you are somehow vulnerable and are worried about being found out. It can also indicate your need for freedom of expression. Dreaming of the nudity of others shows that you may uncover deceit within your group pf friends.

Nervous :
Whether it's you or others, this is a warning against your propensity to be profligate with your assets.

Paralysis :
This shows that the dreamer could feel helpless within a certain situation or a need to 'let something lie' for a while resulting from a desire for freedom from some sort of responsibility.

Run :
To be running away in a dream simply suggests that you are involved in something from which you would like to escape because you are finding it overwhelming. If you are unable to run in your dream it shows low self-esteem.

Snake :
A snake in your dream is a symbol of fertility. It is also quite phallic and to dream of one, especially if it is on your body, shows that you may be guided by either your sexual passions or repression. However, snakes are also warnings of various troubles.

Spider :
Spiders are a sign of good luck and to kill one foretells some good news. However, it could also symbolise the 'tangled web we weave' in life or that the dreamer is trapped in a stifling relationship.

Violence :
Scenes of violence in your dreams can indicate the struggle to assert yourself and fear of losing your sense of control, especially if it is the dreamer that is the perpetrator. It it is the dreamer that is being attacked it shows that you feel a need for punishment, maybe because of a sense of guilt or it could mean that you are feeling vulnerable. These types of dreams are usually preceded by some sort of upheaval in the dreamer's life.

Water :
The meaning of water in your dream depends on the state that it is in - be it murky, calm, hot, cold, slow or fast flowing - but generally it is a symbol for the emotions and a large expanse of water like a sea or a lake is often seen as representing the unconscious. As you might expect, clear and calm water is a good sign but dirty or rough water indicates that difficulties might be on the way. Running water shows a long period of happiness and if it is moving gently it foretells contentment and peace. A waterfall is an excellent sign, showing either some kind of promotion or material wealth.

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