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Feng Shui - The Office

It's only been a few weeks since the holidays and already it seems like months ago! Are you already feeling stuck in a rut at work?! Many people spend a great deal of their lives at work, so why confine the healing and balancing principles of Feng Shui to the home when you could use it to energise your workplace and kick start your career?

In the Far East, Feng Shui consultants are brought in before offices are even built to establish the most auspicious directions for the office and advise the architects. If you are moving your office into an older building, you should try and discover the history of the property.

According to the principles of Feng Shui, if the previous occupants of your office had difficulties of any kind it is possible that you may experience the same. This could either be because the energy flow in the building is generally not good or the people before you were negative in some way and this could have transferred into the atmosphere. Either way, you can use Feng Shui to either improve the energy flow or clear the negativity.

Some causes of bad Feng Shui in the office

  • Tables and desks with sharp edges.
  • High piles of files or books or general papers produce too much yin. If piles of files are unavoidable, make sure that they are higher on the right than on the left.
  • Open bookshelves are not good. The shelves symbolise blades that have killing energy so if possible have shelves that are enclosed in a cupboard

Where you should sit?
It is best not to sit either directly facing the door or with your back to it because you won't hold the respect of others. If you sit with your back to the door but are unable to move your desk then it is a good idea to hang a mirror somewhere in front of you so that you can see what is going on behind you.


North - ambitious


West - conciliatory

East - aggressive

South - satisfying


The best place to put your desk is in the far corner, diagonally opposite the main door or at the very least, sit as far as possible into the room as you can, somewhere that you can see the door or window without being directly in front of it.
The direction that your desk faces also makes a difference. Make sure your desk faces a direction which activates a quality that is most important to the job that you do.

Check that not too much sun comes into your office because although sunlight brings good yang energy, when the sun is very strong, too much of this energy can cause unrest amongst colleagues.
Don't sit at the end of a corridor, as killing chi will head straight for you. Also avoid being opposite the toilets or a staircase or under an exposed beam.

Office equipment
Have a chair with an armrest and preferably a high back. This will provide support both literally and metaphorically and bring balance to your working life. Also, it has also been suggested that if you slightly raise the level of your desk and chair you will increase your chances of promotion and, if nothing else, you will feel more confident.
Put a lamp to the south of your desk as this will energise the area that is linked to fame and can create a good reputation for your company.
If possible, metal office equipment should be placed to the right on your desk but better still, put them on a separate surface like a small table to the west or north west of where you are sitting as these are your career and networking areas respectively.
Don't put files on the floor because negative energy will be created if somebody treads on them.
Try to leave at least part of your desk completely empty and aim to be free of clutter in the office generally. At the very least, any clutter free office will make you feel better, more organised and more able to think clearly.
Any signs for your business should be prominent and at least at chest height.

When in meetings, don't face the corner of a square table. Apart from being very uncomfortable and spoiling your powers of concentration, it will put you in a position of weakness.
Just as when in your own office, sit as far away from the door as possible and not facing away from it. You don't want to get stabbed in the back! In the same way, don't sit with your back to the window as you will lack support.

Other cures and enhancements
The north area of your office is the one associated with career so energise it in some way. A water feature is a good idea as it symbolises movement and promotes yang energy.
Fresh flowers on the east side of your desk will increase your yang energy but don't let them restrict your sight or movement and as soon as they start to wilt and die - change them.
Alternatively, a small plant in the south east corner of your desk attracts prosperity which can only be a good thing for a company. Palms are particularly good because they spread out at the top and as such will spread out energy.
Use crystals to energise areas of your business life. A round crystal placed on the south west corner of your desk will promote harmonious relationships with your colleagues as this is usually a good area for relationships of any kind. A faceted, spherical crystal hung in the window encourages movement and activity.
An illuminated and rotating globe in the fame area, to the south of your office, will encourage bigger markets.
Have some inspiring art, preferably a landscape including water (but make sure any mountains are in the background!) on the wall of your office but avoid abstract art. Fruit, flowers and fish in pictures also promote good Feng Shui but avoid wild animals.

Feng Shui in the home to help your career
Use your front door as this is an important career point. It will improve your visibility in your professional life.
If you have an office at home, put a sign on the door to say this as this will help in the transition from personal to professional life and also separate the two areas of your life.
Energise the north area of your home with large crystals to improve your career. You could also pin up your career goals in this area to reinforce what you want.


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