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Feng Shui - Bedrooms
ARIES (Mar21/Apr20)
You’re not struck on anything that’s too feminine, even lady Rams prefer vibrant colours and rich textures to delicate frills and chintzy flounces. Bright reds, sunshine yellows and mouth-watering oranges tempt you to make your bedroom spring whatever the season outside. Woods with a reddish tone warm your fiery soul.
TAURUS (Apr21/May21)
Make plenty of room for potted plants as you draw nature into your boudoir with earthy hues that emanate a cosy, comforting feel. Colours that touch your heart range from cornflower blues to apple greens to candy pinks for your sign of Venus. Satinwoods with a hint of a pastel shade will suit you down to the ground.
GEMINI (May22/June21)
The more mod the better for you hi-tech Sun-signs. Find space for a stereo or even computer in your place and then your bedroom could easily double as a study or hobby room. Being the sign of twinship you like your bit of the home to be multifaceted, so if your bed also becomes a sofa then you’ll get the best of both worlds!
CANCER (June22/July23)
As snug as a bug in a rug that’s your idea of your bedroom, so you can pull the covers over your wee Moon face and be shielded from life’s rigours. Your bedroom should be a shell where you can retreat, so go for whites, magnolias and creams and live in your very own ivory tower. You need to create a shell preferably made of mother of pearl!
LEO (July24/Aug23)
Lavish and gay that’s the way you want your boudoir to be. As the sign of luxury the nearest you can get to silk or satin sheets the better, although the real thing would be best. Classy displays like the St. Moritz range will help you recreate a Hollywood mansion in your two up, two down. A touch of class that’s what you want!
VIRGO (Aug24/Sept23)
Simplicity that’s your sign as you go for pine and other natural woods where you want a room that will reflect your love of all that’s au naturelle! Small prints a la Edwardian Lady style and harvest hues will complement your earth sign character. Sweet smelling pot pourri and fragrant pomanders are very Virgo!
LIBRA (Sept23//Oct23)
Flounces, furbelows and frills will thrill you for when it comes to the boudoir you’re going to re-create the Madame Pompadour look, filled with pastel peach, sugary pinks, sweet lilacs and baby blues. As the Queen of Chintz, Austrian blinds and pleated valances that match with your duvet, bed-cover, pillow cases and sheets are just perfect for coordinated you.
SCORPIO (Oct24/Nov22)
The more erotic and exotic your bedroom the better for your passions! Decorate with a seduction in mind, go for powerful colours coupled with sensual fabrics that’ll have you and your intended fantasising together, forever. M.F.I’s black wood range will add an ambience of mystique that’ll unlock your desires. Blimey!
SAGITTARIUS (Nov23/Dec21) 
The bigger your bedroom the better you’ll sleep! If you’ve only got a tiny room then go for clever planning and fitted robes that’ll give the feeling of space even if it’s wee! Warm, welcoming colours from imperial reds to royal blues will help you wake up each day feeling full of the joie de vivre! Accessories should have a cosmopolitan touch.
CAPRICORN (Dec22/Jan20)   
The more wardrobes and cabinet space you have the happier you’ll be. Dark woods from oaks to mahoganies will suit your Saturn star as you are the zodiac sign of wood and the craftsman; you’d just love an Alpine look! Although you’re inspired by blacks, whites and greys pick a primary colour that’ll show it all off.
AQUARIUS (Jan21/Feb19) 
The wonderfully wacky designs of M.F.I. capture your avant- garde eye with a combination of rainbow hues set off on a black background. Bunk beds and unusual accessories intrigue you, after all you are the sign of the future and want something that nobody else has got! Electrical gadgets and appliances intrigue you too.
PISCES (Feb20/Mar20) 
Who’s the sign of sleep? You’ve got it, Pisces! So your bedroom must reflect the inner you, as this is your departure lounge to dreamland so the more comfortable, soothing and serene your bedibyes can be the better. A double bed even for a single Fish, jewel colours and matching fabrics are a must for you sensitive souls.

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