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Properties of Uruz

Alternate Names:
Uraz, Uros, Ur
Ancient Meaning: The primal force behind creation
Keywords: Beginnings, Spirituality, Opportunity
Uruz is the Rune of harmony, order and inner strength. Often it marks endings and beginnings of periods in our lives. Uruz also symbolizes your ability to tackle new challenges by confronting them with the powers that lie within you. Opportunities probably abound for you right now.
Reversed Description:
Uruz reversed may represent a time of discord in your life and a disassociation from your inner strengths. You may be in a rutóabsent of goals or challenges. The power to change this lies within you. While opportunities may seem to be nonexistent, they are there and waiting for you to find them.
Astrological Correspondence: Taurus
Tarot Correspondence: High Priestess
Gods/Goddesses: Vanir
Color: Dark Green
Tree: Birch
Herb: Sphagnum
Stones: Tiger's Eye
Animals: Ox, bison, bull, cow, horse, whale, dolphin, manatee, boar, sow, goat, ram, buffalo, bear, alligator, anaconda, baboon, sea eagle, gorilla, lion, hippopotamus, dinosaur
Element: Water
Pulls energies together to form a magical pattern
Heals mental and physical ailments
Knowledge and perception of the self
Magical strength and power
Increases business opportunities
Accesses the power and energy that lies within the Earth
Combines energies to assist realization of your goals

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