Russell Grant Horoscopes for January 1 2000

Aries Horoscope for January 1 2000: You greet the new millennium with one of the most auspicious of planetary placings. Since 1999 Jupiter, the Lord of luck, opportunity and growth has been travelling in and out of your sign, and for the first six weeks of the new year you will continue to feel his propitious presence. Start as you mean to go on, for seeds sown in January and early February will sprout into a lucrative harvest combining financial security with prosperity. Make this special year a memorable one by booking yourself a journey of a lifetime. Go where youíve never been before, as not only does travel broaden the mind but new horizons beckon which could mean living or working somewhere completely different in the future. A colossal transformation is occurring in your life, especially psychologically. Those things you have taken for granted or have become all too familiar will begin to fade as new, brighter and more exciting prospects hove into view to change your world beyond all recognition.

Taurus Horoscope for January 1 2000: Do you feel youíve been plagued by change or misfortune? Iím sure some of you will look back at the old century and be glad to turn the corner into a new millennium. But life does not change overnight and for you to look forward with optimism you must be prepared to say farewell to barren situations which have had their day and prepare lay stronger foundations for a fertile future. This is where you need strength. You possess an innate fear of rejection, failure, insecurity and the unknown these days due to testing Saturn in your sign sapping your confidence and stalling your enterprising spirit. But take heart as from February happy Jupiter will counteract hapless Saturnian rays introducing more growth and good fortune. Put these two powerful planets together and your new millennium will become an investment rather than a liability. Remember change brings new opportunity. Donít resist the inevitable, for however it presents itself, in the year 2000 you are turning your back on the negative past forever.

Gemini Horoscope for January 1 2000: You come more into your own in the year 2000. If there are areas of uncertainty or a need to assume control over any aspect of your life then it is in intimate and private parts to do with love or sex. Somehow your air sign detachment and ability to separate your heart from your head has become blurred. Obsessions, jealousy and envy can disturb the stability of a close relationship as you fall under the spell of someone who displays a manipulative edge or is psychologically unsound. If you want to get the best out of the new year the more you concentrate on protecting your own unique independence and creative integrity the further youíll go. The minute you are distracted or taken in by anyone bewitching then watch out. Concentrate on your own needs as this can be a most successful year if you give your talents, skills and ideas priority over a partnership. Unexpected openings can put you in an exclusive position to find success as a result of your natural ingenuity. But donít let a pretty face or siren voice delay you from discovering your true destiny.

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Cancer Horoscope for January 1 2000: Reach for the skies at the very beginning of the new century by treating yourself to a fresh ambition, more stimulating mission or purpose and reason for living. Projecting your energy towards a personal or professional goal that gives a fresh challenge and adds more meaning and fresh dimension to your existence is what the first few weeks of your year is all about. Once 2000 gets into its stride two areas dominate: firstly, your plans for the future, your social life and friendships and secondly shared financial benefits, sexual desires and the psychological welfare of you or a dear one. Much of your happiness is dependent on the people you meet and those you share your life with. I expect the new millennium to introduce you to a whole host of new contacts and acquaintances some who passionately turn you on and those who become bosom buddies whom you can turn to, love and trust. Youíll sense instinctively youíve turned an important corner in the year ahead where you leave behind familiar faces or well-trod places which were right then but not now.

Leo Horoscope for January 1 2000: A mixture of relief and foreboding escorts you into the year 2000 but youíve everything to look forward to and nothing to fear so long as you remain flexible and adaptable. At the start of the new millennium your stars fall in the right place for travel, good fortune and the news that you have something to look forward to that will change the fabric of your next decade let alone the coming year. Between February and June concentrate on setting yourself reachable goals which lead to recognition and personal achievement thereby setting you up career-wise for the future. Some kind of promotion or professional advancement is in the offing, so long as your ego doesnít make you so overbearing you rub some folk up the wrong way. The latter part of the annum is ace for communications, if youíre conversant with lifeís super highway it wonít be long before global opportunity comes sweeping in. A make or break decisions is revealed in a relationship, take stock of a close one-to-one affair so you can choose where you both go from here.

Virgo Horoscope for January 1 2000: Childhood roots and behaviour patterns have been shaken by events that have been occurring in your life since 1995. 1999 should have been much kinder, allowing you to make the emotional and psychological transition from the past into the present. Now the new millennium suggests itís time for you to reinvent yourself and discover the real you thatís been hidden or left behind. Powerful influences from compatible, earthy Taurus make this year ideal for you to learn something new, travel somewhere different and Ďfind yourselfí spiritually. Create a new vision for living and donít be held back by what you were told or taught in your informative years as times have moved on. The angels smile kindly above you, protecting you from harm especially your own self-destructive tendencies. Make 2000 your year to grow and expand far away from the past, you now belong to the future, take the good memories with you but banish guilt and grief into oblivion once and for all as happiness is closer than you think.

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Libra Horoscope for January 1 2000: The new millennium holds much promise which can be turned into tangible success and accomplishments the like of which youíve never had before. It all stems from the Aquarian influence which opens you up to new and exciting energies, rich with potential but demanding a brave heart to get the best from it. Brave, in the sense that you must be prepared to do things youíd usually run a mile from. Follow your heart, for your heart knows best. You have the skill, talent and creativity which will lead to the many accolades sure to come your way. Enjoyment is the operative word not only for this year but future years deep into the decade also hold secrets which will gladden your heart and enrich your soul. From the birth of a baby or love affair to the success of a fledgling idea or enterprise you have so much to look forward to. The second part of 2000 is wonderful for foreign travel or taking on an educational challenge that can change your life and world. Prepare for a voyage of discovery.

Scorpio Horoscope for January 1 2000: Youíre probably grateful to have got through the past couple of years and made it to the new millennium. Youíve had more than a rough ride, you have been physically and psychologically shaken, stirred and even shattered. Although some aspects of your life will settle down, you still have some sorting out and sifting through to do. Your life has been clogged up with a load of negativity, whether it be people, situations or possessions and for you to move on you have to accept that change is inevitable and you must now bag, bin and eliminate the rubbish. The zodiac zones governing your relationships, home and family and finances are most vulnerable. Itís not a lost cause so long as you are prepared to admit where things have not worked out and prepared cut you losses, make amends or move on. Because the inexorable tide of the cosmos is one of progress and advancement if you adopt the right attitude and embrace any opportunity that change can bring, then your new century will introduce you to a more personally fulfilling and contented existence in the end.

Sagittarius Horoscope for January 1 2000: Empowerment is the buzzword for you to take into the new millennium. If you are in control of yourself and life then no-one will get the better of you. Since Pluto entered your sign in 1995 you have altered considerably even to those who know you well. You have become more psychologically profound and unable to accept anything at face value. This has given greater depth to your Sagittarian persona, and in 2000 the personal metamorphosis continues. The new millennium is set to bring out a side of you that even you didnít know about. January and February are the most fascinating months for you to break out of your shell and do what pleases you to discover your true destiny. This is followed up from July when you can find the love of your life, realise how important a relationship is or isnít: the more freedom and scope a marriage or affair gives you the better for you both. Thereís more to you and your life than meets the eye as personal realisation leads to transformation.

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Capricorn Horoscope for January 1 2000: With the year 2000 comes one of the most bountiful and productive periods ever. At the onset of the new millennium, concentrate first and foremost on moving house and changing your address. Where you live now may have been okay in the past but for you to make the most of the opportunities about to sparkle around you, you need to be in the right place - and the right time is until circa mid-February. From then until July you are in the driving seat to do all the things youíve ever wanted - a celebration is nigh. Whatever your heart desires is well within reach by the time you end the year 2000. Falling in love is not falling for make believe but a distinct possibility, and the chances of a rare gift from the Gods is closer to manifesting than you think. Self-enterprise and hard work which utilises and motivates your own innate talents is sets the seal on success and hand you some glittering prizes. Satisfaction may have been a rare commodity in the past but your new century is full of it.

Aquarius Horoscope for January 1 2000: As a fellow Aquarian I have more than just an average insight on how changeable life has been for our sign since 1996. As the Age of Aquarius floods into full spate so the speed of your personal revolution and evolution quickens. The new millennium is no exception to the cosmic rule for even as 2000 is on the starting blocks, it gives greater impetus to the desire for you to completely overhaul your world. But a word to the wise - if something ainít broke then donít fix it. I understand that what once excited you, now palls and you need to radically transform your life and lifestyle far away from how it used to be. With your ruler Uranus urging a complete break with the past and Neptune in Aquarius making you realise the need for psychic sustenance you must do all you can to give yourself a more mystical fix on what you need to exist and lead a spiritually fulfilling life. If youíre intrigued by astrology, learn it, if you want to go on a pilgrimage, do it - if youíve a desire to reinvent yourself, go for it, as only by doing what pleases you will you be on the right path to true liberation.

Pisces Horoscope for January 1 2000: Financial favours are bestowed on you whilst the new year is still in Pampers. Anything to do with making money, aiming to secure a well-paid job or investing in training, equipment or career advancement is beneficially starred right up until your birthday. After youíve celebrated another year older, Jupiter straps you in on a learning curve ideal for travel and study especially to help you break through mental or intellectual boundaries that have held you back. Communicate in every medium or technology you can: network, connect and market yourself in every way you can imagine. Getting to know people, means putting yourself in a prime position for growth and lucrative advancement. The second half of your annum is ideal for property or real estate deals: where you live must reflect or be the stepping stone to your ultimate hopes and aspirations. Amidst all this activity there are still complex happenings surrounding your career and emotions. But be warned of control freaks who could thwart, frustrate or delay your success - thereís more to someone that meets the eye.

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