Russell Grant Horoscopes for April 4 2001

Aries Horoscope for April 4 2001: Making big changes to your life as the Sun trines Pluto will give you the energy, stamina and willpower you need to achieve success. Let's face it, staying as you are won't solving your problems. Once you start the process of transformation you'll rediscover your passion for life. Wouldn't it be nice to feel excited about the future again?

Taurus Horoscope for April 4 2001: Some secret information you've been withholding for months could suddenly come in handy. Sure, it means exerting power over someone who is in a terrible position, but they would do the same to you. Besides, it's not as though you're guilty of any wrongdoing. Do what's necessary to get that job promotion.

Gemini Horoscope for April 4 2001: The king or queen pin of your social circle may express interest in you; there's never been a better time to form a power couple. If you're already in a relationship, don't worry. You can still use today's empowering planetary energies to team up with a creative colleague at work. A partnership is destined to take you places.

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Cancer Horoscope for April 4 2001: All the self-improvement efforts you've been making are starting to pay off, so don't get discouraged. Envious people may try to undercut your confidence, but that's only because you are a living example of what they want. The next time you hear a negative comment, ask for the issuer to repeat it. That will cut them down to size.

Leo Horoscope for April 4 2001: A positively exhilarating encounter with someone passionate or compelling makes you forget your everyday duties. That's not necessarily a bad thing. You've been using your obligations as a shield between you and the life you could be leading. Now the Sun trines Pluto in fire, why not take some risks? You're so psychologically sound and sure, you can't fail to succeed.

Virgo Horoscope for April 4 2001: An enterprise or project helps you to release the anger and frustration that's been building up for some time. Sometimes you're so concerned with what other people think of you that you suppress your true feelings. This can be an unhealthy practice. The next time you feel the urge to sound off, just open your mouth.

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Libra Horoscope for April 4 2001: A person who has yet to yield to your charms could finally yield to your relentless efforts. Once you get the green light, though, you may decide not to pursue this avenue after all. Chalk it up to perversity. It's time you looked within for what you really want from love or sex. The answer may surprise you.

Scorpio Horoscope for April 4 2001: A promotion or plum assignment could finally be awarded to you, much to your evident relief. It's not as though you haven't fought tooth and nail for this opportunity. With that in mind, make it your mission to help somebody who could also use a boost. It's a sure fire way to multiply your own good fortune.

Sagittarius Horoscope for April 4 2001: Be shameless about promoting yourself on whatever level appeals. Otherwise, a rival could move in on someone or something that really interests you. If you're already moving along the right track, then double your efforts to move obstinate obstacles one and for all. You can't afford to let a relationship go stale when your partner is looking so good.

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Capricorn Horoscope for April 4 2001: If you've been looking for a new residence or office, fate is on your side today; target property, real estate and agency offices. After you've found your dream home, push to get a better price. You're feeling so confident, anything is possible! Let an admirer down gently. Ignoring their crush is doing more harm than good.

Aquarius Horoscope for April 4 2001: It's time to get out of your shell, even if it means dropping in on someone without advance notice. You must surround yourself with supportive people if you're going to make the break you've been contemplating. Don't be afraid to confide a childhood dream: it needs affirmation. Until you say it aloud, it may never come true.

Pisces Horoscope for April 4 2001: Where there's a will, there's a way, especially where your career is concerned. If you're intent on breaking into a new industry, make an appointment with a company president, manager or director. Your determination and enthusiasm is enough to win you a job. Don't be afraid to start at the bottom. Getting your foot in the door is the hardest part.

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