Russell Grant Horoscopes for April 20 2001

Aries Horoscope for April 20 2001: Make any and all decisions with care from here on in; your impulses could lead you down difficult paths. With Saturn entering Gemini improving your social status is the best way to become more attractive to wealth. This may require breaking off with a friend who has a defeatist mentality. Go ahead and change your appearance; your timing is perfect.

Taurus Horoscope for April 20 2001: As Saturn leaves your sign you must rein in your spending, or you could struggle under massive debt for several years. Fortunately the Sun enters your realm so youíll project your personality with strength and confidence for the next month. If youíve want to break into a lucrative industry, do so now. A problem thatís been plaguing you will vanish into thin air.

Gemini Horoscope for April 20 2001: Today marks the end of one and beginning of a new thirty year cycle. Itís all down to Saturn entering your sign therefore admitting your shortcomings is the first step toward realising your goals and ambitions; stop making excuses. Working behind the scenes or on your own will start to feel very rewarding; the only approval you need is your own.

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Cancer Horoscope for April 20 2001: Breaking a destructive pattern will help you enjoy more fulfilling relationship; what better aim to work toward? Joining an organisation gives you a warm sense of belonging; seek out people whose principles are similar to yours. An emotional link you thought was cold could heat up again but your aspirations can only be attained by being realistic.

Leo Horoscope for April 20 2001: Over the next couple of years youíll find out who your real friends are when an emotional situation forces you to reach out for support. With Saturn changing signs itíll be a case of feeling lonely at your top. Your leadership skills are at an all-time high. However, you should consider taking a break, if only to sort out your next move and long term objectives.

Virgo Horoscope for April 20 2001: Pace yourself for a marathon with regard to your career now Saturn enters your house of ambitions; your victories will be achieved over a long period of time. Given time, you are able to get the knowledge you need to move your way up the ladder. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single footstep, thatís precisely your situation professionally now. In the end it will be worth it.

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Libra Horoscope for April 20 2001: Things that once seemed important no longer hold your attention; itís time to reassess your priorities. Crystallising a new vision for living is imperative now Saturn enters airy Gemini. A desire to climb up the intellectual ladder wonít happen by chance, but by sheer, hard work. Reading, writing, studying must be included in your agenda, as the next three years are serious for any would-be academic.

Scorpio Horoscope for April 20 2001: Itís a good idea to master money management skills whilst you can; this will lead to your financial independence enabling you to break free from material co-dependency. Your helpful ways make you attractive to anyone who is on the look out for a partner; both business and pleasure is favoured. Recent sexual frustration is set to ease as passions warm up - if not immediately then given time, all will be well.

Sagittarius Horoscope for April 20 2001: Your days of being footloose and fancy free could soon come to a halt, for with Saturn occupying your opposite of Gemini, you will want to settle down more than ever. Getting in shape could be a top priority for you now that youíre thinking of a serious commitment. Your ability to attract someone special will never be stronger than from now; responsibility towards a relationship is essential to gain the respect and security youíll yearn for more and more.

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Capricorn Horoscope for April 20 2001: Itís time to put an end to any behaviour that has compromised your health over the past few years. By acting now, you can reverse the effects of any unhealthy practices. Art or music therapy is especially rewarding now, as your creative juices are just starting to flow again. Serious consideration are due where an unfulfilling job is concerned, maybe you should retire, ask for redundancy or move on?

Aquarius Horoscope for April 20 2001: Itís time to get serious about what you do well; your potential is too precious to squander. Saturn changes signs and promises you enormous support. Go back to school or get private tuition. You see, the more you can develop or evolve your acumen or abilities the better your chances of success. Consider an enterprise or venture which is based solely on your unique brand of creativity.

Pisces Horoscope for April 20 2001: Donít dwell on disappointments from the past; your focus should be squarely on the future especially where your home and family is concerned. An older relative may need your support perhaps a move is in order to a place where they can get the help and assistance you can no longer give. Donít feel guilty itís sensible and safe for all.

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