Russell Grant Horoscopes for January 11 2001

Aries Horoscope for January 11 2001: You can do anything you set your mind to as a result of a very fortunate set of stars. Pictures of your ideal future will help you turn dreams into reality. Just steer clear of negative people who seek to burst your bubble. The longer you're able to sustain this high, the easier it will be to achieve your goals.

Taurus Horoscope for January 11 2001: A major job opportunity comes your way when someone puts you in the path of the right people. Don't be afraid to assume a position that requires a lot of time and energy. Yes, you'll have to cut back on your personal life, but you'll soon regain your leisure time as you ascend the ladder of success and prestige.

Gemini Horoscope for January 11 2001: Going back to school is a real possibility as Mercury and Jupiter switch on your urge to learn and travel. This is your big chance to become an expert in a specific field and gain an ology. Equally look overseas or to another part of the country to fulfil your vision, as youíll have more luck in another location.

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Cancer Horoscope for January 11 2001: Mercury and Jupiter join forces, making it a fine time to deal with touchy topics. Donít hold back as you'll soon see that this was the right thing to do as a partner has also been suffering. By letting them know you're ready to hear the truth, the stress will fall away: no more with-holding information - promise?

Leo Horoscope for January 11 2001: Advertising your talents is the way to win riches; everybody is receptive to your gifts and aptitudes now. Forming a partnership who is chalk to your cheese allows you to tackle the parts of the job that please you most. Find someone who complements the side of you that is lacking or missing in certain skills for happiness.

Virgo Horoscope for January 11 2001: Helping from behind-the-scenes is what you do best and you'll reach new heights in this role today. The lie of the planetary land brings you a plethora of fabulous opportunities. Becoming an assistant to a very important person could result in a big pay hike. Your ability to help others will lead to fame and fortune.

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Libra Horoscope for January 11 2001: Youíre about to find out how popular and attractive you are: but tone down on the flirting even though you get a thrill from attracting people already attached. Maybe it's because they don't pose any real threat to you. Watch yourself; you could be playing with fire and thereís plenty of single fish in the sea.

Scorpio Horoscope for January 11 2001: A reunion with a relative or old friend brings back all sorts of nostalgia, most of them lovely. If you've ever wanted to pen your thoughts, now is the time to do so. Mercury's lucky aspect to Jupiter allows to express yourself in new and exciting ways. Travel is very fortuitous and can lead to good connections.

Sagittarius Horoscope for January 11 2001: Jupiter joins forces with Mercury giving you a cerebral buzz leading to decisions which launches you on a profitable learning curve. Itís in your interests to team up with someone who is willing to take care of the minutiae of life. This gives you more time to concentrate on the bigger picture, which youíre good at.

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Capricorn Horoscope for January 11 2001: If you want to increase your income, change your priorities; it's hard to generate wealth when you feel dull and uninspired. Your spirits will lift once you make time for a favourite activity. If you get the chance to make money or travel to do with a craft or hobby then take it whilst the goingís good.

Aquarius Horoscope for January 11 2001: Your creative instincts are dazzling; why play by the rules if you can think of a better way of doing things? Your ability to think on your feet impresses powerful people. If you're given the opportunity to do something completely different, grab it. Fabulous surprises are likely whilst serendipity is so active around you.

Pisces Horoscope for January 11 2001: Spending quiet moments in the privacy of a place you love gives a necessary break from public life. You tend to be most creative when left to your own devices. With that in mind, it's a good idea to take up the reins of a project you abandoned some weeks ago or never started. Divine inspiration is about to change all that.

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