Russell Grant Horoscopes for February 7 2002

Aries Horoscope for February 7 2002: Someone you've known for quite a while could spring such a big surprise you'll be knocked off your feet. A friendship could turn into a romance with very little encouragement. Now remember the old song, this could be the end of a beautiful friendship and just the beginning of loveŠ if you wish. In the event you are already involved with someone special, be careful of the signals you send out or the egg could be on your face. A bosom buddy could easily misinterpret your affection for desire. Keep things markedly platonic then go wild and do something totally love-sexy.

Taurus Horoscope for February 7 2002: Be unusual, innovative and even perverse in your interpretation of the arts or media and you'll end up a star in your own right. Unexpected words of praise could come from a VIP or bigwigs, making you flush with pride. An out of the blue request or taking over from someone could lead to the career break you've been praying for. If you're a stick in the mud Taurean then change your ways or lose out to your more adaptable Bovine buddies. Take things in your stride and be a little nouveau in your approach: not a day for the ordinary, only the extraordinary get somewhere now.

Gemini Horoscope for February 7 2002: Expect the unexpected and you won't be surprised for your stars sparkle with a glorious opportunity, which is the last thing on your mind. Serendipity is at work overseas so a journey could come up all of a sudden, but you have to act fast to capture the fickle finger of fate pointing at you. Don't waste time dithering just take the plunge. You can iron out any problems later. As you're a spontaneous creature you know when to take the High Road, and this is undoubtedly a day to be packed and ready for action.

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Cancer Horoscope for February 7 2002: Your restless and desperate for something unusual to happen, be intrepid and seek out the bright lights it'll be a gas. Someone sends you the glad eye and with some intense and passionate vibes. It's impossible to ignore them, so why try? You never miss what you've never had so isn't it time to start missing something taboo in the future? Instead of analysing your feelings, act on them. You're long overdue for some weird and wonderful happenings. Sure, some awkward moments may ensue as a result of your behaviour, but it's time to live for the day.

Leo Horoscope for February 7 2002: If you are in a relationship where you have a certain arrangement that suits you both fine, if not then you may be forced into one today. This is not a day for slavish devotion as you enjoy the chase but not the capture. If you want to chivvy a person up with love then they need to play hard to get. This is a very powerful position to be in, so be sure not to waste or abuse it. If you want to make somebody jealous, you can do it with stunning effect. Just make sure you don't mislead another person in the process.

Virgo Horoscope for February 7 2002: Surprise, surprise - there is a flow of unpredictable star energy flowing your way that will make or break a stalemate. Your artistic flair is what parts you from the rest when a spoiled or ugly job needs to be revamped or turned into a thing of beauty. Let your creativity run free this is one time when you must allow your talent to all hand out. A reward comes as a result of your ingenuity and it's just what you need to put some oomph back into your life.

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Libra Horoscope for February 7 2002: Someone is looking at you through the eyes of love and once you return their gaze with a winning smile, it's all systems go! Creative inspiration appears as if by magic, the muse is upon you so be sure to act on impulse. Your ability to turn trash into treasure wins you the admiration and approval and shows you to be one of a kind. Put your snap judgements aside and someone far ahead of their time into your social circle. This could be one of the best contacts you'll make all year but he/she's a love or hate 'em kind of person.

Scorpio Horoscope for February 7 2002: See a shock as what you needed to break through a domestic impasse it might not be how you'd wished but it works. An unexpected visitor call and it's to your joy and advantage to stop what you're doing and play mien host. Usually, you don't like surprises, but this is a most unusual day so be fluid and flexible to make the most of it. Feel free to cancel appointments or juggle your schedule so you can do what you choose. You need to make up for lost time and undoubtedly you've missed out on far too much by sticking to what you know.

Sagittarius Horoscope for February 7 2002: Absence makes the heart go fonder or out of sight out of mind, this is a litmus test for how you truly feel for someone, once you know what next? An idea that shows how creative you can be when given a chance should be taken a step further. Anything that involves writing, reading, learning or communicating is right up your street. You have mental potential that is untapped and should now be allowed to flow. Get thoughts down on paper so you can toy around with them. Be optimistic and your voice will have a welcome place in today's world. Contacts with people in advertising, publishing or the media will be a boon now.

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Capricorn Horoscope for February 7 2002: Only by realising you have the capacity to earn more than you do by utilising your undoubted talents can you strike it rich. Increasing your income is a matter of will; look around for any high flying job opportunities. Submit resumes to places you've always wanted to work, even if the organisation claims to have no vacancies. There's a good chance that an opening could open up that's perfectly suited to your talents. I'll give you a hint, make your first port of call a place you'd never have thought was you in a month of Sundays - that's the one!

Aquarius Horoscope for February 7 2002: In the end it's down to personality and with yours you have a weapon that can pierce through hard, cold steel hearts. Don't be surprised at anything that happens today as circumstances beyond your control thrust into a strange but exciting situation that draws upon your talent as excelling in a crisis. A snappy retort in response to a difficult situation will make you so sought after. Do not censor yourself today. Your witty, perceptive comments are what can win you fame and fortune.

Pisces Horoscope for February 7 2002: A secret romance is in the offing but do you want to get involved with someone who won't reveal all, what are they hiding? Incorporating images from a beautiful dream into a creative project is what gives you a certain personal lustre. Your subconscious is fertile ground for all forms of artistic expression. Instead of straining for ideas, dip into your liberal store of night visions. They're still your images, regardless if they're consciously conjured or not! Some of the world's greatest writers and composers wrote their most memorable works as a result of their nocturnal slumbers.

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