Russell Grant Horoscopes for July 2 2002

Aries Horoscope for July 2 2002: Your overriding desire is to get on with things in your own way without any interference from others. You will not take kindly to unwarranted advice or interruptions as you are firmly focussed on the things you want to do. However, there may be other things you have to attend to in your domestic environment - perhaps an unfinished job to complete, or you may have to satisfy the demands of a family member. Try not to let these hindrances cause tension in you, just do the best you can in each situation.

Taurus Horoscope for July 2 2002: If you have been experiencing a troubling emotion lately then now you will be able to get to the cause of it. As you direct your energies to unravelling your thoughts and feelings about a certain matter, you will find that the answer is likely to intuitively come. Give yourself a little time and space during this process as it might be difficult to give your friends and family the attention you normally lavish upon them for a little while. Keep them informed of what is going on, and they will be supportive.

Gemini Horoscope for July 2 2002: If you have a plan of action in mind, then you will be able to implement it with care and exactitude. It is true to say that at times your mind can be a little overactive and flit from one topic to another. However, the exact link between Mercury and the planet Saturn today will be a very helpful and ordering influence. Take the opportunity to proceed one step at a time towards your desired objective, and you will be pleased with the results you get. This is a profitable day for fact-finding and data collecting for the stars bring out the anorak in you when lists and statistics can be both helpful and revealing.

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Cancer Horoscope for July 2 2002: The circumstances in your outer life that are evolving around you may cause you to sit up and take notice. It might not be easy to take an objective view of the situation, but it would be the best course to follow. Several things may need your attention, and if you are able to deal with them systematically as they arise, you will not feel overwhelmed. Don't procrastinate, if you do not take the initiative to do something positive now, then it is likely you will regret it later on.

Leo Horoscope for July 2 2002: There is a need to let go of any negative emotions that arise today and to move forward with enthusiasm. Whether it is through your reaction to the events unfolding around you, or an unsettling realisation, or perhaps the residual feeling from a powerful dream, if you are not careful then you could feel a little discouraged under the present cosmic forces. Take matters into your own hands and direct your attention into expanding your horizons, and you will soon be back to your usual optimistic frame of mind.

Virgo Horoscope for July 2 2002: Your communications in work could be somewhat restrictive with the present exact Mercury/Saturn conjunction. It could be that you are unable to put your ideas and plans over in a succinct manner, or perhaps you don't feel sufficiently confident of your own communicative skills to give your ideas the justice they deserve. Either way, try not to be self-critical in any way. This would only exacerbate the situation. Rather look to your strong points and concentrate on emphasising and working with them. The more respectably and responsibly you present yourself professionally the higher your reputation and esteem will soar. Be traditional and conservative to cut a dash.

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Libra Horoscope for July 2 2002: It is within your close and intimate relationships that your thoughts and emotions are centred at this time. The warmth and security you experience here is extremely fulfilling. At the same time your friendships are also an important part of your life, and so perhaps a little juggling may be necessary in order to give them both the attention you want to. This does not have to cause any friction if you are a little innovative. So why not arrange a gathering where you can be with your amour and your friends.

Scorpio Horoscope for July 2 2002: Part of you wants to escape the daily pattern whilst another part is content to deal with practicalities. Although this situation has its challenges, at best it can be the impetus for new initiatives and positive enterprise. Try not to be impatient with yourself or with other people but look for new and adventurous ways of dealing with day-to-day situations. Learn a new skill, talk to interesting people, or enlist the help of an expert. Use your energy creatively and you will derive tremendous benefits.

Sagittarius Horoscope for July 2 2002: You may experience a great deal of emotional satisfaction if you initiate a creative endeavour. It is entirely up to you in what field you direct your energies, the important thing is to express you innate artistry in whatever form that you feel drawn to. Whether it is in participating in a sport or painting a landscape, if you make the initial effort you never know where it will lead. Opportunities could come from a source you'd discounted some time ago, so be alert. Don't be too hard or unfeeling in a relationship as loneliness is hard to bear and compassion and love is needed if you don't want to drive someone away from your heart.

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Capricorn Horoscope for July 2 2002: Efficiency is your intent and objective as you strive for mental and physical exactitude in all you do. As Saturn makes an exact aspect to the planet Mercury, you may find that not only do you seek precision in you own efforts, but you may also demand the same from your interactions with other people. This could be a little daunting for them unless you endeavour to concentrate on their positive qualities. If you don't, then you will find communications quite a challenge. Be astute and shrewd where medical and professional matters are concerned as a conscientious approach will help your case or cause.

Aquarius Horoscope for July 2 2002: Whether it originates from within you or the people around you there is a feeling of restlessness abounding. It could simply be that you want to brighten up your day-to-day relationships in some way, in order to make them seem a little more exciting. On the other hand, you may encounter an individual who is in an emotionally sensitive state, and you will be called upon to deal with the situation. Either way, the challenge is to employ patience and persistence. The way ahead will soon become clear. The more diligent and dedicated you are in a creative enterprise the more successful you will be plus you will win an admirer from the older generation or trad set who now see you in a more positive light.

Pisces Horoscope for July 2 2002: There is a dreamy quality to your thoughts especially when they are concentrating on the things you cherish. Perhaps you are thinking about an intended purchase that you are planning, or you could be considering one already made. Conversely your thoughts could lean more towards less material matters as you reflect upon the support and security you experience. It might be nice to share these abstractions with someone close - a child or amour for example. They could even bring some fresh insights to your attention. An older person needs understanding but don't let them make you feel guilty or tie you down with what is their problem - no where duty ends.

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