Russell Grant Horoscopes for June 10 2002

Aries Horoscope for June 10 2002: Events within your immediate locality are central over the next six months and it is important not to go on auto-pilot, but to remain very focused. The people and circumstances of your daily life keep you extremely active and busy, and several short journeys, communications en mass and news heading your way will occupy your time. Although you may feel you are just treading water, on another level you are formulating and drawing up new ideas and plans which will more than make up for any perceived outer hindrances and ultimately change the structure of your life.

Taurus Horoscope for June 10 2002: The powerful Ecliptic energies in force today will prompt some deep reflection upon the things that give your life most meaning. What is it that you value the most? Undoubtedly you derive a feeling of security from the possessions you cherish and the memories they invoke, but perhaps far more importantly, you will be thinking of the deep emotional ties you share with others. This process could invoke some profound insights into your personal needs and attitudes, and as such will be very enlightening between now and Christmas.

Gemini Horoscope for June 10 2002: The Solar Eclipse in your sign indicates a profound and intense period of introspection and self-enquiry. There are several ways that this energy could work out in your personal life. You may find that yourself-confidence is particularly strong, and enables you to act in an independent and resolute manner perhaps this will be the day you finally stand up for yourself in a difficult situation for example. On the other hand you could initiate changes in your image, appearance or manner of dress, and this will give you an added assurance and poise and alter the way people sum you up and suss you out.

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Cancer Horoscope for June 10 2002: As deeply buried thoughts and ideas come to mind, the desire to be alone in quiet surroundings may be especially strong. The Eclipsed New Moon will emphasis and bring to your awareness things that you may not have realised were affecting your life so profoundly. Don't be afraid of confronting these impressions. Looking at them and accepting their presence will in itself be a wonderfully rejuvenating and energising experience, so if you feel so inclined, reflect contemplate and meditate you will feel the benefit. A wonderful psychic experience occurs in the next six months that jolts any scepticism.

Leo Horoscope for June 10 2002: The key issue now is how you relate to and derive pleasure from contact with other people within a team or in communal capacity. You may feel a strong need to join a club or society in which you will be able to partake in many joint endeavours and ventures. For you, making new contacts and friendships can be easily achieved under this Eclipse, and so it is an excellent time to align with a group whose ideals match yours, and devote yourself to their aims. All in all your future plans and objectives are about to alter course big time.

Virgo Horoscope for June 10 2002: This is a catalytic time to analyse the direction your life is taking and make changes and improvements where you see fit. Where do your professional ambitions lie? What changes do you need to implement in order to achieve them? These are the types of questions you are likely and indeed should be asking yourself at this time, and the prevailing cosmic energies will help you to formulate answers. Talk to colleagues and your superiors about your ideas and they may be able to offer some helpful insights too. It's time to realign your career with your personal ambitions, don't lose sight of what you want to achieve and succeed with.

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Libra Horoscope for June 10 2002: The desire for new information and understanding predominates above all others at present and will lead to fresh interests. As you seek distinct and exciting new avenues of learning and experience, you will find which ones are most to your taste and be able to follow them through. The prospect of travel will excite you or meeting with people of different backgrounds. Alongside this, your warm and friendly approach to folks around the world will ensure that your international relationships will be harmonious and productive for this is where your starluck lies between now and Hogmanay.

Scorpio Horoscope for June 10 2002: It is likely that you will find yourself reacting in a purely instinctive way to an event that transpires in the near future. The power and force of today's Eclipse will emphasis all emotions and feelings, and bring out any hidden or as yet unprocessed ones for your attention. On a material level this can be quite a challenge, as your values and preconceptions are under scrutiny. However, it does offer a wonderful opportunity to face psychological aspects of yourself, and to put any changes or modifications you want to make, into practice thereby revealing a new you in the coming months.

Sagittarius Horoscope for June 10 2002: The Gemini Eclipse in your opposite sign will highlight any difficulties or problems in your close relationships. This could provoke some very deep and intense feelings in you, but you are able to deal with them. Working in partnership with another person this could be in a business arrangement, or a personal or intimate affair will be most rewarding, as it is here that you are able to express your feelings most succinctly. To arrive at a happy compromise you can both relate to, the best way forward is to talk talk talk and by your birthday you'll both know where you're going and who with.

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Capricorn Horoscope for June 10 2002: It is likely that you have been sweeping an underlying emotional issue under the carpet, but now is the time to confront it. The strength of the current planetary positions will provoke some deep seated and uncomfortable issues to surface, but at the same time, they can be dealt with once and for all. You may need to push yourself to work up the courage, but try not to waste this opportunity. If you harness these energies and work in your usual efficient and conscientious way and you will be happy at the resultant satisfaction you experience.

Aquarius Horoscope for June 10 2002: The fabulous Eclipse in your solar house of creativity bodes well for artistic pursuits as well as introducing love back into your life. If you have been considering taking up a recreational activity, then do it now as it could alter your whole world. Be innovative in sexually too a romantic tryst could introduce you to intimate moments the likes you've never felt before. Something a child says could fundamentally change your attitude and if kids or pets aren't a part of your existence then over the coming six months they could well be. Keep alert to opportunities that may arise, but most importantly, enjoy yourself and seek your heart's desire.

Pisces Horoscope for June 10 2002: Perhaps this will not be the most secure phase you have ever had, but your imaginative powers are extremely potent. If at all possible, it would be a good idea to withdraw from too much outer activity and allow this process its full expression. You will find that it has a wonderfully revitalising effect on your overall wellbeing, and at the same time, some very innovative and useful ideas could come to mind. Changes made to your home or within your domestic environment will eventually be positive and beneficial but not before much hand-wringing and even bouts of emotional blackmail. This Eclipse could even coincide with a property move.

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