Russell Grant Horoscopes for February 11 2003

Aries Horoscope for February 11 2003: One of the best periods for constructing a future built on fine ideas and hard work is now. Putting a creative idea into practice seems more possible than it has in the past. For once nobody can accuse you of having unrealistic expectations. Relying on a friend's expertise to get your message out is a wise plan. You have many resources at your disposal, and now it is time to put them to work. A cautious individual may try to undermine your confidence, just push them politely but firmly aside.

Taurus Horoscope for February 11 2003: What you have put into an ambition will be rewarded with a major achievement - if you've earned it. You're able to both innovate and organise now which boosts your reputation considerably. Blindly following rules can often lead to disaster in unusual situations. Relax and assess the projects before you. Decide which elements would benefit from unorthodox methods and which require a firm set of guidelines. Assuming a leadership position should be no problem right now. You simply exude respect and authority.

Gemini Horoscope for February 11 2003: Rewards are forthcoming in any goal or objective you have been working on over the past years. If any legal or official affairs have been hounding you, then now is the time to resolve them. You may be surprised to learn how eager other people are to come to a fair agreement. The key is to let go of your past resentments and focus on what it will take to move your life forward. Yes, faults have been committed on both sides. By starting afresh, you can still emerge with your pride intact.

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Cancer Horoscope for February 11 2003: Don't allow your feelings to interrupt your common sense be realistic in all things. Examining your subconscious motives can shed new light on a troubled sexual relationship. Perhaps you've been less charitable toward a loved one than you've claimed. Relinquish controlling behaviour that has given you a measure of control over your relationship. Once you've made yourself vulnerable to the person in question, you'll be happy to discover that they are willing to make sacrifices for you. Sometimes you have to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Leo Horoscope for February 11 2003: Committing yourself to someone in business or love now will be in your best interests. You're concerned with bringing long-range goals to fruition, and an influential person can help. Don't keep making excuses for why you haven't developed an artistic skill or haven't pursued a creative project. If you really want to succeed, you'll do whatever is necessary to achieve this goal, whether it's cutting back your hours at work or ending a painful affair. Let today be the first day of an exciting new life.

Virgo Horoscope for February 11 2003: Putting your experience and skills to good use will win you accolades and praise. Your sense of personal responsibility enables you to enjoy the respect and admiration of your superiors. Don't hesitate to ask for a raise or promotion when your efforts are recognised. After all, you've always subverted your needs for the sake of the group. Now it's time to push your own agenda. The powers-that-be may be more open to your suggestion than you expect. This should make you wonder if you shouldn't be more assertive!

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Libra Horoscope for February 11 2003: Through diligence and dedication you can really make something of yourself via your talents. A past social or romantic relationship could be renewed. You've both benefited from your experiences and can build a strong new partnership, provided you're willing to let down your guard. Onlookers may call you na ve, but they're not the ones who have to live your life. Listen to your heart. It's better to regret decisions that you made on your own, rather than wonder what might have been.

Scorpio Horoscope for February 11 2003: Taking a practical approach to family or property will stave off potential difficulties. All the effort and time you've poured into your home life is starting to come to fruition. Although you've sometimes suspected relatives of anger and resentment, they actually appreciate all you've done to make life more bearable. Being the taskmaster is never pleasant, but somebody has to do it if progress is going to be made. Give yourself some enjoyable reward, something you've always wanted.

Sagittarius Horoscope for February 11 2003: Getting to grips with red tape or authority is in your best interests this week. You're just as competent as your rivals, but are slow to realise this. Happily, you could receive some praise from a respected source. This may be just the boost you need to take on a new challenge. Before, you were uncertain whether you could handle such a large undertaking. Now you're starting to see that you're not only competent at your job; you excel at it! Feel free to revel in your pride.

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Capricorn Horoscope for February 11 2003: Getting as much as you possibly can from available resources proves rewarding. Some may mock your methods and call you stingy, but you realise that the further you stretch your funds, the greater your stature will be. Ironically, someone who notices your frugal ways could grant you more funds as a means to reward you. This little exercise could teach you some valuable lessons about personal income too. Think about making some long-term investments.

Aquarius Horoscope for February 11 2003: One final big push and you'll reach the summit of an ambition you've been working on. Why be intent on getting other people's approval? It's your own that matters most. As a result your independent attitude could result in winning an authority position. People who don't know their own minds aren't good leaders. By asserting yourself in a confident manner, you're sure to make significant inroads in your desired field. Exercise your intellect with academic challenge; find ways to experiment with the rules rather than break them altogether.

Pisces Horoscope for February 11 2003: Time on your own will give you the space to make a life-changing choice and decision. Isolating yourself from public opinion is positive right now; you need to obey your own instincts. Too often, you'll retract a brilliant idea because it isn't unanimously approved or applauded. The fact is, the best concepts are met with initial distrust. By keeping your own counsel today your emotions will be strong enough to withstand any criticism in the week ahead. An older family member has excellent advice - use them as a sounding board once you emerge from your retreat.

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