Russell Grant Horoscopes for March 10 2003

Aries Horoscope for March 10 2003: The start of a major new phase in your life puts you in the throes of a spiritual revolution. Worn out aspects of your world convince you it is necessary to spend more time on your own. Unwelcome distractions have prevented hidden talents from coming to the surface. Make more of an effort to spend at least part of each day on solitary pursuits. There's nothing wrong with spending the occasional weekend in a place you love, either. Surrounding yourself with naff people can sap you of energy.

Taurus Horoscope for March 10 2003: From today until 2011 change is all around as you enter a futuristic revolution. Sorting out your real friends is imperative losing those who take advantage of your generosity. Because you are such a pleasure-loving person, you tend to invite everyone along for the ride. This practice has not only drained you of money, but it has taken an emotional toll on you as well. Fortunately, you're entering a phase in which kindred spirits will easily recognise you as one of their own. Stick with these folks.

Gemini Horoscope for March 10 2003: A massive career revolution starts from today lasting at least seven years. A power struggle with authority figures could even prompt you to go into business for yourself. There's never been a better time to take the independent route. Many surprising opportunities will start presenting themselves, one more attractive than the next. And though it's easy to get confused, try to stay focused on what you really want to be doing for a living. A total transformation in your life direction is a certainty.

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Cancer Horoscope for March 10 2003: An intellectual revolution is nigh when your faith and beliefs will be put to the test. Indulging in creature comforts isn't as pleasant as it has been for the past few months. You're ready to make a change. Cerebral challenges are more to your liking. Enrolling in an adult education course or going abroad on an extended journey is just the thing to restore your high spirits. You may be astonished how easy it is to finance a seemingly expensive venture like the one you've got in mind. Oh and by the way you have until 2011 for this transit to end!

Leo Horoscope for March 10 2003: Get ready for action as a sexual revolution is ready to turn your passions upside down with desire. A drastic psychological event is ready to rock and roll after a frustrating discussion about intimate concerns. Letting others make personal decisions concerning your finances or life/death concerns is simply not working for you any longer. Take control of those things that concern you deep down. The renewed confidence you'll feel as a result of these actions will considerably boost your sex appeal.

Virgo Horoscope for March 10 2003: Are you ready for a relationship revolution cos ready or not it's going to happen from today. Subverting your needs for the sake of others is putting a heavy weight on your heart. It is time to abandon an unhealthy relationship. From now on you'll be in a much better position to form the kinds of romances and friendships that support your desires. Contrary to what you might have thought in the past, it is possible to enjoy someone's company without feeling indebted or obligated.

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Libra Horoscope for March 10 2003: A complete and utter business and health revolution is in the heavens so prepare to alter lifelong habits. The old ways of doing things do not work any longer and it's causing you so much frustration. Happily, you're starting to think in unconventional ways. There's no better mindset for solving problems. Taking a new approach to stubborn problems will result in some radical breakthroughs for you. Your health is ready to undergo a dramatic improvement once you make intrinsic adjustments to your old routine. Things are looking up!

Scorpio Horoscope for March 10 2003: Prepare for a love revolution to take your heart and life by storm - eight years of sheer magic! Too much focus on career and domestic concerns has made life dreary and dull. That's why you should be thrilled to learn that all that old business will take a back seat to an extended period of romance, adventure, and productivity. Exciting sexual and unconventional affairs, inspiring ideas, and extraordinary travel opportunities are coming your way. A word of warning: if children or birth has been a problem, you may get a rather nice shock in the near future.

Sagittarius Horoscope for March 10 2003: An emotional revolution will lead to a host of unexpected changes at home to come. Strong beliefs that you've held for years could give way after unforeseen changes family-wise. Relationships you thought were on solid ground are undergoing rapid transformations. This makes you realise that you can't be certain of anything in this world. Adopting a more open-minded attitude to the future will help you sustain some of the shocks ahead. It may be time to find a living space or location that's more suited to your needs.

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Capricorn Horoscope for March 10 2003: An attitude transplant is ready to set you whirling into a cerebral revolution. You've always prided yourself on being a steady, reliable person. That's why all the unusual thoughts and crazy ideas that pop into your mind may seem troubling at first. You're entering an extremely innovative cycle. This 8-year period will prompt you to take a variety of short trips as a means to burn off all the restless energy that's been building inside you. Get ready to acquire some cutting edge skills.

Aquarius Horoscope for March 10 2003: Like it or not you are enforced into a financial revolution time to try new money methods. Emotional and financial difficulties force you to find fresh sources of income. Just when you begin dreading the future, though, an out of the blue opportunity appears to change the colour of your fiscal world. Don't be afraid to abandon an old, outmoded job for one that pays little at first, but has the potential for terrific rewards in the future. You've always been a forward-thinking person, anyway. Why live in the past when exciting vistas are staring you in the face?

Pisces Horoscope for March 10 2003: A personal revolution the like of which you have never seen before will alter you and your world dramatically. You're tired of being taken for granted and treated like an old, comfortable shoe. Changing your appearance will force others to look at you with new eyes. Even if your efforts at attracting attention are successful, consider breaking off several associations as a means of making a fresh start. Following a prescribed program is no longer working for you. You must follow your heart, no matter where it leads you. Between now and 2011 nothing is predictable.

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