Russell Grant Horoscopes for October 25 2003

Aries Horoscope for October 25 2003: Establishing new routines will help you feel more productive after a period of prolonged fun. It's especially important to put your household in order, as things may have become a little messy over the past month. You may be called upon to help solve staffing problems at work; maybe you'll have to do two separate jobs at once. By demonstrating that you are a willing team player, you could soon receive a hefty bonus.

Taurus Horoscope for October 25 2003: Your romantic life is starting to look up, much to your relief. You're tired of spending lonely nights at home. Going out to clubs, parties, and restaurants proves very enjoyable. Pay special attention to how you present your ideas to people. You may want to be less forceful, particularly with those you hardly even know. Adopting a playful, flirtatious attitude will win you a great deal of friends and admirers. Practice makes perfect.

Gemini Horoscope for October 25 2003: Crafting a satisfying and harmonious home life is easier than you think. You'll be very successful if you remain flexible and open-minded with those who share your living space. If you live alone, think about ways you can brighten the atmosphere with new paint and healthy plants. Getting rid of broken or depressing items will feel like a weight has been lifted from your heart. You may have to juggle your budget to afford new purchases.

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Cancer Horoscope for October 25 2003: Force yourself to discuss issues that make you feel uncomfortable or afraid. Airing these subjects will allow you to move past stubborn obstacles that have blocked your progress. Don't let a manipulative person get away with outrageous behaviour any longer. Call attention to their transgressions in public; this character will never dare mess with you again. Your public image is about to undergo a radical change for the better.

Leo Horoscope for October 25 2003: There is a profound connection between your self-worth and your earning power. If you don't feel as though you're getting paid enough for your work, demand a raise or look for a more lucrative position. Alternately, you can start acquiring skills that will make you more valuable in the work place. You're starting to reconsider how far you can really take your talents. With a little effort and a lot of faith, you'll flourish.

Virgo Horoscope for October 25 2003: Overhauling your image will gain you entry into some privileged circles. There's never been a better time to add stylish items to your wardrobe. Getting a new hairstyle or wearing a different fragrance can also boost your magnetism. If you feel drained of energy, you may want to cut down on your social commitments. Surround yourself with people who make you feel supported and loved, and stay away from demanding types.

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Libra Horoscope for October 25 2003: You're starting to realise how your self-esteem affects how other people treat you. Stop underplaying your talents and mourning over small mistakes. Give yourself praise for taking risks, even if they don't work out. Above all, engage in activities that give you pleasure. Don't be surprised if a boss that was once very chilly starts warming up to you. Projecting a confident image will take you far this month.

Scorpio Horoscope for October 25 2003: Although you're a private person by nature, the next two weeks will afford lots of social opportunities. It's important to spread yourself around as much as possible during this time. You never know when you could meet a person who changes the entire course of your life. Be prepared to adjust your attitude towards certain people. You're starting to see them through much more charitable and appreciative eyes.

Sagittarius Horoscope for October 25 2003: Your star is on this rise, which is gratifying and scary at the same time. Take care not to show your fear to others, or they'll take advantage of you. You may want to reconsider a joint financial arrangement. Keeping a portion of your money separate from a partner will give you greater self confidence. If you don't have a mate, make your future secure with an insurance policy. Take responsibility for yourself.

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Capricorn Horoscope for October 25 2003: Taking a more philosophical approach to life can help you overcome a deep disappointment. Consider whether this turn of events could actually be a blessing in disguise. Look for the hidden opportunities that can be afforded from your situation. The more positive and open-minded you are, the greater your reward will be. Someone you've always considered to be a rival could suddenly rally to your defence. Stranger things have happened.

Aquarius Horoscope for October 25 2003: You're in desperate need of healing and transformation, which the New Moon can provide. Let go of a painful situation that has been infecting every part of your life. The initial break may be difficult, but you'll soon feel a wave of relief wash over you. One of the best ways to get accustomed to your new life is to establish healthy habits. Going to the gym will help you burn off anxiety and tension.

Pisces Horoscope for October 25 2003: If you want to breathe new life into a relationship, consider the demands you put on loved ones. You may have a tendency to put friends, relatives, and lovers on pedestals. This sets up a dangerous situation, because nobody's perfect. The next time somebody falls short of your expectations, focus on their accomplishments instead. Remind yourself why you attached yourself to this person in the first place. True love requires forgiveness and acceptance.

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