Russell Grant Horoscopes for February 25 2004

Aries Horoscope for February 25 2004: An older person may offer advice on a delicate subject. Conversations get personal but this will help you discuss any doubts that you may have and in sharing your fears, they won't seem half as bad. If you're worried about doing a good job of a current venture, rest assured, all the hard work and patience you're putting into this will pay off and give you an advantage later in March.

Taurus Horoscope for February 25 2004: If you're intent on joining an elite society or specialised group, make an appointment with the Chairman or Principal and put forward your case as forcefully as you are able. Don't be afraid to blow your own trumpet. You need to gain peoples' interest and win their support. Getting one foot in the door will be the hardest part. After that, it's all plain sailing.

Gemini Horoscope for February 25 2004: You happen to be on hand for a job opportunity that had been meant to go to another. There's a degree of urgency which makes it vital you grab the offer, there and then. Stop wondering what others might say when they find out you've gained and they've lost. The experience will improve your prospects considerably. Besides, it wasn't your fault that they weren't in the right place at the right time and you were.

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Cancer Horoscope for February 25 2004: Doing all that's necessary to achieve a long-term aim is crucial if you're going to achieve your dreams. If it's your intention to become an authority on a certain subject, get studying. If you're planning on brushing up skills in order to advance your career, sign up on the right courses. You won't get anywhere without trying, but if the will is strong enough, whatever your aims, there will be a way.

Leo Horoscope for February 25 2004: You're starting to think more seriously about the future and you want to make that future as secure as you possibly can. That means you must stop being so lavish with your cash and possessions, wasting valuable resources on extravagant purchases and generous gestures. You need to make the money you have go a little further; a financial consultant will steer you in the right direction.

Virgo Horoscope for February 25 2004: Doing something with your partner, rather than working alongside each other in parallel is the best way to improve your relationship. Working together in unison involves discussion, interaction and physical contact. Take up an enterprise that is meaningful to you both, whether this is related to volunteer work or something that might benefit you jointly. When in unison, you stand to gain from your opposite number.

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Libra Horoscope for February 25 2004: Your health gets a boost through your decision to live a more healthy lifestyle. You won't see results over night, but slowly you will feel all the energy that's been draining away lately, flowing back. If starting a new sporting interest or exercise regime, don't force yourself to do too much, too quickly. Be sensible and if you have any qualms about what you're doing, consult an expert.

Scorpio Horoscope for February 25 2004: Nothing is too much trouble, if you want something badly enough. Others are impressed by your determination and your social contacts bring added scope for developing your skills and exploring new ways of self expression. If single, making a serious commitment to a lover won't be so difficult now that you're ready, willing and able, to assume long-term responsibilities.

Sagittarius Horoscope for February 25 2004: Events today cause you to seriously rethink some opinions you have about a member of your family who has always been slightly weird. Maybe you're realising that you've been harsh and hard-hearted without even trying to imagine what they were going through. Apologise, extend an olive branch and make it clear that you regret having been so judgemental. Just because they're different, doesn't mean you can't be friends.

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Capricorn Horoscope for February 25 2004: You might want to try to better yourself in some way, perhaps through studying new subjects, or taking up a further training course. Uncertainty as to your ability causes you to hesitate but no subject will be too difficult to master, with a good teacher. You may even be surprised at how much you do take in when a skilled instructor knows how to make learning a pleasure.

Aquarius Horoscope for February 25 2004: Safe investments such as land or property would be a good way to ensure your long-term financial security. You can't expect to see fast returns when Saturn is in the picture, but, patience will bring its just rewards. You're more than willing to put in the effort necessary to safeguard your finances but remember, long term security is a gradual process.

Pisces Horoscope for February 25 2004: You've got what it takes to make a success of yourself and you know it. You know too that some around doubt your abilities so it's up to you to strike out and prove you can and will succeed. While doing so, you will discover you have the stamina, strength of mind and staying power to overcome all obstacles. A confident fa ade also changes the way other people see you.

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