Russell Grant Horoscopes for March 2 2005

Aries Horoscope for March 2 2005: After a busy start to the day, the pace will begin to ease and you will get the chance to take things more slowly. Although you might enjoy the adrenalin rush that accompanies a mini crisis, you will be glad later, to tackle everyday chores at a steady, more pleasing pace. Start paying a little more attention to your business and financial affairs. The chance to boost your bank balance could soon come your way and this is an offer you won't want to refuse.

Taurus Horoscope for March 2 2005: It's a good time to be bold in order to impress others. Evasive tactics could backfire in that people are too busy to notice your interest. Therefore, opportunities that could have come to you will be passed on to someone else. If you hold back from saying what you are thinking, you will end the day wishing you had been more assertive. Emotional relationships should also be handled in a similar fashion. At all times, reveal what's on your mind.

Gemini Horoscope for March 2 2005: There may be the need to make a clear display of loyalty to a friend or colleague who finds themselves in a vulnerable position. They won't be slow to show their appreciation even though you won't feel as if you've done anything out of the ordinary. Beyond the fact that you would never turn your back on someone in need, if you support others, you will be happy to show it. There's the chance that some sort of reward or recognition for efforts made today or in the past is coming your way.

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Cancer Horoscope for March 2 2005: A loved one who is feeling neglected will insist that you prove to them how much you really care. You might feel this is unnecessary and even vaguely silly but go through the motions anyway. There's a foreign connection associated with your work or long-term aims. Communications could herald a satisfactory change and personal hopes and ambitions look like being satisfied. You might need your partner's say-so before going ahead with certain plans; this is ample reason to keep them cheerful!

Leo Horoscope for March 2 2005: There's a continuing need to be patient when dealing with legal or financial matters even if you are keen to tie up loose ends. A personal possession that has been missing for some time could turn up and this will be a load off your mind. As well as being valuable, this item will have great sentimental value. Such an event could push you into considering other treasured items. Are they stored safely and are they adequately insured?

Virgo Horoscope for March 2 2005: Despite a few doubts as the day begins, it will be safe to team up with another person. It would be foolish to battle on with any project alone, whether in connection to your working or private life. Ideas you have for the future could come under discussion with positive results. A worry about such matters may now be happily resolved. Other people have some great suggestions which just goes to show: sometimes, two heads can be better than one.

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Libra Horoscope for March 2 2005: Even if your boss, an acquaintance or a colleague seems to have an overly high opinion of themselves, don't let your feelings show. Whether their behaviour is highly amusing or gallingly annoying, keep your face straight and your manner pleasant. Later, the atmosphere will change completely, giving way to one of cheerful teamwork. By the end of the day you will be pleased to have got through an assortment of minor tasks, with ease.

Scorpio Horoscope for March 2 2005: Keep a cool head if you and someone close come to a full-stop in discussions regarding a joint financial matter. Whether thinking about plans to make your future more secure, or it's your shared budget that is causing controversy, look for ways to compromise. You might both need to sort out your priorities in order to reach a suitable agreement. In all important affairs, state your views quietly and firmly, then leave others to think over what has been said.

Sagittarius Horoscope for March 2 2005: Someone in your working environment is overly touchy and you feel you can't do anything to please them. No matter what you say or do, it just doesn't seem right. Keep a firm grip on your temper and look upon this as a lesson in patience. This patience will be rewarded later when apologies and praise come heading in your direction. At least your home life will be pleasantly relaxed. Those sharing the domestic scene are eager to hear your news and views.

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Capricorn Horoscope for March 2 2005: Relax for a change and enjoy the chance to gossip with friends and associates you always feel at ease with. Some of their news could be of interest to you. You may even start thinking about following their example in some way. Recent changes in your usual routines are starting to prove their worth. Progress will be slow but new methods make some responsibilities far easier than you originally thought.

Aquarius Horoscope for March 2 2005: You have a question on your mind and it is up to you to find the answer; there's no real advice that can be offered. Sometimes you have to decide for yourself, what choices to make for the future and this is one of those times. The good news is: there's no real hurry about coming to a decision. You have plenty of time to consider the pros and cons. So when you do make your choice, you can't grumble that you've been rushed into anything!

Pisces Horoscope for March 2 2005: Be sensible about the amount you can get done in a given measure of time. Someone might ask you to do them a favour which entails a lot more work and effort than they first make out. A stipulated deadline might be unreasonable compared with the degree of work that's being demanded. In close relationships and partnerships, it would be sensible to think twice before binging up touchy subjects. Think too, about offering words of advice that could sound like criticism. If single, an introduction, this evening, could have encouraging romantic overtures.

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