Russell Grant Horoscopes for May 15 2005

Aries Horoscope for May 15 2005: Working behind-the-scenes affords you the freedom you so desperately crave. You're tired of obeying other people's orders, especially when they're so disorganised. This is a marvellous opportunity to develop a hidden talent. If you're short of cash, a hospital or religious institution can help defray costs. You may want to look into government grants, too. You'll be surprised how much funding you can get through outside sources.

Taurus Horoscope for May 15 2005: A last minute change of plans puts you in the driver's seat today. Never fear; you're more than capable of leading the group to victory. Rely on your intuition when dealing with a rebel. The only way to earn this person's respect is to put your foot firmly on their back. Onlookers will be delighted at this show of force. Normally, you adopt a live-and-let-live attitude. It's nice to see you showing what you're made of!

Gemini Horoscope for May 15 2005: You're more determined than ever to get ahead in the workplace and although your knowledge may be patchy, to say the least, you have picked up some valuable skills along the way. Look for opportunities that will allow you a great measure of independence. You can't bear it when authority figures breathe down your neck. You've got the makings of a very successful freelance writer. Acting as a consultant can also be lucrative for you.

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Cancer Horoscope for May 15 2005: Recently, you've been much more open to change than you have been in years past. Right now, you're itching to explore greener pastures. Living abroad or going back into education are distinct possibilities. It's even possible you'll exchange your current lifestyle for a more spiritual path. Friends and family will think you've gone crazy, but that's really not your problem. The important thing is to follow your instincts.

Leo Horoscope for May 15 2005: Over the past couple of years, your sexual tastes have taken an unusual turn. Don't be afraid to experiment with new techniques and alternative lifestyles. You spend enough time obeying rules in your public life; why put restraints on your personal one? If you've been suffering from a physical ailment, you may want to try some holistic therapies. A strange sounding cure can be remarkably effective. Suspend all doubt and give it a whirl.

Virgo Horoscope for May 15 2005: You're not about to relinquish your independence for the sake of a relationship and while it's essential for you to remain true to yourself, it's also important to take your partner's feelings into account. If jealousy is a problem, you may want to go to counselling. There's no way you're going to restrict your behaviour to appease your beloved's paranoia. Happily, there are ways you can foster a loving bond without compromising your principles.

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Libra Horoscope for May 15 2005: You've got tons of great ideas for improving speed and accuracy at work and even though it's the weekend, you'd be smart to put some of these methods into practice at home. Create a grocery list that includes all of your favourite staples. That way, when you go shopping, you won't forget any of the essentials. Draw up a monthly budget that includes a discretionary spending fund. Organisation equals efficiency.

Scorpio Horoscope for May 15 2005: A heated romantic encounter throws you for a loop. You certainly didn't see this tryst coming! If you're single, you may want to take added health precautions; you can't be too careful. If you're attached, you may get a lovely surprise in the form of a baby. Alternatively, your lover may whisk you away on a second honeymoon. Anything is possible on this magical day. Say 'yes' to all that is new and different.

Sagittarius Horoscope for May 15 2005: A great desire to own your own home could prompt you to do something unorthodox. Perhaps you'll take a second job to earn more money. Maybe you'll leave your present living situation in the middle of the night. It's even possible you'll move to another country, just for the sake of change. One thing is for sure: your behaviour will be disruptive. You may want to prepare some notes of apology.

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Capricorn Horoscope for May 15 2005: A speaking engagement or a writing project could open new doors for you. Don't worry if you haven't had any experience in this arena before. You will have the greatest luck when trying new things today. It's important to speak your mind, especially with pompous people who tend to look down on you. By showing you won't put up with abuse, you'll earn the respect of your peers. Authority figures will just have to cope!

Aquarius Horoscope for May 15 2005: You've got great earning power, and can make monetary gains through your own effort. There's never been a better time to start your own business. If you want to make some quick cash, hold an impromptu sale or put some items up on Ebay. You'll be surprised at how much you can get for stuff you no longer want. If you're an antique hound, you could find a precious heirloom for pennies.

Pisces Horoscope for May 15 2005: Your inventive mind may prompt you to take up an unusual interest or hobby. Don't be surprised if this activity grows from a casual pastime into a full-fledged career. You've got great instincts when it comes to self promotion. This is an ideal time to revamp your CV, design some new business cards, or go on auditions. Don't bother trying to fit in with anybody else; it's better to stand out from the crowd.

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