Russell Grant Horoscopes for December 29 2006

Aries Horoscope for December 29 2006: You're more determined than ever to get your point across. If you want people to take your opinion seriously, read a highly regarded book on the subject you want to address. It won't be necessary to parrot what you read. In fact, you may disagree with the author on a few key points. The fact you took the trouble to acquaint yourself with these arguments will impress your audience. Taking a practical approach wins points with your boss.

Taurus Horoscope for December 29 2006: Improving your sex life may be your first priority. You're an extremely sensual person, and like to linger in bed with your lover. Teaching your partner to slow down and savour the moment will be a blissful challenge. Having a hard time getting your beloved in the mood? Rent a steamy movie this evening. It doesn't have to be blatantly sexual. Sometimes just a hint of sultriness is all it takes to plant a powerful suggestion.

Gemini Horoscope for December 29 2006: You are able to read a business or romantic partner like a book. If you want a special favour from this person, appeal to their vanity. You know just what to say to make this person relinquish control to you. Whether it's flattering their beauty, intellect, or physical prowess, you're sure to get what you want. If you've been avoiding an awkward subject with a woman, broach it today. You may be surprised how readily she talks to you.

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Cancer Horoscope for December 29 2006: Beginning a diet or exercise program is highly favoured today; set small but manageable goals for yourself or you'll get discouraged. A lover or close colleague can be very supportive. Ask this person to keep you on track with regard to your routine. Ridding your kitchen of tempting junk food may be key to your success. If you can't stand to do the dirty deed yourself, enlist the aid of your friend. Out of sight is out of mind.

Leo Horoscope for December 29 2006: A strong urge to play could make it difficult to focus on work today. Maybe you've got something exciting planned for the weekend. Perhaps you're just sick of the daily grind. Whatever the reason for your malaise, you need to downplay it, especially in front of your boss. Be sure to take care of any important tasks before you leave the office, lest someone accuse you of slacking off. Adding a plant or two to your desk could lift your spirits.

Virgo Horoscope for December 29 2006: Overcoming a bad habit is a matter of sheer willpower. Fortunately, you're more determined than ever to forge a happier, healthier lifestyle. Don't reveal your plan for self improvement to a mean spirited relative. Their taunts will only undermine your reserve. Keeping your hands busy will also prevent you from falling victim to temptation. Take up a soothing hobby like knitting, woodwork, or pottery. This will also be a good outlet for your creative energy. You have a talent for handcrafts.

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Libra Horoscope for December 29 2006: Monitoring your inner monologue will show you just how much your attitudes affect your behaviour. If you're always telling yourself you don't have enough money, it will be hard to attract wealth. When you keep thinking there are no eligible love interests are out there, romance will remain elusive. Turn pessimistic thoughts into affirmations, even if the practice seems disgustingly saccharine at first. Being positive won't be so distasteful once it brings abundance into your life.

Scorpio Horoscope for December 29 2006: You're tired of putting so much energy towards unpleasant people and activities. It is an unwritten law of the Universe that whatever you focus on will multiply. Therefore, the more time and attention you give to supportive friends, the more help you will receive. Similarly, expending all of your efforts on tedious tasks will create more boring work. The choice is yours. See what happens when you start spending your time on the things you value.

Sagittarius Horoscope for December 29 2006: You're dead serious about having more fun. Some people may scoff at your efforts to make everything a game, but only because they're secretly jealous. Most people won't give themselves permission to lighten up. They think they'll be more respected if they treat life like an endless series of chores. If you've ever wanted to go into business for yourself, think about an endeavour with a passionate interest involved. When you do what you love, the money will follow.

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Capricorn Horoscope for December 29 2006: It may be necessary to separate yourself from the group to arrive at a decision. Don't make yourself susceptible to other people's opinions, especially with regard to issues of power. Everybody else may want a particular person to take the helm of an organisation, but you feel differently. That's because you don't value pomp and flash; you're more concerned with truth and substance. Fortunately, you'll be able to give a very persuasive argument later in the day.

Aquarius Horoscope for December 29 2006: Sceptics think you aren't being practical with regard to a humanitarian issue. The fact is, though, you need to be positive if you're going to make any progress in this area. If you're ideas seem naive, it's only because other people lack the courage to put them to the test. Fortunately, you're willing to look foolish for the sake of a bigger dream. Obey your instincts and develop the more daring aspects of your plan in private, away from harsh scrutiny.

Pisces Horoscope for December 29 2006: A certain colleague rubs you the wrong way today. You're tired of listening to this person's ignorant views, and long to set him or her straight. The problem is telling this person off could send shockwaves throughout your entire office. Instead of an angry diatribe, approach this person in a friendly manner. Enquire after their attitudes, asking where they formulated such views. As soon as they are asked to explain their ideas, they'll realise how ridiculous they are.

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