Russell Grant Horoscopes for June 29 2007

Aries Horoscope for June 29 2007: Keep your spending under control, especially where friends, children, and lovers are concerned. An expensive gift won't buy their love and loyalty. Fortunately, you have a wonderful opportunity to get advanced training. By putting your nose to the grindstone, you could acquire some valuable skills. If you're looking for employment, explore opportunities overseas. Working for a company whose head office is in a different country is another possibility.

Taurus Horoscope for June 29 2007: You're a bit irritable right now, particularly towards a moody authority figure. You're tired of being subjected to this woman's whims. You could be asked to sacrifice personal time for the sake of your job. It may be best to turn down this request, or future impositions could be made. This would be a good day to negotiate better benefits, but getting a pay raise may not be realistic. A dark, magnetic figure could make a pass at you.

Gemini Horoscope for June 29 2007: A business or romantic partner's support helps you move mountains. If you're afraid to take on a difficult assignment, ask your friend for encouragement. You're a lot more capable than you realise. Success depends on having a positive mindset. Don't fall prey to pessimism. It's possible you're putting too much emphasis on material rewards. Try doing a job for love. Volunteering for a worthy cause will be more rewarding than you think.

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Cancer Horoscope for June 29 2007: A strong desire to find meaningful work could cause you to launch a job search. You could find a good position in publishing, education, or marketing, but expect this to be a lateral move. Resist the urge to look down on a man if he doesn't make a great deal of money. This guy could give you invaluable assistance if you suspend all judgments. An intense sexual encounter feels like you're merging hearts and minds, as well as bodies.

Leo Horoscope for June 29 2007: Keep worries at bay, or you could wind up with a nasty headache. There's no point in getting anxious about the future, as anything can happen between now and then. Focus on staying in the moment. Try shining a little light into other people's lives. An offer of help, a sincere compliment, or a sympathetic ear can make a tremendous difference to someone special. Your love life could be a great source of happiness. Romance takes the sting out of career disappointments.

Virgo Horoscope for June 29 2007: Let an expert take you under their wing, even though it makes you uncomfortable. It will take some time to learn everything this person has to teach you, but the results will be well worth the wait. A troubling incident from your past could be holding you back from trying something new. Stop letting this memory hold you hostage. The sooner you take a risk, the easier it will be to forge a happy future. Fortunately, some kind relatives are squarely behind you.

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Libra Horoscope for June 29 2007: Assuming an air of formality could prevent you from forming important friendships. Try loosening up. It's possible you'll have to go on a short trip. Thankfully, this journey will be a lot more pleasant than you anticipated. You may not realise it, but you're long overdue for a change of scenery. Resist the urge to put a big purchase on your credit card. It may be harder to pay off this expense than you think. Use cash whenever possible, and keep your receipts.

Scorpio Horoscope for June 29 2007: Beware of taking advantage of your power, or your actions will come back to haunt you. People will think highly of you if you wait your turn, just like everyone else. Surprisingly, adopting a humble attitude could result in a raise or a bonus. Alternatively, you could get a high paying job related to private investigation, heavy industry, or medicine. You feel a strong kinship with a relative who is undergoing problems you've dealt with in the past. Offer your support.

Sagittarius Horoscope for June 29 2007: Your energy and enthusiasm can bring about great changes, particularly within your neighbourhood. A project which seems daft to most people suddenly becomes possible, thanks to your influence. Resist the urge to impose your ideas on others, even if you feel strongly about the matter. It's more important to build bridges than covert people to your viewpoint. Getting through a list of tasks could prove challenging. Try not to bite off more than you can chew. It's easy to get overwhelmed.

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Capricorn Horoscope for June 29 2007: A desire for revenge could be getting the better of you. Instead of dwelling on your enemy's motives, move on to greener pastures or you could miss opportunities related to love, work, and money. If you're looking for a job, you could find one related to photography, cosmetics, or chemicals. It's possible you could get a job that allows you to work in relative seclusion, which would be a relief. It's nice to escape public scrutiny.

Aquarius Horoscope for June 29 2007: Your instincts are right on target, particularly when it comes to family matters. This would also be a good time to find a roommate or look for a place to live. An older person may be overly critical of you today. Try to take little notice of these words. Chances are this person is dissatisfied with their own situation, and is projecting this anger onto you. A miscommunication about a household matter could prevent an important job from getting done.

Pisces Horoscope for June 29 2007: Working on a creative project can be remarkably healing so devote an hour or two to a story, collage, or song. If your workload has become too heavy to handle, it's time to ask for help. Nobody will think less of you. In fact, your boss will be impressed by your ability to work with others. This isn't the best time to learn a new software program or install a piece of technology. Hold off until tomorrow, when you'll be thinking more clearly.

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