Russell Grant Horoscopes for November 19 2007

Aries Horoscope for November 19 2007: Take advantage of your skills and interests by putting them to use in a work or social capacity. If you're unhappy in your career, before starting to explore new options, ask yourself what you really want to do in the future. What are your goals, dreams and ambitions? A little self assessment could take you to new places as you start focusing on you, your needs and your future and not on the advice everyone else is so keen to offer!

Taurus Horoscope for November 19 2007: No matter what you might have planned for today someone you work with is always busy and can't make meetings and other appointments. They tell you they're willing to contribute but as soon as you need their help, they've got too many other things to do. If today you're told to carry on without this person and they will catch up later, it might be better to team up with someone who is more interested and more reliable!

Gemini Horoscope for November 19 2007: Wrongs can be righted so don't ever think a mistake can't be rectified today. An incident could get confusing but any muddles or misunderstandings can be set straight and remedied too. What seems important now will be forgotten within a brief period of time. Any embarrassment, upset or disappointment that has been caused will be short lived too. You will swiftly forget it all and soon move on to bigger and brighter things.

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Cancer Horoscope for November 19 2007: Putting off making a decision because you're waiting for things to change first are the wrong tactics! It will be the choices you make that will instigate the changes. Nothing much will happen if you keep on waiting or you keep on hoping someone else will make a decision for you. The direction your life starts to go in is up to you. Like seeds, in the future you will reap what you have sown today.

Leo Horoscope for November 19 2007: The destination you are heading in won't affect your destiny even if you're starting to question where you are going. Whatever you are destined to do at this time in your life, you are on the right path, even if it occasionally feels like you are going in the wrong direction. Sometimes getting a little lost puts you in touch with people, places, experiences you would never have come into contact with. As a result new choices will be put to you soon.

Virgo Horoscope for November 19 2007: You should refuse to let an older person with a strong personality dictate to you. If you feel you deserve a chance and there is something you've got to do, don't let anyone stop you. Even if it turns out to be a bad experience, you will still have something you can learn from. Excellent planetary placings will help ease the way for a smooth transition when a job change or new family circumstances come along.

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Libra Horoscope for November 19 2007: You're looking ahead and wondering whether you should stay where you are or instigate change. Nothing will happen instantly; you will get the chance to accustom yourself to new situations and for this reason you should not hold back from trying something new. If the responsibility lies with you, take the bull by the horns and get on with it. This should be a fortunate time for new business or financial arrangements.

Scorpio Horoscope for November 19 2007: You might not be continuing with original plans but you will enjoy the requests being made of you today. Even if you're devoting time to other people's interests, along the way you will find opportunities you weren't even looking for. This could make a great impact on your life as you decide goals you've been striving towards are no longer important. You have found something more significant and meaningful.

Sagittarius Horoscope for November 19 2007: Finishing off various odds and ends keeps you in the background but you will be flexible too. If anyone needs your help or advice, they know they can come to you and you won't let them down. Working quietly with a partner helps you understand them more and gives you a chance to grasp the motives for their actions. You will be glad of a mate or business partner's support in a decision you make at the end of the day.

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Capricorn Horoscope for November 19 2007: Knowing your strengths and weaknesses gives you confidence in a group endeavour. Your practical assistance combined with some creative thoughts will turn a routine chore into an outstanding performance! You have a lot to offer in the way of practical skills and natural talents. Currently you are working in areas where you perform best and because of this you are sure to attract the attention of a senior colleague.

Aquarius Horoscope for November 19 2007: The reason someone's comments are preying on your mind is because you care about what they think and feel about you. Love, affection and friendship can complicate how you chose to deal with your feelings. If someone you care for is making you angry, it will take longer to decide how to handle the problem. You will consider their feelings too. In fact you might choose to make personal sacrifices in order not to upset them.

Pisces Horoscope for November 19 2007: Why listen to what other people have to say when it comes to your personal relationships? If you care about someone, no one else should stand in the way. A friend might try to advise but you should not let them pull you apart. Your feelings are what are important and for others not to respect this, then they don't respect you. Unless you are offered a legitimate reason to back away from someone you care for, your feelings should not change.

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