Russell Grant Horoscopes for January 2 2008

Aries Horoscope for January 2 2008: An angry exchange of words results when a misguided expert tries to tell you what to do. If there's anything you hate, it's being ordered around. While some of your anger may be justified, it's also true to say you have a tendency to overreact. Consider the damage you could do to your reputation with this kind of outburst. Learning to express your anger in a restrained, direct fashion should be your assignment for 2008. You have everything to gain by mastering this important lesson.

Taurus Horoscope for January 2 2008: Romantic frustration could rear its ugly head. Whether you're getting too much or not enough is immaterial. The essential point is you need to adjust the balance in some healthy way. If you haven't been in the mood for love, it could be because you've been worn down by too many routine chores. It's hard to feel great when you're stuck in a rut. Build in a little leisure time to each day and get back in touch with yourself.

Gemini Horoscope for January 2 2008: Pushing a business or romantic partner into a decision could backfire against you. It's better to leave this person to their own devices. If you don't, you will be accused of manipulation. You can't afford to let resentment settle into your relationship. At this stage of the game, you've got to win your friend's trust. If that means not getting your way, so be it. There will be plenty of opportunities to steer this ship in the direction you would like.

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Cancer Horoscope for January 2 2008: Bottled up emotions could be taking a serious toll on your health. Be sure to get treatment for a nagging ache or pain. A medical professional could recommend a surprising treatment. Instead of medicine, you might be advised to practice relaxation techniques. This is very sound advice. It's better to treat the source of this problem, rather than its symptoms. The sooner you learn to work through your emotions, the easier it will be to keep stress at bay.

Leo Horoscope for January 2 2008: Friends could be pushing you in a direction you don't want to go. Right now, your primary concern is expressing your creative side. Unfortunately, this feels threatening to certain people in your social circle. Let's face it: when you're working on your art, you're not ministering to the needs of your friends. Turn a deaf ear to people poking fun at your painting, writing, or acting. You need to put your energy towards feel good activities

Virgo Horoscope for January 2 2008: Being a heavy handed disciplinarian will really hurt your standing at home. Before you unleash your wrath at a relative or roommate, consider how your relationship will be affected. After all, you have to live together! It's better to have a serious discussion about your respective responsibilities than continuing to bark out orders. If you live alone, this may be a good time to work on your relationship skills. Lose your fear of being dependent on others.

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Libra Horoscope for January 2 2008: Just because you have strong beliefs doesn't mean you have a right to impose them on others. Unless you're willing to have a two way conversation about religion or politics, it's best to avoid such topics entirely. If you want to appear open minded, be willing to watch a movie or read an article that somebody suggests. These days, people have a tendency to stand by their convictions, even in the face of contrary evidence. By demonstrating you're not one of those fanatics, you'll keep people's respect.

Scorpio Horoscope for January 2 2008: Arguments over joint finances are really undermining your earning ability. By focusing on a lucrative job, you can generate so much money you won't have to depend on alimony, tax refunds, or an inheritance to cover your bills. Granted, these extra funds will make your life more comfortable, but they could also make you complacent. Opportunities related to sports and security systems are highly favoured.

Sagittarius Horoscope for January 2 2008: A business or romantic partner's behaviour is making you furious. You can't stand a bully, and that's just how your friend seems when he or she tries to push you around. Normally, you're a pretty easy going person, but the time has come for you to strike back against these assaults. If you don't, your relationship could be torn apart by hidden resentments. If you've hired a representative who uses heavy handed tactics to get their way, it's time to part ways.

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Capricorn Horoscope for January 2 2008: Don't push yourself at the gym, or you could suffer an injury. If you're not working out, you could hurt yourself doing a mundane activity like lifting a heavy box. This is a sign for you to focus on flexibility more than muscle tone. Stretching, yoga, and tai chi are wonderful activities for you. Maybe these physical limitations are a reflection of emotional ones as well. Adopting a more open minded attitude will help you build stronger relationships with colleagues.

Aquarius Horoscope for January 2 2008: If a child is getting aggressive, it may be a cry for help. You need to work with this child on finding positive outlets for their frustration. Karate, kick boxing, or running can help burn off some of that excess energy. Art projects can also be soothing. A meditative activity like pottery, painting, or collage work can help hidden talents rise to the surface. This is an important turning point in your young friend's life. Help guide him or her through this rough patch.

Pisces Horoscope for January 2 2008: An employer's oppressive attitude reminds you of a horrible situation from childhood. It's no wonder you feel like lashing out. Before unleashing your wrath, consider how your professional reputation could be compromised by a display of anger. The best revenge may be searching for another job. You certainly have the skills to find better work. Alternatively, you may decide to open your own business. That way, nobody will be able to boss you around!

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