Russell Grant Horoscopes for April 28 2009

Aries Horoscope for April 28 2009: You could be thrown off your game by a sudden surprise. Try not to let fear break your stride. Meeting new people will open all sorts of doors for you, both personal and professional. You're especially drawn to creative optimists. These are the kind of people who make things happen, regardless of the obstacles involved. Someone who is always scoffing at your plans is secretly worried you will succeed and put them in the shade.

Taurus Horoscope for April 28 2009: As much as you'd wish, it's not possible to change the status quo. Fitting in with the crowd will save you lots of trouble. It's especially important to dress well at work. Putting forth a professional image will help you land an impressive creative position. Being paid to express your artistic side will feel more like play than work. If you're looking for a job, seek out opportunities involving travel, higher education or publishing.

Gemini Horoscope for April 28 2009: An angry outburst could reflect poorly on you; it's important to stay calm in the face of disappointment. If you're dealing with an irate client, take a deep breath and be as polite as possible. That way, nobody can accuse you of providing bad customer service. An overseas business trip could be in the cards for you. There may be an element of glamour involved. Be sure to pack at least one sophisticated evening outfit.

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Cancer Horoscope for April 28 2009: Breaking out of your shell won't be easy. You need to take care of some mundane matters before venturing into the unknown. Don't make any travel plans right now, as you may have to cancel them. Sexual sparks could be flying between you and an admirer. You're drawn to their sophistication but take care not to lose your identity in this relationship. While it's exciting to try new things, you shouldn't lose your principles along the way.

Leo Horoscope for April 28 2009: Take care not to load up your credit cards with unnecessary purchases. You don't want to lie awake at night worrying about a bunch of bills. Besides, you have everything you need to be happy. By counting your blessings, you won't feel so empty inside all of the time. Take your cues from a close friend who always seems content, regardless of what's going on in their life. Once you feel happy, you'll be less likely to dwell on minor inconveniences.

Virgo Horoscope for April 28 2009: A close partnership is giving you grief because someone close is acting oddly. They may have had some terrible news he or she is unwilling to share. Show some compassion. Throwing yourself into work will take the sting out of being ignored. You could come up with an inventive solution to a stubborn problem. Use this brainstorm as a springboard to a more lucrative position. Good health news makes you heave a sigh of relief.

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Libra Horoscope for April 28 2009: A technical malfunction could prevent you from carrying out all the work you intended. Notify your boss as soon as you detect a problem, so that alternate preparations can be made. Your love life is hotting up. If you're single, you could meet a talented artist with a sexy accent. If you're in a relationship, arrange a special surprise for your amour. Keeping the passion alive is a matter of spontaneous, affectionate gestures.

Scorpio Horoscope for April 28 2009: A sudden loss breaks your stride. Whether you've just broken up with your lover or a creative project is poorly received is immaterial. You need to go home and lick your wounds. Fortunately, your family is very sympathetic to your situation. Let them kiss and coddle you. If a relative or roommate suggests going on holiday together, accept immediately. Getting a change of scenery will give you a whole different perspective on your problems.

Sagittarius Horoscope for April 28 2009: Anxiety could be getting the best of you. It's important to remember your fears are imaginary. They are based on the assumption that only bad things will happen. By adopting a more positive attitude, you'll attract the love, luck and money you desire. Signing up for a course could be one of the smartest things you'll do all month. People will see you have a hidden talent for playing music, fixing gadgets or mastering complicated concepts.

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Capricorn Horoscope for April 28 2009: Blurting out a secret could get you in trouble. When in doubt, it's better to maintain a mysterious silence than engage in mindless chitchat. If you do happen to betray a friend, let them know immediately and issue a sincere apology. It may take a few weeks to be forgiven, but at least you will have owned up to your role in the situation. A couple of lucrative jobs could be offered to you. Choose the one that affords the greatest creative fulfilment.

Aquarius Horoscope for April 28 2009: A gadget could unexpectedly break, forcing you to dip into savings to replace it you really don't have any choice, this is one of those situations when you need to spend money to make money. If you play your cards right, you can cajole a salesperson to lower the price. People are very receptive to your particular brand of charm. Be kind to a youngster who is experiencing trouble at school. If they know they have your support, their confidence will return.

Pisces Horoscope for April 28 2009: Beware of burning your bridges. As much as you hate to carry out a stuffy authority figure's directives, you need them in your corner. Keep toeing the line. Once you pay your dues, blow off steam with a creative project. Painting, writing, dancing, filmmaking; this is your chance to both make and break the rules. Your rebellious spirit will be captivating. Take the money you make from your conventional life and use it to finance this labour of love.

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