Russell Grant Horoscopes for November 19 2009

Aries Horoscope for November 19 2009: Things are heating up in the romance department. A passionate exchange between you and another indicates the two of you may be very attracted to one another. Unfortunately, you have a tendency to rub each other the wrong way, too. If you're ever going to embark on a relationship, you need to temper the bitter with the sweet. Stop trying to hide your affection and admiration. By letting your defences slip just a little, you'll be given a fabulous reward.

Taurus Horoscope for November 19 2009: Jealousy rears its ugly head at home. A relative resents the time you are spending with the object of your affection. Don't make the mistake of letting these two fight amongst themselves. You've got to step in and make your choice clear. By siding with your amour, you'll pave the way for a supportive relationship. You hate going against your loved ones, but sometimes you have to assert your desires for the sake of personal happiness.

Gemini Horoscope for November 19 2009: No matter how you plead, a colleague isn't going to change their ways. In fact, they may become more stubborn as a result of your prodding. At this stage, you need to live and let live. Devise strategies for blocking out their annoying behaviour you'll end up looking like the immature one. If you're unemployed, resist the urge to pad your CV with experience you don't have. It's better to tell the truth so employers don't have an exaggerated view of your abilities.

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Cancer Horoscope for November 19 2009: Spending money heedlessly will get you into trouble. A youngster is taking their cues from you. If he or she sees you treating emotional pain with retail therapy, they'll follow suit. It's better to distil frugality in someone their age. Besides, you can still have fun without spending a lot of money. Head for the museum or zoo on days when free admission is offered. Work on craft projects instead of purchasing expensive toys.

Leo Horoscope for November 19 2009: You can barely contain your anger at a relative, and with good reason. This woman's passive behaviour has caused tremendous pain for other members of your family. It's time to hold her accountable for her actions or lack thereof. If she has stood by idly while someone was being abused, you need to call her on it. Don't be surprised if you're accused of making up stories. Too often, people play the victim by questioning the accuracy of their critics.

Virgo Horoscope for November 19 2009: You owe it to a friend to tell the truth, no matter how painful it may be. Of course, your honest account of their behaviour could create a temporary rift. Give them time to lick their wounds in private. Coping with shame is never easy. Of course, you're prepared to forgive, provided your loved one takes steps to change their behaviour. Stay patient and keep busy with pleasant activities. In time, the two of you will renew your friendship.

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Libra Horoscope for November 19 2009: Someone could give you an extravagant gift, but it's probably best to refuse. There are some heavy strings attached to this offering. You don't want to be beholden to anyone. It's possible they have romantic designs on you. Unfortunately, you don't share their affection. Be crystal clear about your feelings, even at the risk of hurting your admirer. It's better to nip these things in the bud, rather than attending to them after the situation has spiralled out of control.

Scorpio Horoscope for November 19 2009: An angry authority figure could take out his frustrations on you. You won't be able to charm your way out of this situation. Just take the blame and accept the punishment. Appealing to a higher authority will be no use. It seems the deck is stacked against you. On the plus side, you will win lots of sympathy from your peers if you remain impassive. Don't let your detractors see you sweat. Soon, you'll have an opportunity to exact sweet revenge.

Sagittarius Horoscope for November 19 2009: An aggressive person could try to impose his beliefs on you. Although you're very tolerant as a general rule, you can't stand having your own ideas mocked. Lashing out at this man isn't an option. It will only make you look callous and mean. If you're going to survive this onslaught, you should sneak off to some secluded haven. This solution has the added satisfaction of driving your tormentor crazy. He simply can't be happy unless he's making somebody else miserable.

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Capricorn Horoscope for November 19 2009: Arguments over intimacy could shatter your inner calm. A close friend or romantic partner despairs over your chilly reserve. It's not because you want to shut them out; it's just that being close makes you uncomfortable. Still, you need to let down your guard if the two of you are going to forge a strong bond. Stop keeping your feelings to yourself. Be more forthcoming with praise, and keep criticism to a minimum. Affection can only flourish in soft ground.

Aquarius Horoscope for November 19 2009: A pushy man thinks you're being too soft on the people around you, but you have a different approach to leadership. Stick to your guns, even at the risk of looking like a pushover. You sometimes have to struggle with insubordination. That's better than having to cope with outright mutiny. If you feel like you're in over your head, be ready to pass the reins of power to a more capable person. It takes tremendous character to admit personal defeat for the sake of the group.

Pisces Horoscope for November 19 2009: Defying instructions will be a great mistake. You're better off following these directives to the letter. That way, nobody can accuse you of slacking off. You think there is a better way of doing things, but the people who are in charge have a lot more experience than you. There may be a method to their madness you have yet to detect. If you feel restricted and restrained in your present job, find a way to express yourself freely after hours.

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