Russell Grant Horoscopes for September 18 2009

Aries Horoscope for September 18 2009: You're ready to turn over a new leaf as far as your health is concerned. Following a more sensible diet, taking more exercise, or getting more sleep are integral to your wellbeing. Although you've always prided yourself on being able to party hard, it's time to scale back your wild ways or you won't be able to handle all the work coming your way. If there's anything you hate, it's falling short of your goals. Being in good shape will help you hit the target.

Taurus Horoscope for September 18 2009: Embarking on a creative project will give you a new lease on life. A spontaneous friend is an especially good influence. By taking a leaf out of their book, you'll feel years younger. If you're looking for love, you could find it through a hands on activity like pottery, gardening, or baking. Taking or teaching a class will put you in touch with someone who appreciates your earthy sensuality. If you're in a relationship, whisk your amour away on a romantic break.

Gemini Horoscope for September 18 2009: Normally, you're a pretty adventurous character. Now you're ready to settle down. Spending more time at home provides a welcome sense of calm. If you've been thinking of buying a home, you could find one well within your price range. Ideally, your new place will be close to the action of a busy town, but offer lots of greenery as well. Then again, converting a concrete slab into a garden oasis may be just the sort of challenge you'll enjoy.

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Cancer Horoscope for September 18 2009: You've got a fine eye for detail, which helps you achieve professional success. Your boss appreciates your ability to catch embarrassing mistakes. It's possible you'll be given a raise or promotion as a result. Alternatively, you could be awarded with a glamorous business trip. Be sure to pack some attractive evening wear, as you'll be able to go out and enjoy yourself once the meetings are over. Don't be surprised if you make a love connection along the way.

Leo Horoscope for September 18 2009: Your personal life is undergoing some positive changes. Spending more time with people who are willing to shower you with love and affection is good for your ego. You've always been generous to a fault. Recently random acts of kindness have been draining you of valuable energy. The next time a relative offers to fix you a meal, give you a foot rub, or run some errands, accept readily. Be sure to express your appreciation, or this could be a one time occurrence.

Virgo Horoscope for September 18 2009: You're acutely aware of your mind body connection. If you've been suffering from depression, practice the power of positive thinking. Read books with an uplifting message, and watch life affirming movies. Upbeat music can also cause the clouds to dispel. Last but not least, seek out optimistic friends. At first, their attitude will seem naive and simplistic. Over time you'll see these people attract good fortune because they're always on the lookout for it.

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Libra Horoscope for September 18 2009: Spiritual growth is your primary goal. Lately, you've been going through the motions of life, not really questioning what you are doing and why you are doing it. Now you're more contemplative, you realise changes are necessary. Spending time on solitary pursuits can provide the peace you need. So can working for a charitable organisation. Doing work that makes a positive difference in the world strengthens your self esteem. It will also put you in contact with some genuinely kind people.

Scorpio Horoscope for September 18 2009: Reassessing your goals is a good idea. Lately, you've been neglecting your intellectual side. Reading challenging books, studying a fascinating subject, or writing a research paper can get those brain cells the workout they need. If you had trouble at school in the past, don't worry. Now that you're an adult, you can seek out a teacher who is in sync with your style of learning. If you've ever wanted to write a book, this would be a good time to begin.

Sagittarius Horoscope for September 18 2009: Travel could be in the cards for you, probably involving your job. If you're seeking employment, you could find it with a company who have their headquarters overseas. Your would be employer will find your wide range of interests a definite asset. Giving a speech, presenting a paper, or teaching a class could bring favourable publicity. People respond well to your special brand of optimism. Your popularity could even lead to a new leadership role.

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Capricorn Horoscope for September 18 2009: Expand your horizons by taking up an artistic pursuit. Throughout your life, teachers and role models may have praised your practicality. What they may not realise is you possess a strong creative streak. Experimenting with painting, pottery, or fibre art will feel liberating. This could also have a beneficial effect on your love life. When you're willing to try new things in one area, you become more adventurous in others. Your amour will be pleasantly surprised.

Aquarius Horoscope for September 18 2009: Your love life is undergoing some exciting and important changes. In the past, you were reluctant to let down your guard with someone special. Recently you've realised your reticence is driving a wedge between you. Opening your heart will make it easier to abandon yourself to sensual pleasure. Losing control has never felt so good. If you're single, you could meet someone special in a classroom, library, or book club. They will give you the intellectual challenge you enjoy.

Pisces Horoscope for September 18 2009: A close relationship provides a great deal of happiness. It's good to know they are always in your corner. Call upon your friends if you feel nervous or restless. The two of you could have a wonderful time going on an impromptu trip. Go somewhere where you'll be hard to find. Getting off the beaten path will be refreshing. If you're working on a creative project, be sure to show your work to your partner.

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