Russell Grant Horoscopes for June 24 2010

Aries Horoscope for June 24 2010: Dwelling on morbid thoughts will drive luck from your door. You need to have a more positive attitude, especially when talking with others. If you've grown tired of your current living situation, look for a better one. Living near a bustling city centre will suit you well. A sociable person like you needs the companionship of others. Taking a trip overseas will clear your head and give you a new lease on life. The locals will find you a charming, witty conversationalist.

Taurus Horoscope for June 24 2010: You have to update your ideas if you're going to be a hot commodity on the job market. Going back to the classroom and getting a certificate in a cutting edge technology will prove helpful. Stop telling yourself it's too late to realise a dream. The more flexible you are, the more chances you will have to achieve success. Working for a glamorous industry like film, fashion or music could be in the cards for you. Investigate what you need to do to get your foot in the door.

Gemini Horoscope for June 24 2010: Stop listening to people who keep telling you to take the safe road. You're an adventurous person who needs lots of freedom. Treading the straight and narrow will just dull your creative edge. If you've ever wanted to write a book, now is the time to get started. You probably prefer fantasy to reality. When you're mired in the business of day to day life, an imaginary universe proves liberating. Plus, you won't have to worry doing research; you make up the rules as you go along.

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Cancer Horoscope for June 24 2010: You may lack the skills to advance in your desired career. At times like these, you need to formulate an alternate plan. Making more time for pleasurable pursuits like handicrafts can be very therapeutic. Get your hands dirty in the garden or kitchen. Slowly, your professional problems will seem insignificant and you'll be filled with profound peace. Your newfound happiness will attract romance like a flower draws bees. Look out for someone sophisticated with a dry sense of humour.

Leo Horoscope for June 24 2010: You're tired of having to live on a budget all of the time. Fortunately, your days of jam sandwiches are limited. Until then, do your best to stay out of debt. If you owe money to a friend, do your best to pay it back as soon as possible. Just because a loved one has been understanding about your lack of payments doesn't mean you should take advantage of their generosity. The sooner you fulfil this obligation, the happier you both will be.

Virgo Horoscope for June 24 2010: Your job position is changing, and there's not much you can do about it. If you insist on maintaining the status quo, you could be fired. You're not the only one who is being asked to change. Everybody else has had to make sacrifices, too. Once you become more flexible, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Your new duties will draw on your creativity and help you help the community in an important way. There's a big silver lining to the cloud over your head.

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Libra Horoscope for June 24 2010: You're a little fearful of the competition, which is understandable as your rivals have had a lot more experience and education. Still, you have a lot of natural talent. Keep this in mind when you are comparing your performance to theirs. Take your cues from a youngster who is totally unselfconscious. If you make a mistake, don't panic. Just continue as if nothing happened. The powers that be will be impressed by your poise and may give you a plum job assignment as a result.

Scorpio Horoscope for June 24 2010: Beware of complaining aloud, or you could be branded a troublemaker. Your peers have had to endure much more difficult times. Respect their experience by remaining silent in the face of pressure. Roll up your sleeves and tackle an unpleasant job everybody else has been avoiding. That way, no one can accuse you of being an egotist. Your family will be proud of your progress, and may throw a party for you. Let them pamper and spoil you. You will have earned it!

Sagittarius Horoscope for June 24 2010: You're not getting very clear instructions from your boss, which makes your job practically impossible. Don't keep going until you get some coherent directives. Your ultimatum will cause trouble, but it also wins the respect of your peers. Everybody has been struggling with similar problems. Unfortunately, you're the only one brave enough to stand up to authority. Taking a short trip for pleasure will help release all of the tension that's been building.

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Capricorn Horoscope for June 24 2010: Dwelling too much on health problems will only make them worse. Stop reading medical journals and online articles about the latest trend in vitamins and vaccines. You'll feel much better when you take simple measures to promote a strong body. Eating nutritious foods, getting plenty of sleep, and taking regular exercise are all that's necessary to feel better. Refrain from discussing the details of your new regime with others. Nothing is more boring than hearing about somebody else's daily routine.

Aquarius Horoscope for June 24 2010: It's hard to attract romance when you're always brooding about the future. Make more time for leisure activities, even if it means cutting back your hours at work or neglecting some household responsibilities. You have tremendous creative potential and can't let it go to waste. Writing stories, songs, and poems will keep depression from setting in. It doesn't matter if you have had any experience in these areas or not. Just jot down whatever comes into your head; you can always edit later.

Pisces Horoscope for June 24 2010: Just because your family didn't promote healthy relationships to you doesn't mean you are doomed to be alone. You can have a loving romance, so long as you find a partner who is worthy of your attention. In the past, you gravitated to rebellious types who took advantage of your generosity. This time around, you must find someone who will treat you well. In return, you need to treat your beloved with kindness and respect. Sounds like the recipe for a boring life, but it will prove quite fulfilling.

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