Russell Grant Horoscopes for August 29 2011

Aries Horoscope for August 29 2011: Getting yourself in shape gives your life shape and purpose. Lately, you've been so focused on social responsibilities that you've lost sight of your own goals. You're the type who needs to be physically active to be happy. Of course, you shouldn't push yourself past your limit. Start slow and build up to a robust routine. Take a brisk walk every evening. Do some stretching exercises every day. The change will be immediate, giving you a sparkle that's hard to ignore.

Taurus Horoscope for August 29 2011: You're able to let go and have a good time after a prolonged period of work. This is your chance to slow down and smell the flowers. Be sure to schedule some pleasurable activities you can rarely enjoyed when you are pressed for time. Visiting a garden, zoo, or museum might appeal to you. Alternatively, you could take a cooking class. If you're really feeing ambitious, you may want to enrol in a university. Getting new qualifications will give you a big boost.

Gemini Horoscope for August 29 2011: This is a great time to launch a home improvement project. If you can't afford to pay a plumber or contractor, you may want to do the work yourself. Check out a few DIY books from the library. You will be surprised to discover how easy certain jobs are to execute, especially for a fast learner like you. Alternatively, you can get a loan from a bank to expand your home. If you don't own your place, think about buying one that needs a few repairs.

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Cancer Horoscope for August 29 2011: You'll have to make a series of split second decisions and fortunately, you thrive from this sort of stimulation. Someone you meet at a local pub or store will express romantic interest. At first, you won't be sure whether you're interested in pursuing a relationship with this character. Feel free to play hard to get, at least in the initial stages. The more you resist, the more your admirer will persist. If you already have a partner, try expanding your sexual repertoire.

Leo Horoscope for August 29 2011: A moneymaking opportunity falls into your lap, right in the nick of time. You will be offered a job that is radically different than any you've held in the past. Don't let that stop you from trying your hand at something new. You might find you have a knack for property management, banking, or manufacturing. Ultimately, it doesn't matter what sort of industry you choose, so long as it pays well and has good benefits. This is your chance to build some long term financial security.

Virgo Horoscope for August 29 2011: Your confidence soars, partly because you've become such a hot commodity on the romance market. You draw admirers like a flower draws bees. Someone who is entranced by your smouldering sensuality is bending over backwards, trying to win your approval. Together, you make a dynamic couple. If you're already in a relationship, let your partner show your creative work to an employment agency, gallery, agent, or manager.

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Libra Horoscope for August 29 2011: Striking a backroom deal proves tremendously satisfying. You take pride in bringing two warring parties together. Now is the time to build bridges, not burn them. After everyone signs on the dotted line, give yourself a reward. Head for a quiet spot where you can rest, relax, and rejuvenate. Leave work at home. You've earned a respite from phone calls, faxes, and files. If you don't have the money to get away, a generous relative will give you the funds as a gift.

Scorpio Horoscope for August 29 2011: You're making all sorts of new friends, which is stimulating. In the past, people have accused you of being too dark. That's not true; it's just that you refuse to turn a blind eye to the more troubling aspects of society. Fortunately, the people in your social circle actually admire your capacity to deal with harsh truths. Together, you can radically improve your community by addressing issues of poverty, addiction, or pollution.

Sagittarius Horoscope for August 29 2011: Making a name for yourself is critical. If someone approaches you with a questionable proposition, kick it into touch. Stand by your principles. An authority figure who has been watching your progress will step forward to reward you. Don't hesitate to ask for a bigger salary than you are initially offered. If your potential boss isn't able to pay you more, you can negotiate for more perks. It's important to be fairly compensated for your contributions.

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Capricorn Horoscope for August 29 2011: You're ready to branch out, even if it means taking a personal or financial risk. As a general rule, you enjoy comfortable routines. Lately you feel as if you're not living up to your potential. Enrol on a course, take an overseas trip, or pick up a book you've always meant to read. By exposing yourself to new images and ideas, you'll recover your zest for life. You'll also realise just how powerful you really are.

Aquarius Horoscope for August 29 2011: Maximising your resources is critical, so start putting a certain portion of your income into an interest bearing account. At first, it will feel like you're just putting drops in a bucket. Eventually your savings will grow into a nice little nest egg. You owe it to yourself to begin now, while the stars are behind you. Sexual tension is building between you and an admirer. Prospects look good for a committed relationship. Don't play fast and loose with anyone's heart.

Pisces Horoscope for August 29 2011: An intimate relationship reaches an important turning point. It's either time to break up or make up. From the looks of things, the two of you will strike a happy agreement. Encouraging each other to realise your dreams should be at the forefront of your minds at all times. Resist the urge to turn against each other when the going gets tough. By helping each other through good times and bad, you'll become invincible.

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