Russell Grant Horoscopes for July 18 2011

Aries Horoscope for July 18 2011: Your intuition is strong, particularly about practical matters. If you feel like you could get paid more for your services, ask for a raise or increase your fees. Alternatively, you can find a better paying job that allows you to work behind the scenes. As a general rule, you prefer being front and centre. Lately you've grown tired of performing to large crowds, and would prefer keeping a lower profile, at least at work. You'll always be the star of your social circle.

Taurus Horoscope for July 18 2011: Making improvements to a large organisation is an exciting challenge. You believe this institution has lots of unfulfilled potential, and you're determined to realise it. Finding new ways to help the public makes you feel better about your own good fortune. You're wise enough to know there are many people out there who are suffering through no fault of their own. By working to tilt the scales of justice in their favour, you'll win the respect of an influential teacher.

Gemini Horoscope for July 18 2011: Assuming a more public role feels gratifying. You're able to convey compassion to people who are down on their luck. This will boost your employer's reputation. These days, most companies are viewed with resentment and suspicion. Your ability to put business in a positive light is invaluable. Unfortunately, there may not be a lot of money to pay you an impressive salary, but the perks of this job are considerable.

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Cancer Horoscope for July 18 2011: Sharing your expertise with others gives your ego a big boost. In the past, people were prone to underplay your talent. Recently you've been getting more and more attention for your natural gifts. If you're offered a teaching job, take it. Alternatively, you may decide to write a how to book. A powerful friend will help you gain access to a publisher or agent. Let your loved one promote your abilities; you have a tendency to be too modest.

Leo Horoscope for July 18 2011: You can ferret out privileged information if you put your mind to it. Be prepared to have some of your illusions shattered. A person with a crush on you has been helping you by stealth. Think back to a recent streak of good fortune. Your luck didn't come by accident; it was the result of your admirer's hard work. A grateful authority figure will give you a reward for a job well done. Think about sharing the spoils with your benefactor.

Virgo Horoscope for July 18 2011: Draw closer to your best friend, lover, or business partner if you feel nervous. It's never easy to take a creative risk. You're determined to put your talent to the test. The initial efforts won't be very impressive, but keep pressing forward. With the help of your friend, you'll be able to push past this awkward phase and make something beautiful. Taking a class can keep you on track. It's easier to be productive when you have regular deadlines.

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Libra Horoscope for July 18 2011: Finding ways to be of service to others makes you an invaluable part of the organisation. These days, you have to prove your worth to keep your job. Employers simply can't afford any excess staff. Fortunately, you're very good at anticipating people's needs and making yourself useful. Making your workspace more attractive and comfortable will pay off handsomely. Never underestimate the importance of beautiful surroundings to your productivity level.

Scorpio Horoscope for July 18 2011: You're the subject of lots of romantic attention. It's flattering to have so many admirers, but you've got your sights set on a single candidate for your heart. The two of you share many of the same values, which will help you form a strong, unshakable bond. If you're already in a relationship, take this opportunity to visit a private hideaway with your amour. The two of you have to get away from the madding crowd. Be sure to pack some sexy evening wear.

Sagittarius Horoscope for July 18 2011: Home is where the heart is; staying close to family lets you to summon your courage for a new endeavour. Travelling to an exotic city is an exciting prospect, but it will involve some sacrifice. You'll also need relatives to look after your affairs while you're gone. Fortunately, your loved ones will give you all the emotional, financial, and practical help you require to realise your dream. Your workmates will also be happy to cover for you while you're away.

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Capricorn Horoscope for July 18 2011: An exciting learning opportunity will increase your prestige. You're never too old or important to expand your horizons. By mastering a new skill, you'll impress even your greatest critics. Don't be surprised when an admirer comes forward to ask you out. You're a little worried about going out with such an obvious sensualist, but there's something about their earthy laugh you can't resist. You'll reach heights of ecstasy you never imagined with this attentive lover.

Aquarius Horoscope for July 18 2011: You're not very sentimental, but one keepsake from childhood is very dear to your heart. Display it in a place of honour. That way, every time you pass it, you'll get a warm surge of reassurance. You've come a long way since those days, but deep down, you're still the same little child. If you've been toying with the idea of returning to a hobby or interest, do it. People will make fun of this so called regression, but you don't have to defend yourself to anyone.

Pisces Horoscope for July 18 2011: Wearing your heart on your sleeve has caused trouble in the past. Right now it will put you on the path to luck. Someone who admires your emotional honesty will lay their troubles at your feet. Your sympathy and encouragement will enact a grand transformation. As thanks for your help, you will be given access to a beautiful holiday home. Invite a relative or neighbour who will appreciate the change of scenery.

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