Russell Grant Horoscopes for May 30 2011

Aries Horoscope for May 30 2011: Your professional status is on the rise. You have a reputation for turning a handsome profit for your employer. If you want to work for yourself, now is the time to launch your own enterprise. Being your own boss will be tremendously satisfying. Not only will you be able to pick and choose your clients, but you'll also be able to pursue the kinds of assignments that appeal to you. Are you happy with your current position? Then ask for a rise. You deserve it!

Taurus Horoscope for May 30 2011: The more you know, the more confident you become and this is a golden opportunity to advance your education. Go ahead and fill out several applications. If you don't have the money for tuition, don't worry. A religious or cultural institution will give you a scholarship. Alternatively, you can get a government grant. The important thing is to start seeking scholastic opportunities now, while you're feeling optimistic.

Gemini Horoscope for May 30 2011: A sexual relationship is burning with intensity. It is impossible to keep your hands off your amour. When it comes to pleasing your partner, trust your intuition. You've got great instincts about their physical needs. Single? You will meet someone special at a training course or convention, business meeting, or leadership conference. Keep your eyes open for an impressive executive with classic fashion sense. The two of you will feel an instant connection.

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Cancer Horoscope for May 30 2011: A business or romantic partnership helps you realise a childhood dream. Thanks to your friend's financial and emotional support, it will be possible to develop your creative talent. Opening a restaurant, starting a garden, or selling handcrafts are among the possibilities. The important thing is to trust your instincts. If you're not happy with your initial efforts, keep trying. You have to learn to walk before you can run. Be patient and remember the journey is as important as the destination.

Leo Horoscope for May 30 2011: Overhauling your skills will result in much better job offers. Go ahead and learn a new language, master a computer programme, or venture into the health industry. The more varied your background, the easier it will be to get lucrative work assignments. An impressive authority figure is poised to give you a plum position, provided you're willing to work on a restricted budget. Fortunately, you're very clever at making the most of limited resources.

Virgo Horoscope for May 30 2011: Taking a gamble will pay off handsomely; buy a single lottery ticket, ask for a first date, or submit an application. If you're going to find success, you need to take a risk. A legal matter will be decided in your favour. Use any proceeds to further your creative talent. Take a class with a respected artist, or visit a city renowned for its fabulous architecture. Romance is on the horizon. At long last, you'll able to realise the full extent of your sexual allure.

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Libra Horoscope for May 30 2011: Renovating your home or piece of property will pay off handsomely. Go ahead and spend more than you intended on improved plumbing, electricity, or construction. Your investment will double in the coming months. Meanwhile, you will get an opportunity to work from home. As a general rule, you like going into an office and socialising with colleagues. Right now, you'll welcome the chance to spend more time in familiar surroundings. I

Scorpio Horoscope for May 30 2011: Your powers of persuasion are very strong. If you have a job related to sales, you'll have one of your best days ever. This is also a wonderful opportunity to apply for a bank loan or ask for a favour. If you're negotiating a business deal, ask for a percentage of the profits, in addition to a flat salary. At first, your partner will balk at the request, but will give in after you repeatedly press your point.

Sagittarius Horoscope for May 30 2011: This is your chance to expand your resources. Putting a portion of your income into a savings account will protect you against leaner times. It will also allow you to turn down unappealing work assignments. Having the freedom to pick and choose clients will be incredibly liberating. Step up your exercise routine to include some weight resistance training. Hiking, biking, or lifting weights will give you attractive muscle tone. Your improved fitness will fire up your sex drive.

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Capricorn Horoscope for May 30 2011: You won't be pushed around by people who have less experience. By asserting your will now, you'll pave the way for future success. Your self assurance is incredibly sexy. Don't be surprised when several people fight for your romantic attention. If you're single, have fun and play the field. If you already have a lover, take this opportunity to schedule an exciting rendezvous with your amour. To keep passion alive, you've got to keep stoking its fire.

Aquarius Horoscope for May 30 2011: Confronting a childhood fear will be liberating. It's important to push past any anxieties that prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest. A sympathetic counsellor will help you work through any emotional blocks. If you're not sure whom to contact, ask a relative who has received professional care. Their recommendation will be invaluable. This is a great time to renew a lease or renegotiate the terms of a rental agreement. You shouldn't have to pay more than the going market rate.

Pisces Horoscope for May 30 2011: Getting involved with a charitable organisation will improve your social standing. You'll meet all sorts of influential people while working to improve your community. One of them will ask you to teach a class or submit an article. Take this opportunity to show off your expertise. You're pretty humble by nature and don't like broadcasting your talent. Still, it is gratifying to know there is an audience for your work. Stop standing on the sidelines and step into the spotlight!

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