Russell Grant Horoscopes for May 13 2012

Aries Horoscope for May 13 2012: You'll experience good fortune with money and property. Take this opportunity to land a well paid job or get an impressive raise. If you're looking for an investment, explore opportunities related to property, jewellery, or art. Alternatively, you could find a job in one of these industries. If you play your cards right, you can turn an impressive profit, even in this economy. Start putting some of this income into a savings account. It's always wise to have money ready for a rainy day.

Taurus Horoscope for May 13 2012: Your broad minded optimism opens doors for you. Take this opportunity to go on a job interview, first date, or audition. Submitting your creative work to an agent or publisher is also advised. If you're looking for love, you will find it with somebody who shares your enjoyment of sensual pleasures. The two of you will have a great time eating gourmet meals and listening to beautiful music together. This relationship will prompt you to step up your fitness level, just so you'll look your best for your amour.

Gemini Horoscope for May 13 2012: Working behind the scenes gives you pleasure. You welcome a chance to be able to focus without interruption. Flying solo also allows you to eat what you want, when you want. No more deliberating about where to eat lunch and dinner. Arguing about semantics becomes a thing of the past. Your creative juices are flowing freely. Be sure to jot your ideas down so you don't forget them. Maybe one of them will be the seed for a great new project that could change things big time.

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Cancer Horoscope for May 13 2012: Friends in high places will come to your aid. Someone will offer to write you a job recommendation or set you up on a blind date. If you get invited to a posh party, be sure to attend. You're sure to make some valuable professional contacts. Bring along a supply of business cards; you're going to need them. Good news from a relative or neighbour is cause for celebration. Head for the guest of honour's favourite restaurant and pick up the bill.

Leo Horoscope for May 13 2012: You'll get both fame and acclaim. People are impressed with your contributions, and are willing to pay you handsomely for them. If you're not willing to be lured away from your present employer, think about asking for a raise or promotion. You've got a taste for luxury that is unquenchable. Take a principled stance regarding a property or legal matter. Protecting an area of natural beauty will make you a popular figure in the community.

Virgo Horoscope for May 13 2012: Taking a long distance trip will make you more optimistic about the future. It's important to see different ways of life, so you won't feel limited by your own circumstances. If you're thinking about going to university, now is the time to apply. Don't worry about tuition fees. You'll be able to finance this endeavour with a generous scholarship. Be aggressive about promoting your talent, because the competition will be stiff. Someone with your gift for writing and research deserves a free ride.

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Libra Horoscope for May 13 2012: Your love life is taking a turn for the better. Someone who appreciates your particular blend of charm will lure you away to a private hideaway. Take this opportunity to indulge your sensual side. Money from a refund or inheritance buys you a little freedom. Schedule a prolonged stay at a spa or holiday resort. This will be a lovely time to recharge your batteries. Normally, you prefer travelling with a companion, but this time, you should go solo.

Scorpio Horoscope for May 13 2012: Closing a business deal or signing an agreement will put extra money in your pocket. It looks like this arrangement will have long term benefits. Your new partner will take care of all the practical details you detest. It's such a relief to have financial stability. Now you have a little more money to play with, you can finance a cherished dream. Onlookers will think you're being extravagant, but your closest friends will lend their full support.

Sagittarius Horoscope for May 13 2012: People can count on you to lift the energy in a room. Maybe that's why you're so popular. If you're trying to find work, offer to volunteer for a worthy cause that gives you the moral and even spiritual motivation that appeals to you. Once the boss realises what a great addition you are, they'll offer you a salaried position. Alternatively, you may decide to launch your own business and staff it with friends. Having fun on the job is like getting an answer to a prayer.

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Capricorn Horoscope for May 13 2012: A small gamble will pay off handsomely. Buy a raffle ticket, enter a contest, or play the lottery. If you are looking for love, this would be a great time to find a soul mate. Keep your ears open for someone with a sexy laugh. If you already have a partner, launch a creative project together. You'll have fun bouncing ideas off each other. Exercising your imagination will whet your appetite for lovemaking, too. Expand your repertoire.

Aquarius Horoscope for May 13 2012: Home life is especially rewarding. Set some time aside for your nearest and dearest. Prepare a special dinner with your family. If you're far from relatives, ask good friends over for a roast. Looking for a home? You'll find a sunny, spacious place for a great price. Don't automatically assume you'll be turned down for a loan. With a little patience and persistence, you can convince a lending institution to give you financing. Moving in with your amour is another possibility.

Pisces Horoscope for May 13 2012: An educational opportunity allows you to develop your natural talent. Sign up for a class with a respected teacher. You'll learn valuable techniques you wouldn't have found alone. It's important for you to have objective feedback. Being open to constructive criticism will take your gift to the next level. Your best friend or lover is pushing you to take a short trip. A change of scenery will do you a world of good. Tour a placed known for its natural beauty.

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