Russell Grant Horoscopes for October 7 2013

Aries Horoscope for October 7 2013: Doing business abroad will be very profitable. If you're looking for jobs, explore opportunities at companies based overseas. The benefits with such an employer will be significant. Not only will you be given more annual leave, but you could also have access to a company car or profit sharing arrangement. It's time to promote your financial interests. Go where you will be well compensated for your talent. A little more income will give you the financial security you crave.

Taurus Horoscope for October 7 2013: An inheritance or dividend provides more money for luxuries. This will allow you to travel, study or write. As an Earth sign, you normally enjoy familiar routines. Lately, these rituals have dulled your spirits. You're ready to change direction. Visiting a beautiful country or getting an advanced degree will give you a new lease on life. If you're in a relationship, your physical relationship will heat up. It's time to reconnect with your sensual side. Invite your partner to linger over your sensitive spots.

Gemini Horoscope for October 7 2013: Your ability to get along with people from all walks of life serves you well. Don't be surprised if you're offered a lucrative job as a result of your public relations skills. If you're given a choice between taking a flat salary and earning a commission, choose the latter. You'll easily outperform everyone else in the organisation. It helps you have such an extensive social network. Friends, neighbours and relatives will be happy to throw business your way.

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Cancer Horoscope for October 7 2013: Your sweet tooth could be acting up. Monitor your intake of sugar or it will be difficult to make it through the day. It's fine to enjoy a treat, so long as you remember you shouldn't overdo it. All things in moderation. Having a supply of healthy snacks on hand will help you avoid temptation. If you're looking for love, you could find it at an art class, movie theatre or nightclub. You're especially drawn to dark, mysterious types who keep you guessing.

Leo Horoscope for October 7 2013: Showcasing your creative flair is strongly advised. You're tired of going about the day to day business of life without painting, writing, dancing or designing. Change your schedule to accommodate your favourite pursuits. You'll feel much happier and people will remark on your joyous spirit. If your home requires repairs, conduct some price comparisons. You'll find a respected professional who can do the work well at a fair price. Resist the urge to go with the cheapest quote; you will get what you pay for.

Virgo Horoscope for October 7 2013: Domestic pursuits give you a lot of pleasure. Clearing your living space of clutter will make room for new opportunities. Make three piles: Discard, donate and sell. Taking these items to a car boot sale will be lucrative. You're good at arranging items in eye catching displays. It also helps you are a great negotiator. People will come away feeling as if they've snapped up some great bargains. A romantic encounter will make you flush with pleasure. Stop listening to your brain and let your body take over.

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Libra Horoscope for October 7 2013: Taking a short trip for pleasure will be a welcome change of pace. Recently, you've been so preoccupied with family matters you've barely had time to relax. Now there is a hole in your schedule. Fill it with a pleasant plan. If you're looking for a job, don't discount an interesting position because of the listed salary. You can always negotiate a better pay rate. Once you convince your employer you're the right candidate for the job, all the other pieces will fall into place.

Scorpio Horoscope for October 7 2013: If you are unemployed, explore opportunities in the fields of art, entertainment or luxury goods. You can find a lucrative position at such a company. The key is to craft a compelling CV that will result in a job interview. Once you have your foot in the door, you'll be able to win over a human resources official with your powers of persuasion. Don't be afraid to discuss your accomplishments. This is one instance when bragging is expected.

Sagittarius Horoscope for October 7 2013: Your charm, enthusiasm and humour attract lots of romantic attention. If you're in the market for romance, you'll have your pick of admirers. Are you already in a relationship? Don't be surprised when your amour gives you a beautiful token of their appreciation. Becoming more financially independent is becoming an increasing concern. Starting a savings fund or taking out an insurance policy will bring you peace of mind. As a general rule, you're not materialistic. That doesn't mean you should ignore money matters altogether.

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Capricorn Horoscope for October 7 2013: After a highly social period, you're ready for a little peace and quiet. It will be a pleasure to rest, relax and recharge your batteries. Working on a creative project will get your juices flowing again. Organising a big party will also be a pleasant diversion. You won't require much help with this endeavour. You've always been good at multi-tasking. People will be amazed how productive you've been once you emerge from your cocoon. You always operate best when left to your own devices.

Aquarius Horoscope for October 7 2013: A casual romance helps you blow off steam. It feels good to let down your defences with someone who doesn't expect anything from you. Plan a special outing for you and your amour. It's time to express your gratitude for all the kindness they've shown. A high profile position is within reach, but you will need to do some advance preparation. Polish your CV and gather your most impressive work samples and references. You should also practice your interviewing skills with a friend who has experience hiring staff.

Pisces Horoscope for October 7 2013: You'll enjoy some social success as a result of your career. A client or customer could ask for a date. Although you don't like mixing business with pleasure, you can make an exception in this situation. Are you already in a relationship? Be sure to accept an invitation to a glamorous party or wedding. Buy a special outfit for the occasion. You and your partner will turn heads. It's exciting to be half of a power couple.

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