Russell Grant Horoscopes for April 5 2014

Aries Horoscope for April 5 2014: Trust your artistic instincts. There may not be any rhyme or reason to your work, but beauty doesn't have to be logical. If you're in love, keep the details of your relationship secret. It's so nice to have a secret source of joy. Your love affair gives you a beautiful glow that is irresistible. Don't be surprised when strangers start flirting. Ultimately, your heart belongs to one person. Sneak off to a private hideaway with your amour. You're in the mood for a forbidden tryst.

Taurus Horoscope for April 5 2014: Accept a party invitation. This gathering will put you in contact with some interesting creative types. These people will fuel your own imagination. Don't be surprised when you're compelled to venture in a new direction. Acquiring new skills will be an exciting challenge. There's more to you than meets the eye. If you're interested in studying a subject that has nothing to do with your job, do it. There is more to life than just a career.

Gemini Horoscope for April 5 2014: Ventures related to public relations are strongly recommended. You have a knack for connecting with the public. You'll be able to sell a product or service that meets a compelling need. Don't hesitate to take an unorthodox approach to your sales pitch. You want to command attention, not blend in with the crowd. If you're not working and want a way to fill your time, think about running for public office. Your unique outlook will attract a loyal voter base.

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Cancer Horoscope for April 5 2014: Travelling for pleasure is a distinct possibility. This would be a good time to research airplane fares and hotel room rates. Visiting a beautiful mountain resort will give you a fresh perspective. There's something enlightening about seeing the world from a lofty vista. If you're unable to travel, think about expanding your intellectual horizons. Learning to play a musical instrument or speak a foreign language will be a labour of love. Don't be surprised if you find romance around this time.

Leo Horoscope for April 5 2014: An intimate relationship makes mundane problems seem insignificant. You can't waste valuable time and energy on financial fears. You have an attentive lover waiting at home. Together, you can move mountains. This is a great time to make plans for the future. If you've always wanted to change career paths or live in a foreign city, now is the time to try. There's no reason you can't turn a cherished dream into a living reality. Your partner will give you their full support.

Virgo Horoscope for April 5 2014: Mutual enjoyment of art and music enhances a close relationship. Attend a museum exhibit or concert. The two of you may have very different reactions to what you see and hear, but that's part of the fun. You're able to discuss your different perceptions without feeling insulted. Discussing matters of deep personal importance feels wonderful. You're tired of sticking to safe subjects with colleagues and relatives. Let down your defences and say what you really feel.

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Libra Horoscope for April 5 2014: You feel fantastic. This is a wonderful time to go shopping for clothes. You'll find beautiful pieces that enhance your colouring and shape. If you're not sure what to buy, ask a Libra to accompany you to the store. They'll show you which fashions look best and why. Are you bored with an old routine? Take this opportunity to experiment with recipes. Use your gift for interesting flavour profiles to make something delicious and nutritious. Healthy meals don't have to be tasteless.

Scorpio Horoscope for April 5 2014: Pleasure oriented activities will crowd your calendar. It's wonderful to escape the confines of home. Going to parties, concerts and plays will stimulate your imagination. These outings will also put you in the path of romance. If you're interested in a cool rebel, you should make your feelings known. The object of your affection isn't very good at reading signals. You'll fare better by taking the direct approach. Are you already in a relationship? Make a symbol of love for your amour.

Sagittarius Horoscope for April 5 2014: Family gatherings are gratifying. It's a relief to be with people who understand you. If you're thinking of buying a new place, this would be a good time to do so. Choose a place that is a strong reflection of your taste. A home with lots of dark, mysterious corners and fascinating details will resonate with you. It may be necessary to pay a little more than you intended, but a generous relative will help with the deposit.

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Capricorn Horoscope for April 5 2014: You can move mountains with tact and diplomacy. Unfortunately, you have always been brutally honest. When given a choice, you'd rather tell the truth than stroke someone's ego. You don't have many options right now. Do what you can to establish a happy, harmonious home life. If this means staying silent about your partner's weak points, so be it. Adopting a more gentle and caring approach will uncover instincts you didn't know existed. Beneath that hard shell lurks a soft centre.

Aquarius Horoscope for April 5 2014: This is a good time to acquire things of material wealth and beauty. You'll get a good price on furniture and artwork. If you're not happy with anything you find in commercial companies, make a tour of local antique shops. You've always been fond of traditional styles that make you feel connected to previous periods in history. Are you bored with your current job? Explore positions involving art, entertainment and luxury items. An offbeat executive will take an immediate shine to you.

Pisces Horoscope for April 5 2014: Your allure is completely irresistible. Don't be surprised when people ask for dates, grant favours and behave generously. Everyone wants to gain access to your heart. If you're making a choice between several admirers, select the one who shares your interest in cutting edge technology. The two of you will have lots of fun testing computers, phones and applications. If you play your cards right, you could invent a gadget together. You should concentrate on the big picture while your partner attends to the small details.

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