Russell Grant Horoscopes for December 21 2014

Aries Horoscope for December 21 2014: You've never fit in with the crowd. At times, this has made you unpopular. People aren't sure how to connect with you. Right now, your unique qualities are a source of strength. They will allow you to land an unusual professional opportunity. An executive who is looking for someone who can work independently will offer you a job. You're not only self motivated, but you also have excellent leadership skills. These qualities will launch a successful career. It's time to fulfil your potential.

Taurus Horoscope for December 21 2014: You'll do whatever is necessary to get ahead. It may be necessary to work behind the scenes as an apprentice or intern. Gaining experience will open doors to your desired industry. You will have to find a job to pay your bills. Working at a law firm, university or religious organisation would be well worth looking into. Sometimes you have to go to unusual lengths to get what you want. Fortunately, you're brimming with excitement and determination. Nothing can stand in your way.

Gemini Horoscope for December 21 2014: Resolving a legal issue will leave you free to pursue a worthy goal. Fortunately, it looks like the other party is eager to settle this matter, too. If you want to create financial security, you have to put yourself on a budget. Paying off a big debt will take time, but it will be less difficult than you think. Talk to a money expert about devising strategies for making the most of your income. You might have to find a more lucrative job or downsize your lifestyle.

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Cancer Horoscope for December 21 2014: A passionate relationship gives you an attractive glow. Don't be surprised when people ask if you've been to a spa. You're never as attractive as when your sensual needs are satisfied. A stalled career opportunity will move forward. Working beside a seasoned professional will expand your skill set. If a better job opens up, apply for it. You'll face some stiff competition, but you'll be the lead contender. Be sure to emphasise your ability to boost morale and bring out the best in your colleagues.

Leo Horoscope for December 21 2014: Working with a partner will be stimulating. If you play your cards right, you'll acquire some valuable skills. Be willing to play second fiddle to your associate. Usually, you're the one sitting in the driver's seat. Let this be a lesson in humility. Instead of challenging every directive, work hard to meet your colleague's approval. There is lots to be done, so you protect your health. Nourishing meals and plentiful sleep will give you the energy you need to keep going when others fizzle and fade.

Virgo Horoscope for December 21 2014: You could land a great job. If the salary isn't marvellous, negotiate for some perks. Working for a commission instead of taking a flat salary will be beneficial. You'll easily outperform the competition. If you are in love, your partner will get a raise, promotion or both. Go out and celebrate. Are you single? You will meet someone special at a gallery, museum or theatre. Keep your eyes open for someone with terrific bone structure. You will feel an interesting chemistry grows between you.

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Libra Horoscope for December 21 2014: If you've developed a crush on someone, you should pursue your heart's desire. Usually, you're the one who is being chased. Now the tables have turned. You'll enjoy honing your courtship skills. It's hard to resist the charms of a wild rebel. In many ways you are complete opposites. This is actually a source of strength for your relationship. Your amour will make you more assertive, while you'll prompt your partner to be more tactful. If you're already in love, make some home improvements together.

Scorpio Horoscope for December 21 2014: Take this opportunity to help a struggling relative. Recommend this family member for a job or hire them to do some work for you. You've always been grateful for the assistance this loved one once gave you. Now it's time to return the favour. Once you've done this good deed, you'll have time for a creative project. Working on a book, story or screenplay will be wonderfully stimulating. Go the library to do some research. You'll uncover some fascinating material.

Sagittarius Horoscope for December 21 2014: Developing an ingenious solution to a stubborn problem earns respect. Don't be surprised when a prominent executive offers you a job. This position will pay extremely well. Use your extra earnings to finance a hobby. Playing a competitive sport brings out your playful side. Someone who is enchanted by your high spirits will ask for a date. It feels great to be appreciated. Let your admirer plan an outing. You'll enjoy following their lead. Do you have a partner? Plan a romantic holiday together.

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Capricorn Horoscope for December 21 2014: Defend your beliefs. Your relatives will give unexpected support. If you're dealing with someone who is involved with underhanded activity, you should get plenty of distance from this character. This may mean leaving a job or letting go of a client. Don't worry about the financial repercussions. You'll easily find another moneymaking opportunity. Your powers of persuasion are very strong. Use them to land a high powered job that reflects your values and interests. You might even decide to launch a family business.

Aquarius Horoscope for December 21 2014: You'll have to move fast to take advantage of a sale. Take this opportunity to upgrade your computer, phone or car. Having reliable equipment will save time and money. If you play your cards right, you can work as an independent contractor. Being able to earn money from home will give you more free time. It also will be a relief to escape office politics and long commutes. You're much more productive when left to your own devices. If there's anything you hate, it's being micromanaged.

Pisces Horoscope for December 21 2014: You have an active imagination. Use it to create a unique product or service targeted to an untapped market. Trust your instincts about what the public wants. If you've ever wanted to go into business for yourself, this is the ideal time to do so. You'll have to work hard, but you'll be able to set your own schedule. This will be a relief. You're very productive when working unconventional hours. There are very few interruptions before the sun rises.

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