Russell Grant Horoscopes for July 9 2014

Aries Horoscope for July 9 2014: You could be given responsibility for a group fund or retirement account. The reason you've been selected for this job is because you're highly practical. Although you appreciate creature comforts, you don't waste money on overpriced status symbols. Are you single? You could meet your soul mate at a local gathering spot. An artist with a wild laugh could turn your head. You will make a compelling couple. You will cultivate stability and your amour will bring spontaneity to this union.

Taurus Horoscope for July 9 2014: Take some responsibilities off a loved one's shoulders. Running errands, taking over the housework or acting as the sole breadwinner are all possibilities. You've always been good at organising your time. Once this busy season is over, give yourself a handsome reward. Go on holiday or buy yourself a beautiful luxury item. Going from one challenging assignment to another will result in burnout. Reading can recharge your batteries. Choose uplifting stories that fuel your enthusiasm for life.

Gemini Horoscope for July 9 2014: You're determined to render a perfect performance. It may take several drafts to achieve the effect you want. Be patient. Don't let pushy colleagues force you to work at a faster pace. You know which methods work best for you. If you run your own business, this would be a good time to buy equipment and hire staff. Hold out for exactly the models and candidates you want. When you demand the best, that's what you'll get. Stay focused.

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Cancer Horoscope for July 9 2014: A desire for recognition could prompt you to do something totally out of character. Showcasing your creative talent may be intimidating for a shy, retiring person like you. Push yourself into the spotlight. Always remember you are your own best cheerleader. When people see that you believe in yourself, they'll give you the respect and attention you deserve. Speculative investments could be very profitable for you. Take a small risk and wait for the profits to come rolling in.

Leo Horoscope for July 9 2014: Keep your feelings hidden from view. Refusing to let down your guard will put you in a strong position. Manipulators may try to challenge your authority or undermine your confidence. They don't realise you are a force of nature. Once people see you can't be pushed around, they'll quickly fall in line. It's especially important to take a hard line with family members. Set high standards for children and don't let older relatives invade your privacy. Take charge of your private life.

Virgo Horoscope for July 9 2014: You have been blessed with a strong intellect. That's why you're often given difficult jobs or advanced assignments. Of course, if you're going to be given additional responsibility, you should earn more money. Make a case for getting a raise to your employer. Even if you have a higher salary than everyone else, you may not be getting compensated enough. Use some of your research skills to find the average salary for your position. This can be effective ammunition for financial negotiations.

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Libra Horoscope for July 9 2014: Discipline and hard work will allow you to earn a good salary. Too often, people write you off as being superficial. Actually, you're very deep. It's just that you don't like to show this side of yourself to the public. You'd rather keep things light with employers, colleagues and customers. Behind closed doors, you're willing to do what is necessary to be the top performer. Whether this means doing research or acquiring marketable skills or earning an advanced degree, you will find a way to excel.

Scorpio Horoscope for July 9 2014: You're extremely resourceful and draw on your extensive expertise to do a great job. People are impressed with your ability to remain calm under fire. When confronted with angry customers and authority figures, you will not be intimidated. Instead, you ask plenty of questions to get to the bottom of the problem. Finding a way to satisfy people without breaking the rules is one of your specialities. There won't be much help available at work, but that doesn't bother you.

Sagittarius Horoscope for July 9 2014: Working hard on behalf of a good cause will be rewarding. You're tired of watching the news and feeling helpless. Putting your energy towards helping the underdog is a natural extension of your personality. You may be especially good at fundraising. You have such an extensive social network. Draw upon it for donations. Bringing awareness to a serious social problem will be challenging but rewarding. You have the power to make the world a better place. Put your talent to work.

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Capricorn Horoscope for July 9 2014: Who you know is just as important as what you know. Take this opportunity to expand your social network. Joining a professional organisation could be very helpful. You might also want to spend time developing strong relationships with your colleagues. Although you don't like mixing your personal and professional lives, it's important to get along with your colleagues. Getting to know people's tastes and goals will allow you to improve your own work performance.

Aquarius Horoscope for July 9 2014: Your ambition is stronger than ever. Instead of finding undemanding work, pursue a job that will draw on your managerial skills. You have the ability to guide a chaotic project to a successful conclusion. If you're happy with your current position, you will have an opportunity to land an impressive client or account. Taking a personal approach can pay off handsomely. Take the time to get to know what your target audience wants and then tailor offerings to individual needs.

Pisces Horoscope for July 9 2014: A desire to acquire expert knowledge could prompt you to take a challenging adult education course. Don't shy away from a professor who is famous for being difficult. You'll welcome the opportunity to impress a demanding authority figure. Don't be surprised if you're offered a job as your teacher's assistant. You'll have to put your dreamy ways aside for the sake of this position. If you're in a relationship, your partner may try to wine and dine you. Give in to these seductive overtures.

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