Russell Grant Horoscopes for July 19 2014

Aries Horoscope for July 19 2014: Competing with a relative is putting a strain on the entire family. Instead of trying to beat a talented member of your clan, focus on developing your own skills. You have the potential to become one of the most proficient people in your field of interest. Rising to the top will be easy, so long as your motives are pure. Listen to your instincts about a creative concept. Putting this project in motion will win the respect of your peers and superiors.

Taurus Horoscope for July 19 2014: Accidents can happen when working with machinery or sharp tools, so wear safety equipment. You may feel foolish, but that's better than taking a trip to the emergency room. Someone you admire will give you positive feedback on your work. This fills you with pride. It's taken a long time to rise to the level of this expert. All your hard work and tenacity has paid off. Remember this the next time someone complains about your stubborn attitude.

Gemini Horoscope for July 19 2014: A youngster might get rambunctious and need to be reprimanded. It's your job to set healthy boundaries. Letting young people run wild will create serious problems later down the road. You can set a good example by doing chores together. It may be hard to believe, but you are a role model. By demonstrating the value of hard work and discipline, you'll instil good values. Enjoy a handsome reward after completing a big job together. All work and no play is a pointless exercise.

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Cancer Horoscope for July 19 2014: Faulty equipment should be repaired before an accident occurs. It may be best to ditch an electrical appliance with bad wiring. This is a good time to make a public presentation. You can make an emotional appeal without sounding maudlin. Raising money for a good cause, setting different priorities and advocating a new program are among the possibilities. Don't be surprised if you're asked to lead a campaign. Your expertise is highly valued. So is your talent for cultivating teamwork and harmony.

Leo Horoscope for July 19 2014: Transportation problems could put a crimp in your schedule. Keep your mobile fully charged so you can call people in case of delays. You might also want to keep a physical list of contact numbers on hand, just in case you lose your phone or it goes dead. A romantic relationship helps restore your energy after a long, trying day. Let an attentive lover pamper you. All the petty annoyances that conspired to unnerve you will soon melt away.

Virgo Horoscope for July 19 2014: Keep your valuables under lock and key, even when you're in a familiar place. The last thing you want is to have to file a police report and replace expensive items. Don't leave banking documents where other people can view them, either. Identity theft can cause tremendous headaches, too. You'll be invited to an exciting social event. Use this as an excuse to splash out on a new outfit. Choose a colour and style that further enhances your best features.

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Libra Horoscope for July 19 2014: A show of temper will undermine your professional reputation. Remain calm with an abusive client, colleague or employer. Exhibiting grace under fire will pave the way for a much better work assignment. You have the ability to preside over a large team of creative people. Your taste, combined with your leadership ability, will yield impressive results. It's time to move up the ladder of success. You're tired of toiling away where you aren't treated with respect and courtesy. Aim for something better.

Scorpio Horoscope for July 19 2014: Secret intrigues will deter you from a worthwhile goal. Stop spending valuable energy on gossip and behind the scenes manoeuvring. You will fare much better acquiring expert knowledge of your favourite subject. Getting an advanced degree or license will put you in line for better jobs. Doing work that is emotionally fulfilling and financially rewarding is like hitting the lottery. Increase your chances for success with the proper training.

Sagittarius Horoscope for July 19 2014: Don't follow a foolhardy friend's lead. The last thing you want is to put yourself in danger. If you crave excitement, take up a competitive sport. Physical exercise gives you an attractive glow that is impossible to resist. A sensitive artist could develop a crush on you. Although you admire their talent, you may not detect any chemistry between you. Be honest about your feelings and keep things friendly. A more suitable partner will appear when you least expect it.

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Capricorn Horoscope for July 19 2014: An autocratic attitude will only create resentment. If you want people to follow orders, you'll have to adopt a more laid back tone. Be ready to speak your mind and explain yourself to anyone who refuses to toe the mark. Those who do live up to your expectations should be rewarded. It will also help if you are seen doing your fair share of the 'heavy lifting'. Your team will rally around you when they see you are fully invested in this project's success.

Aquarius Horoscope for July 19 2014: Arguing about religion and politics will only cause hassle. Nobody is going to change their opinion because of you so it's better to turn your attention to more rewarding activities. If you want to increase your income, you could sell handcrafted items on a website dedicated to such products. People are willing to pay good money for unique items. After a few successful sales, word of your superior work will spread like wildfire. This business could even become your sole source of income.

Pisces Horoscope for July 19 2014: Conflicts over shared resources will erupt. Previous alliances and loyalties will be tossed aside for the sake of greed. There's no point in trying to appeal to a person's sense of decency; they are determined to do everything in their power to get all this money. Fortunately, you are smart enough to know there is more to life than material matters. Spending time with your favourite person will take the sting out of these financial struggles. Your most precious possession is love.

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