Russell Grant Horoscopes for October 14 2014

Aries Horoscope for October 14 2014: You're extremely lucky in love. If you already have a partner, plan a special evening for just the two of you. Take this opportunity to catch up on each other's hopes, desires and dreams. A candlelit dinner will pave the way for an evening of passion. Are you single? You could meet someone special at a card table or sporting event. Someone with an unusual style will catch your eye and hold it for the foreseeable future. You'll enjoy playing cat and mouse with each other.

Taurus Horoscope for October 14 2014: Treat yourself to some sensual delights. Go for a massage or spa treatment. Enjoy a long soak in a scented bath. Take an afternoon nap. Any activity that will help you rest, relax and enjoy the finer things in life is advised. Spending time at home will be relaxing. You enjoy pottering around the house, making the surroundings neat, clean and fresh. Bake a loaf of bread or add a lavish bouquet of flowers to the kitchen table. Enjoy tea with your nearest and dearest. Work can wait.

Gemini Horoscope for October 14 2014: It's easy to fall head over heels in love. You're strongly attracted to a witty sophisticate who has recently joined your social circle. If you're already involved in a relationship, you will have to fight to stay true to your partner. You're in a playful mood and anything can happen when you're flirting. Entering a contest can be a welcome diversion from getting involved. It will be fun competing with other talented rivals. You're overdue for some excitement. Take a risk.

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Cancer Horoscope for October 14 2014: A family gathering will make you feel safe and secure. It's important for you to be surrounded by people who love and understand you. If you're estranged from your blood relations, don't despair. You can still form a support network comprised of friends, neighbours and colleagues. It's easy to feel a close rapport with people who share your values. An opportunity to work from home will be the answer to a prayer. You'll welcome the chance to escape a long, stressful commute.

Leo Horoscope for October 14 2014: A short trip for pleasure will be a welcome diversion. Take this opportunity to visit a friend who lives in a beautiful nearby town. You'll enjoy exploring all the local shops and points of interest. There's a chance this journey will inspire the idea for a creative project. It's important for you to have an outlet for your considerable artistic talent. Keeping these impulses bottled up will cause anger and frustration. Splash out on some art supplies and put them to good use.

Virgo Horoscope for October 14 2014: Sneaking off to a private retreat will be a relief. Although you adore your friends and family, they can be draining. You're always quick to be of service to others. Instead of putting their needs first, attend to your own. Catch up on your reading, watch a favourite movie or listen to some uplifting music. More money for luxuries will become available. Buy some creature comforts that will lift your spirits. Stop depriving yourself of the finer things in life.

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Libra Horoscope for October 14 2014: You are more popular than ever. It will be impossible to accept all the invitations you receive. Attend the functions that promise to be the most fun. You're tired of standing around trying to make polite conversation with boors. Kick up your heels at a festive occasion. You're sure to make some fast friends. If you're looking for love, you could find it with someone who has a rollicking laugh. When the two of you are together, life turns from black and white to glorious colour.

Scorpio Horoscope for October 14 2014: You'll be thrust into the spotlight at work. Your employer trusts you to be an effective spokesperson for the company. You are able to address the concerns of customers in a powerful, effective way that wins their loyalty. If you're looking for a job, you could find a terrific one at a hospital, university or government agency. You'll quickly rise through the ranks, thanks to your superior managerial skills. You know how to organise people and prioritise tasks.

Sagittarius Horoscope for October 14 2014: A friend will introduce you to an exciting musician, writer or director. It's fun diving into a new subject. Learn everything you can about this artist. You may find their creative project is similar to your own. Give yourself permission to return to a hobby you enjoyed as a child. Playing music, keeping a diary or making home movies will make you feel years younger. Your enthusiasm will act as a powerful love magnet. You're never more attractive than when you're flexing your imagination.

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Capricorn Horoscope for October 14 2014: You will be given a reward or prize for your excellent contributions at work. Enjoy your time in the spotlight. You take great pride in being the most talented member of the organisation. Now you've reached this landmark, it's time to set a new goal. Think about opening your own business. You've got strong executive ability. Anything you touch turns to gold. Your challenge is to find a job that is both financially rewarding and intellectually stimulating.

Aquarius Horoscope for October 14 2014: Seize an opportunity to expand your horizons. Attending an expert's lecture will give you a fresh appreciation for their breadth of knowledge. This could be a good point of connection with a romantic partner. Undertaking a course of study together will give you lots to discuss. It's important for you to have an intellectual connection with your amour. Are you single? You could meet someone special while attending this course. The object of your affection will have a dash of glamour.

Pisces Horoscope for October 14 2014: A job with wonderful fringe benefits will fall into your lap. Getting paid to exercise your creativity feels wonderful. You always resented it when relatives scoffed at your artistic efforts. Deep down inside, you've always known you were meant to make lasting works of beauty. Being able to make a living from your imagination feels vindicating. Let this be a lesson about public opinion. You're the only one who determines your own fate. Tune out negative voices and obey your impulses instead.

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