Russell Grant Horoscopes for February 19 2015

Aries Horoscope for February 19 2015: You will be faced with an ethical dilemma. Although you don't want to put yourself in harm's way, there may be no other choice. You're certainly not going to support an unfair policy or abusive colleague. Speaking the truth to someone in power is scary, but it's also something you do well. When your peers witness your courageous act, they'll lend their support. It often takes one brave person to change the status quo. You're the one who can move this mountain. Get to work; there is no time to lose.

Taurus Horoscope for February 19 2015: Knowledge is power. You will discover some sensitive information that puts a person's behaviour in a whole new light. Now you understand what is motivating this tyrant, you can block their path. Instead of issuing threats, simply make it clear you know the truth of the situation. You will then be given the freedom to do what you want. Don't abuse this liberty. The last thing you want is for people to ask lots of questions. Your newly powerful status will give you a hidden edge.

Gemini Horoscope for February 19 2015: Channel your love of the arts into a creative project. It's important to exercise your imagination regularly. When you carry out the same tasks day after day, you become tired and irritable. Take this opportunity to write, play music or make a beautiful design. Don't worry about showing your work to others. Having a pursuit that has nothing to do with work, money or status will be liberating. Hobbies offer welcome relief from career connected stress. Make more time for these interests.

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Cancer Horoscope for February 19 2015: Keeping your work area neat and orderly should be your first priority. You're entering a busy phase and will need to have many materials at your fingertips. Searching for files and supplies will waste valuable time. Spend a few hours going through your space and putting away anything you don't use regularly. Everything else should be kept within arm's reach. If you work with computer files, create a series of shortcuts on a certain area of your desktop. This will double your productivity.

Leo Horoscope for February 19 2015: You have to schedule breaks to avoid burnout. Promise to turn off your computer and leave work behind at a certain time each day. Block hours from your schedule when you're not making business calls or writing emails for work. Being able to focus elsewhere will make you more productive. It will also replenish your energy. You have to be careful at busy times like this. Working without stopping will cause you to crash and burn. Be more resourceful with your physical and emotional energy.

Virgo Horoscope for February 19 2015: Family gives you a sense of structure and permanence. Turn to your relatives if you are feeling restless. Are you estranged from your kin? Create a support network consisting of friends, neighbours and colleagues. Everybody should belong to a tribe. When they don't, feelings of vulnerability can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you have many fine qualities that people admire. Your wit, intelligence and practicality will make you a valued member of a distinguished community.

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Libra Horoscope for February 19 2015: Learning through trial and error can be quite valuable. You're very clever and determined. These qualities will help you develop a step by step process that is valuable for the entire team. You might want to create a detailed instruction manual and put it in an easily accessible place. This job will take you lots of time, but it will save a great deal of energy in the long run. Don't be surprised if you're asked to teach a course to newcomers.

Scorpio Horoscope for February 19 2015: You will have to work hard to get extra income. Fortunately, you are brimming with energy. It shouldn't be too much trouble to dispatch a job in a quick, efficient manner. Your family admires your diligence and will try to make life easier for you. Be sure to express gratitude for all the meals, support and advice they give. Without your nearest and dearest, it would be difficult to meet your goals. Because they are behind you, everyone will enjoy a greater measure of financial security.

Sagittarius Horoscope for February 19 2015: You have no intention of getting involved in a group project. Going solo is much more preferable. After talking to a persuasive colleague, your stance will change. The team involved with a creative assignment is exceptional. Working alongside these clever people will boost your own status. There will be occasional clashes, but for the most part everyone will get along. You especially enjoy brainstorming with a visionary who doesn't worry about the status quo. This is your chance to become a respected individual in your desired industry.

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Capricorn Horoscope for February 19 2015: Spiritual beliefs bring security and structure. Finding work that resonates with your moral code is important. Landing a job at a humanitarian agency or charitable organisation is strongly advised. Emphasise your leadership skills during an interview. You're not afraid to make unpopular decisions for the greater good. Someone with your sense of structure and organisation will be a welcome asset. The salary may not be spectacular, but the emotional fulfilment will be.

Aquarius Horoscope for February 19 2015: Getting involved in a political or social cause will be stimulating. You enjoy joining forces with people who also want to make the world a better place. Making resources more readily available to everyone in your community is important. In this technological age, it's easy to feel isolated. By encouraging people to come together in a communal space, your neighbourhood could become more warm and inviting. It's also important to make the best use of the materials you have.

Pisces Horoscope for February 19 2015: Professional success will not occur overnight, but it will happen. Keep your nose to the grindstone. Working behind the scenes will help you get a promotion. People will appreciate your willingness to dispatch difficult jobs without lots of fuss. Your humble diligence will be rewarded. If an exciting job becomes available, be sure to apply. An influential person will be happy to write you a recommendation. Anyone who has worked with you can attest to your talent. Call in a few favours.

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