Russell Grant Horoscopes for May 23 2015

Aries Horoscope for May 23 2015: You'll have to work with someone whose values are different from your own. This makes you uncomfortable, because you dislike dealing with extremely selfish people. Although you've always been eager to promote your agenda, you would never dream of taking advantage of others. Your partner is a lot more devious. Try to fulfil your obligation to this partnership as quickly as possible. Then sever it and move on. You don't want your reputation tarnished by this manipulator.

Taurus Horoscope for May 23 2015: Arguments over shared resources are weighing on your heart. You hate fighting about money, but you will not fall victim to an irresponsible person. Whether you're trying to get your fair share of a settlement or trying to maintain a savings account, you must take action. Hire a lawyer or open a separate bank account that can only be accessed by you. Make it a requirement that credit agencies contact you before accounts can be opened in your name. An ounce of prevention can save you lots of hassle.

Gemini Horoscope for May 23 2015: You are being overly critical of your best friend or romantic partner. Even if you think their plans are ill founded, you should keep such thoughts to yourself. Undermining a person's enthusiasm will only create resentment. If you're tired of being implicated in your loved one's harebrained schemes, have a heart to heart discussion. A temporary separation can help each of you figure out what you want from your relationship. It may be time for you to seek a more practical companion.

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Cancer Horoscope for May 23 2015: You've been worrying about work, which is undermining your productivity. It's important to strike a healthy balance between your personal and professional lives. While it is admirable you want to provide for your loved ones, there is more to these relationships than money. Spending quality time together is the best way to show your affection. Finding a less demanding job will help you sleep easier. It will also give you a deeper appreciation for your life outside work.

Leo Horoscope for May 23 2015: A carefree person's behaviour makes you nervous. You're certain this risk runner is heading for disaster. Nothing you do or say will change their ways, so remain silent. Turn your attention inward and ask why you're not spontaneous. Having every last detail planned may be comforting, but it's also dull. When is the last time you obeyed a whim? It's time to build up your playful side. It's an integral part of your personality that has been buried beneath a ton of obligations.

Virgo Horoscope for May 23 2015: The prospect of leaving the house makes you nervous. Familiar surroundings keep anxiety at bay. Unfortunately, you'll never move forward if you stay hidden. An exciting career opportunity is on the horizon. Apply for this position, even if the competition is fierce. It will take time to convince a sceptical authority figure you are right for this job. Use your superior communication skills to turn the tide in your favour. You have the ability to move up the ladder of success, as long as you take a risk.

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Libra Horoscope for May 23 2015: It's hard to get along with people who are being forced to share a small space. Little spats and power struggles are making you miserable. Trying to resolve these issues through calm discussion won't work, either. Everyone is more intent on scoring points off one another than resolving the matter. It may be better to take the problem to the person in charge. Things cannot continue this way; a bigger area is needed to accommodate all the members of the team.

Scorpio Horoscope for May 23 2015: You work hard for your money and don't want to share it. Before you take all your winnings and run, think about your past. Wasn't there someone who helped you when you needed it most? Maybe this is your chance to repay that favour. Coming to a relative's aid may keep you from buying some expensive luxuries, but it will also keep your loved one out of harm's way. Assess your priorities, listen to your conscience and make a sacrifice.

Sagittarius Horoscope for May 23 2015: Don't let your ambition harm a loving relationship. Instead of accepting a promotion or moving to another area, maintain the status quo. This will help a romantic or business partner who is struggling. There will be other opportunities for you to move up the ladder of success. Right now, you should be focused on helping a person who has always been there for you. When it comes right down to it, a rewarding home life trumps a successful career.

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Capricorn Horoscope for May 23 2015: You are not getting much sympathy for a mysterious illness. This is incredibly frustrating, because the symptoms are exhausting. It may be necessary to undergo some holistic therapy to find relief. A message board on the Internet can be helpful. As always, you should research a health professional's background before going for a consultation. Someone with a track record of helping people with your condition can make a huge difference. Be patient and gentle with yourself.

Aquarius Horoscope for May 23 2015: Friends aren't giving the support you want. Don't let their discouragement stop you from making a healthy change. Getting therapy, going to rehab or losing weight are all ways you can feel better. It will be necessary to change your ways. Staying up all hours won't be possible. Neither will indulging in your favourite vices. This sounds intimidating, but establishing a healthier regime will actually be pleasurable. You'll feel so much better when you stop burning the candle at both ends.

Pisces Horoscope for May 23 2015: You don't feel secure in your career. Part of the problem is you would rather be buried in chores at home, taking care of your relatives, friends and pets. This may not be an option. Therefore, you should think about launching a home based business. That way, you can make money without spending hours away from the people and activities you love. Working for yourself will also be liberating. You're tired of making profits for others; you want to keep the lion's share of your earnings.

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