Russell Grant Horoscopes for August 28 2016

Aries Horoscope for August 28 2016: The support you want from family isn't forthcoming. You want to forge new territory and they think you should stick to the old formula. This is extremely frustrating, because you understand the world is changing. Carrying out an old tradition will make you less competitive. It's important to take advantage of growing trends. If this means undergoing an extensive training program or moving to another area of the world, so be it. There will be complaints, but in the end your judgment will be praised.

Taurus Horoscope for August 28 2016: You long for a change of pace but it's not convenient now. Important responsibilities crowd your schedule. If you take a break, innocent people will be left to fend for themselves. Take this opportunity to finish your chores and prepare a substitute to take over your duties. It will take some time to train this helper, so be patient. In a few weeks, you'll be able to enjoy the rest and relaxation you crave. By the time you return, you'll be ready to delegate jobs to colleagues and relatives.

Gemini Horoscope for August 28 2016: Try not to dwell too much on material matters. Just because you don't have the money to finance a particular project does not mean your dream will always be out of reach. When you feel a financial lack, it helps to focus on your blessings. This will help you develop a prosperity consciousness that attracts abundance. Start by making a list of five things for which you are grateful. Repeat this process every evening for a month. You'll see a rise in moneymaking opportunities.

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Cancer Horoscope for August 28 2016: If you don't get to spend time outdoors, you become anxious. Slow things down and commune with nature. It doesn't matter if the weather is inclement. Getting some fresh air will change your perspective. Lately, you've felt oppressed. It doesn't seem like there is any way out of a difficult situation. A solution to your problem will arrive when you escape the confines of your home or office. Take a leisurely walk and let your mind wander. A breakthrough will occur when you least expect it.

Leo Horoscope for August 28 2016: Escaping reality isn't possible. You must face a painful truth, no matter how intimidating it is. Getting counselling can help you come to terms with a painful situation. Don't push yourself too hard while you heal. It will take time and effort to achieve the equilibrium you want. When you struggle, reach out to your nearest and dearest. They'll help you remember why it's so important to lead a life of authenticity. Maintaining a false front is too much work.

Virgo Horoscope for August 28 2016: Being a nonconformist isn't easy. So many people feel threatened by your way of life. Don't bother defending your choices to contemptuous critics. Instead, surround yourself by friends who appreciate your unique outlook. You may not have a big social circle, but when it comes to loved ones, quality is more important than quantity. You've been blessed with a sharp intellect. Trying to fit in with the rest of the world will be a waste of your talent. Continue to march to the beat of your own drum.

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Libra Horoscope for August 28 2016: If you're in a dead end job where it is impossible to fulfil your potential you need to move on and it's important to do so. You need employment that allows you to showcase your leadership ability. If your job involves an element of creativity, so much the better. It will take time to find your ideal position. That's why it's important to start looking now. Keep your job search a secret. You'll have to get recommendations from other people you've worked with; but a current employer won't help.

Scorpio Horoscope for August 28 2016: Justice will be elusive. It makes you really angry when powerful people take advantage of those who are vulnerable. Unfortunately, this seems to be an ongoing trend. Lend assistance when you can and try to remain strong when you can't. Pouring your energy into a lost cause will make you angry. It's better to find a healthy outlet for your frustration. Teaching people to become more independent is a worthy goal. You're a perceptive and patient instructor. Offer some free courses.

Sagittarius Horoscope for August 28 2016: Protecting your privacy will be difficult. Your boss or romantic partner will feel threatened if you ask for more autonomy. Instead of getting defensive about your needs, make a strategic retreat. Demonstrate you are willing to work together in certain areas. By demonstrating a cooperative attitude, it will be easier to get the freedom you want. If you have to keep a private diary under lock and key, do so. Instead of making a big announcement, simply operate by stealth.

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Capricorn Horoscope for August 28 2016: You won't find much cooperation at home. Everybody seems to be at odds with each other. Part of the problem is inconsiderate behaviour. While it's important for everybody to express themselves, disruptive activities have to be kept to a minimum. Whether somebody is practicing their music lesson or taking care of special dietary needs is immaterial. The important thing is one person's behaviour isn't inconveniencing everyone else. Hold a group meeting to find a solution acceptable to all.

Aquarius Horoscope for August 28 2016: You'll have to subject yourself to a chaotic environment. Although you prefer doing work in an orderly fashion, your colleagues are more spontaneous. Trying to get them to conform to your methods will be an exercise in futility. It will be easier to embrace their style, if only for a short time. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover hidden creative depths. That's because your subconscious becomes more expressive when it is released from a strict set of rules.

Pisces Horoscope for August 28 2016: It's upsetting when your contributions aren't recognised. No matter what you do, everyone seems intent on their own work. You've gone above and beyond the call of duty to win approval, but these efforts have fallen flat. Instead of indulging in a temper tantrum, do something nice for yourself. Take the day off work. Get a massage. Treat yourself to a gourmet dinner. When you treat yourself well, others will follow suit. The best way to strengthen esteem is by loving yourself.

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