Russell Grant Horoscopes for March 4 2016

Aries Horoscope for March 4 2016: Entering into a professional relationship will improve your career prospects. It will help you to work with someone who has a light touch with people. Your style is direct. This works well when it comes to closing a sale, but can complicate business negotiations. Be willing to defer to someone who has lots of experience dealing with difficult clients. With their help, it will be easier to maintain a long list of satisfied customers. You'll also be able to concentrate on what you love best.

Taurus Horoscope for March 4 2016: You're not interested in changing the status quo. The current way of doing things works to your advantage. Don't be so quick to reject opportunities for advancement. The chance to further your education will fall into your lap. Getting an advanced degree will help you move up the professional ladder. Your current position is comfortable, but it doesn't offer much creative stimulation. Getting a promotion will allow you to travel and enjoy more creature comforts. Push yourself to try something new.

Gemini Horoscope for March 4 2016: A passionate relationship makes you feel years younger. Don't be shy about expressing your desires to an attentive partner. It isn't healthy to live in the realm of the brain all the time. Satisfying your physical urges will give you a deeper appreciation for creature comforts. You'll laugh more and it will be easier to relax. Colleagues and relatives will notice the difference and ask if you've been to a spa. Give them a mysterious smile in response. Keep this glorious beauty secret to yourself.

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Cancer Horoscope for March 4 2016: Your best friend or romantic partner is very dependent on you. Ask for more breathing room. You need freedom to pursue outside interests and friendships. If your loved one feels threatened by these pursuits, it's time to have a serious talk. There's no reason you should abandon the hobbies and people you love to accommodate someone else. Resist the temptation to alter your behaviour to ease their irrational fears. A toxic partnership could quickly undermine your confidence.

Leo Horoscope for March 4 2016: A challenging work assignment brings out the best in you. You won't stop until you track down the information you need to succeed. Going to the library or doing an extensive online search will be engrossing. You'll stumble across information that doesn't seem significant at the time, but will be useful later. People will be impressed by your efforts. Bigger and better assignments will be awarded to you. Take this opportunity to ask for a raise. You deserve to be paid a good salary for your talents.

Virgo Horoscope for March 4 2016: Physical affection is very important to you. Although you have a keen intellect, you're also very sensual. You hide this earthly side from the world, preferring to exhibit your considerable brain power. When it comes to intimate relationships, you must let your defences down. Ask your amour for the kisses and caresses you crave. They'll be happy to oblige you. Are you single? You will meet someone special at a museum, concert or movie or a relaxed cultural event.

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Libra Horoscope for March 4 2016: Quarrels will erupt at home. Someone who is behaving like a tyrant must be confronted. It isn't fair to expect everyone to put their needs aside for the sake of one person. If this dynamic continues, think about getting your own place. You hate disrupting your regular routine, but that's better than living in fear. You'll be delighted to discover how well you fare living independently. It's time to forge a happier, healthier lifestyle. If that means ending an oppressive relationship, so be it.

Scorpio Horoscope for March 4 2016: You're private about your ideas. Past rejections have made you reluctant to discuss what's on your mind. This has allowed less talented people to overshadow you. Stop letting aggressive types steal your thunder. Be assertive about your brainwaves and don't hesitate to defend them. Even the most sarcastic critics will be silenced when faced with your logic. Don't be surprised when you're put in charge of a creative project. Your boss admires the way you handle dissention.

Sagittarius Horoscope for March 4 2016: Material factors have never ruled your life. The thought of saving for retirement is laughable, but don't be so quick to dismiss it. Talk to your bank about automatically diverting a set amount of your salary into a savings account. Soon, you'll forget about having this extra income. Your nest egg will grow and in a few months, you'll be delighted to discover you have a comfortable economic cushion. There's no harm in trying; treat the change like an experiment.

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Capricorn Horoscope for March 4 2016: You're serious about reaching your goals. Instead of building castles in the air, you take practical steps to realising your dreams. Whether this means earning an advanced degree, saving money or learning a foreign language is immaterial. The important thing is to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Cynics will make fun of your efforts, calling you a silly dreamer. You'll have the last laugh when you cross the finish line. Accomplished people rarely look to others for affirmation.

Aquarius Horoscope for March 4 2016: Keep your philosophical convictions to yourself. You've always been something of an idealist. Conventional types are threatened by your open minded ideals. If you want to discuss the meaning of life, do it with people who share your sensibilities. Joining a discussion group will be stimulating. If there's not a club in your area, you can always contribute to an online chat room. The beauty of the Internet is being able to connect with people who live miles away but have similar values.

Pisces Horoscope for March 4 2016: A close relationship with an aggressive friend can be draining. You have strong convictions and don't appreciate being bullied. The sooner you put an end to this pushy dynamic, the better. Tell them you have no intention of changing your views and would rather discuss other issues. If they persist in trying to convert you, cut the conversation short. You might want to keep them at arm's length until they learn to respect your boundaries. Save your energy for more rewarding relationships.

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