Russell Grant Horoscopes for August 27 2017

Aries Horoscope for August 27 2017: A job offer will involve additional responsibilities that improve your long-term career prospects. Don't shy away from training courses and professional conferences. By treating this position as a learning opportunity, you'll quickly rise through the ranks. If you have your own business, this is a great time to upgrade your office equipment. Treat the expense as an investment in your ultimate success. You'll have to pay extra to assemble exceptional staff and state of the art machinery, but the results will be worth it.

Taurus Horoscope for August 27 2017: Holding classes in your home will be a great way to earn extra money. Your practical knowledge is worth its weight in gold. Take this opportunity to teach people how to cook, make their own clothes or build furniture. You'll take great pleasure watching students make things that are both useful and beautiful. Although you appreciate the value of money, you do best with work that has a spiritual element to it. If your heart isn't in your work, it becomes difficult to cultivate success.

Gemini Horoscope for August 27 2017: Working quietly from home will be profitable. If you have a separate job, keep this side line a secret. You don't want a jealous rival to make trouble for you. By building up this enterprise slowly but surely, you'll be able to work for yourself all the time. This will be a great relief. Being able to set your own schedule will allow you to travel widely. Instead of trying to make the most of limited annual leave, you'll be able to go where you want, when you want.

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Cancer Horoscope for August 27 2017: You could earn money through a publishing venture. Sharing your ideas and expertise will make you a popular figure in the blogger sphere. People like your pragmatic, practical ways and offbeat humour. Instead of pushing people into spending money on things they won't use or appreciate, you'll direct them to purchases that bring long term pleasure. There's every chance people will start coming to you for a little impromptu advice. Draw on your natural know how and experience to help those around you.

Leo Horoscope for August 27 2017: A long overdue salary increase will be given to you. This is cause for celebration. Enjoy a special dinner with someone who has supported you when times were tough. By giving your friend the credit they are due, your relationship will become even stronger. Have you been unemployed? You'll land a job involving publishing, travel or education. An ability to connect with people on a personal level is the secret to your success. You're the type who learns customers' names, likes and dislikes. It's an old-fashioned approach that's effective.

Virgo Horoscope for August 27 2017: You're thinking about changing your appearance. This would be a great way to update your wardrobe. Buy clothes that fit comfortably and flatter your complexion. Being able to mix and match pieces will make getting dressed a pleasurable experience. Has it been a long time since you changed your hair? Talk to a talented stylist. They'll direct you to an attractive look that is easy to manage. Investing in your image isn't vain; it's a great way to feel good about yourself.

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Libra Horoscope for August 27 2017: Getting involved with a research project will be rewarding. You've been blessed with a sharp intellect. Exercising it on challenging assignments like these brings out the best in you. Don't discuss the details of your work with colleagues. They won't understand what you're doing and may even be resentful of this venture. Once you're ready to show the fruits of your labour to the public, you'll be given a more advanced job with more prestige and a bigger salary.

Scorpio Horoscope for August 27 2017: You'll receive a beautiful gift from a friend. Although you feel uncomfortable about receiving such a lavish token, you should put your misgivings aside. Relationships are a two-way street. When you're able to accept grace as easily as you give it, friendships will become much more rewarding. Do you need extra help? Spread the word among relatives and neighbours. Someone will come forward with an opportunity that is tailor made for you. Who you know is just as important as what you know.

Sagittarius Horoscope for August 27 2017: You'll get a promotion that involves a great deal of communication. Keeping current with the news is probably vital to your success. Get into the habit of reading the news and trade papers each day. This will help you identify new opportunities and potential clients. If you have difficulty speaking in public, take a course in this skill. With help from an experienced and confident mentor, you'll be able to overcome your inhibitions and project an air of confidence. There's nothing more empowering than confronting your fears.

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Capricorn Horoscope for August 27 2017: Traveling, moving to a distant city or buying a holiday home are among the possibilities. Although you enjoy familiar surroundings, it's important to expand your horizons whenever you get the chance. Exploring a foreign land will be enjoyable. You'll feel a kinship with a culture that is much different from your own. A hard worker like you must learn the art of enjoying yourself. Let people from another nation teach you how to fully appreciate the simplest pleasures in life like food, companionship and natural beauty.

Aquarius Horoscope for August 27 2017: Bring your insurance policies up to date. Your needs have changed since you first took out these protections. Instead of talking to an agent about your needs, do some independent research. This will help you get the best deal for your situation. Creating a savings, retirement or college fund is also advised. Having a safety net for your nearest and dearest will give you peace of mind. You're not especially materialistic, but you do understand the help a nest egg can bring during times of trial.

Pisces Horoscope for August 27 2017: You will gain materially or financially through your romantic or business partner. Take this opportunity to treat yourself to some well-deserved luxuries. Whether you have a weakness for rare books, vintage toys or costume jewellery, it's time to indulge your desires. Your other half will encourage you to splash out on these creature comforts. Thanks to you, they've been able to render an exceptional performance. Be willing to take the credit for your part in their success. You're an unbeatable team.

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