Russell Grant Horoscopes for December 25 2018

Aries Horoscope for December 25 2018: Yule is a time to shine light into the darkness. Rather than dwelling on disappointment, take pleasure in the present moment. Do something kind for yourself, even if it's just reading your favourite book or watching a favourite movie. Give yourself the gift of friendship. Vow to cease all criticism between now and the New Year. By offering only encouragement and praise to yourself and everyone else, you'll experience a dramatic transformation. At long last, you'll break a predictable routine and move on to greener pastures.

Taurus Horoscope for December 25 2018: Just because a friend is having difficulty doesn't mean your Christmas is spoiled. Make it your mission to enjoy the festive season to the fullest. This joyous time is meant for sensualists like you. Take pleasure in the delicious food and beautiful music. You have no control over other people's lives, but you can set a good example for them to follow. When people are in your company, they'll feel better about the state of the world. Rather than brooding, they'll adopt your sunny outlook. It's the ultimate gift.

Gemini Horoscope for December 25 2018: Stop worrying about what others think. Yule is a time to celebrate life. By loving yourself, warts and all, you'll fully appreciate the miracle of life. Laugh when you make mistakes and delight in every victory. A strong self-image is the ultimate gift. When you treat yourself like royalty, others will follow suit. Even the most strained relationships will improve. If you're single, you will attract an ardent admirer who adores your confidence. Do you have a partner? They'll fall in love with you all over again.

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Cancer Horoscope for December 25 2018: Christmas makes you think more deeply about spiritual life. If you've been neglecting your inner world, now is the perfect time to make a change. Adopting a sacred practice or spending more time on things that make life meaningful is strongly advised. There's more to life than work and responsibility. Does your job make you miserable? Take this opportunity to find a better one. Taking control of your destiny is one of the best presents you'll ever receive.

Leo Horoscope for December 25 2018: Don't feel ashamed about having a romantic view of the festive season. Christmas is supposed to be an exceptional time. Celebrate it any way you like. Throwing a lavish party, enjoying gourmet food and giving gorgeous gifts makes for a nice change. If anyone mocks your extravagance, it's because they don't value themselves. That's their problem, not yours. If you've been given a gift of cash, buy yourself something you always wanted as a child. This bauble will give you a lifetime of joy.

Virgo Horoscope for December 25 2018: Christmas brings out conflicts in a relationship. Although there are many things you adore about a relative, they can resort to some outrageous behaviour during the festive season. Instead of reacting to their outbursts, cultivate inner joy. Have a second celebration without them. Throw a party for friends who share your sentimental nature. Exchange handmade gifts, listen to festive music and watch old fashioned movies together. This gathering will be the cherry on the cake that is 2018.

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Libra Horoscope for December 25 2018: Although everyone should be singing Noel, you'll be expected to perform mundane chores. Let the errands fall by the wayside and abandon yourself to fun instead. Essential duties like feeding and watering children and animals should be done to the accompaniment of music. An urgent message from work doesn't require a response; your boss is just being dramatic. Devote this time to pleasure. Abandoning yourself to fun will put your responsibilities in proper perspective. Christmas urges you to have a better work/life balance; obey its call.

Scorpio Horoscope for December 25 2018: A childish temper tantrum could erupt at Christmas. Instead of issuing threats and ultimatums, diffuse the situation with laughter. By teasing people about their outrageous behaviour, they'll eventually see the humour in the situation. You're a great mimic who makes victims laugh at themselves. If the materialism of the festive season is getting you down, carry out a sacred routine. Attend a religious service, carry out a revered ritual or listen to carols. Revel in the beautiful intangibles of Yule.

Sagittarius Horoscope for December 25 2018: Instead of yearning for a perfect family this Christmas, embrace the one you've got. Stop trying to reach some Hollywood ideal. Make a game out of finding something pleasant to say about each of your relatives. You'll soon start laughing. It's impossible to control other people's behaviour, but you can modify your own thoughts. Act like an observer instead of a participant at a big party. Try not to get carried away by events or your surroundings and take special care not to do or say something you may regret.

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Capricorn Horoscope for December 25 2018: It's easy to take jokes personally at Christmas. Instead of bristling at every comment, try to see the humour in the situation. Even a highly critical relative can be treated like a figure of fun. If a family gathering becomes too intense, retreat to a fantasy world that gives you lots of pleasure. Let this situation be a catalyst to make some important changes in 2019. Surround yourself with people who are similarly ambitious; it's the ultimate Yuletide gift to yourself.

Aquarius Horoscope for December 25 2018: The festive season always makes you think about what you truly value in life. If you're not spending enough time with the people you love and the activities you enjoy, make a change. You don't need to impress anyone by assuming a crushing workload. Don't share your plans with unsympathetic people. Well intentioned friends will urge you to maintain a job or role that no longer serves you. Listen to your impulses and act on them before the New Year arrives. Time is of the essence.

Pisces Horoscope for December 25 2018: Be realistic about your expectations of others this Christmas. Unhappy people aren't going to become joyous overnight. Rather than letting your mood be affected by others, seek to satisfy yourself. Arrange a special outing or ritual that is personally meaningful. Taking control of your life is the best present you can give yourself. Don't be surprised when you're inspired to pursue a dream job after listening to your instincts at Yuletide. One success will lead to another. Get the ball rolling to a happy 2019.

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